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ATLRx’s HHC Grape Stomper: Sweet, Warm and Sedative

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ATLRx is pleased to announce our latest HHC Cart, Grape Stomper. As someone who has to be sedated to get any sleep considered worthwhile, HHC has been quite friendly. In lighter pulls of HHC, I feel like I am galloping down a school hallway—but really, I am zoning while staring at a vending machine. In heavier doses, it knocks me out—I will be eating a cheeseburger while lying down, half-wailing in a harmless tone about how useless lettuce is. Just kidding, that’s a David Hasselhoff video. I usually chief a cart down in my garage like a sketch ball. I live in the Atlanta suburbs, so getting high in private is polite. Lucky for them, I am not a big public guy. I am not someone who seeks an indica; I usually write around 4000 words a day. That’s not an indica activity. I’m a sativa guy at any time—because productivity and creative output matter in my day today. But I’ve found an indica that’s flexible enough for me to use when the sun is up, and my mid-afternoon anxiety is beginning to kick in. Like all of the latest cannabinoids that are coming down the pipeline, there is a mythology that is created before it’s proven. With HHC, the most popular myth was that you could pass a drug test with it. Nope. That’s not true at all. With THC-O, it was three times stronger than  Delta-9 THC, no. It’s just more psychoactive. But they’re all fantastic. That’s all that matters.

Grape Stomper is a combination of words that sounds like it belongs in the culinary world. I’d guess that maybe it’s a snide remark amongst aristocratic society, perhaps a wine “connoisseur” who has something to say about every red wine on earth. You’ll see them in the corner of your eye, and you hear everyone mutter “this grape stomper” under their breath. But names are not just used for insults. Names are also for cannabis strains and fantastic ones such as Grape Stomper. ATLRx’s latest HHC cart, Grape Stomper is a hybrid that leans a little more to the indica side. It’s a cross of Purple Elephant and Chemdawg Sour Diesel, making a complex combination of terpenes. The Grape Stomper pushes a smooth fuel-like burn on the inhale and a fruit-forward sweetness on the exhale. The effects are immediate, quickly latching onto our ECS (Endocannabinoid System), and most noticeably, a sense of relief trickles down your back. It’s always then when I correct my posture, and I can center my attention where it needs to be.

It then made me rethink the totality of this combination of words; it could also be an offhand compliment. For example, someone who struggles to voice compliments might say something like… they’ve got a knack for being a Grape Stomper. It’s like when someone says “neat.” You can’t tell if they’re being for real or not; it sounds condescending. Don’t destroy their confidence by saying that’s a strange compliment–give them the reassurance that they need to continue to complement other no matter how painfully awkward it is. HHC helps alleviate that awkwardness, or it dampers it with psychoactive effects. This strain is bold despite it being a hybrid, Purple Elephant is an indica that hits the body like a ton of bricks, but it’s not overly sedative. Usually, when I hear grape, gorilla, or purple—I assume it will knock me out after two hits, or I will have an existential crisis after watching Lost Highway. If I had company over, they needed to head out—only my cats were welcomed to stay. HHC is often my designated time go-to because if I go for it, it’s because I am home for the evening.

Not that I would ever discourage anyone from using HHC during the daytime, especially if it’s the weekend. After taking in a good amount of the HHC Grape Stomper, I find that my primary objective is to do absolutely nothing. Sometimes, I have to fight through that tiredness, but generally—I am okay to be useless. What is fascinating about HHC scientifically is that it is an oversaturated THC molecule swarmed with hydrogen—creating a double hydrogen bond. This makes it resistant to degrading; the hydrogen’s stability makes it more resistant than any other cannabinoid. That over saturation of hydrogen molecules makes it worthy, even after the nuclear fallout. Coincidentally, it’s similar to how margarine is created out of vegetable oil…margarine is a crime.

Grape Stomper is a strain that is more commonly known as “Sour Grapes,” so maybe don’t call anyone that name because you don’t know how long those insults last. My brother and sister said that I looked like a raisin when I was born. I saw the picture, and I hate to admit it, but they’re not wrong. At 30 years old, I am still not sure if I am part raisin or just as repulsive as a newborn. So don’t ask me about because my family tree might have some vines. In lighter doses, Grape Stomper has a little buzziness, expanding your thoughts, and a boost to it thanks to the sativa push from Chemdawg Sour Diesel. A few pulls will clear up the brain fog; however, if you keep having pulls, you’ll find that multitasking is out of the question. HHC is around 80% as potent as your traditional Delta-9 THC; however, with HHC—there aren’t as many intense body pulsations, but there is an instant relief. HHC feels like it’s closer to the real thing, except there isn’t much of a psychoactive presence in your head, like with Delta-8. But everyone has different biochemistry; reactions are unique to each individual, so different experiences are inevitable. There hasn’t been enough progress made with HHC’s preliminary research to say what else it can offer, but ATLRx’s HHC carts and HHC dabs are flavorful, potent, and top-quality products that give you some time to slow down, decompress and relax!

*HHC vape carts are only available in retail