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Delta 8 Pre Rolls Have Arrived!

Hemp pre rolls with high yielding amounts of CBD have become quite the trend over the last year to help people with a large variety of ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety and even sleep. When it comes to smoking a pre roll, there is truly a unique user experience that isn’t found in other cannabis consumption methods that truly make it special in our eyes. 

Smoking ATLRx Hemp

As you may have noticed, some pre rolls on the market are less than desirable considering that they are from the “shake” of the batch in order to bring down manufacturing cost and increase profits which ends up giving the end consumer a lower quality product that has a fraction of the amount of CBD within the product. On the contrary, ATLRx machine rolls ALL pre rolls in house and we break down premium flower so all of our customers can enjoy a premium experience and product when smoking ATLRx hemp.

Delta 8 Flower is one of our newest and most popular flower options and we have a special manufacturing process which truly allows us to have a premium indoor Delta 8 Flower compared to the competition. Please check out our other blog posts to learn more about how we make our Delta 8 flower! Currently, we have a variety of Delta 8 strains which include, White Runtz, Tahoe OG, & Girl Scout Cookies. These indoor grown hemp strains are not only incredible to look at but they taste and smoke just as nice! Our users have noticed that there is quite an intoxicating effect in comparison to your standard CBD pre rolls so be careful as bio availability with smoking cannabis is around 90% efficiency!

Smoking ATLRx Hemp

If you are looking for a daytime pre roll more on the hybrid side of the spectrum, we recommend trying out the White Runtz (165mg Delta 8 per pre roll) which is available in both looser flower and pre rolls. On the Indica side of the house, we recommend trying out the Girl Scout Cookie (155mg Delta 8 per pre roll) and the Tahoe OG (225mg Delta 8 per pre roll) to wind down after a long day and help your relaxation! Either way, you really cannot go wrong with these premium Delta 8 indoor pre rolls right from the ATL!