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ATLRx: Introducing Three New Delectable Chocolate Bar Flavors!

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ATLRx is happy to announce three new flavors of our Delta-8 THC Chocolates alongside our original three: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Cookies and Cream. The new flavors are difficult to ignore, especially if you’ve had our original, because each introduces a new element, giving each a new identity. ATLRx has added Milk Chocolate with Toffee, Red Velvet Crunch with Crispy Cereal, and Dark Chocolate Mint. The three new flavors bring the irresistible combination of velvety Belgian Chocolate, Crispiness, and Crunchiness. Such combinations are nearly impossible to beat unless you have 50mg of Delta-8 THC in each square, ten squares totaling 500mg. It’s nice to feel rewarded after eating chocolate—and there are a lot of rewarding traits that this delta-8 chocolate provides.

ATLRx’s Milk Chocolate with Toffee is a new take on our delectable ATLRx D8 Milk Chocolate. This fresh take has more to it, in case you’re looking for the nutty brown-buttered toffee. This brittle-like texture is a game-changer. You’re drawn in by the silky Belgian milk chocolate’s creaminess, then captured when you get the slight crunch from the toffee. The pop-rock-shaped toffee is folded into the chocolate, adding an element of surprise. But a good surprise, not like receiving an invitation on Maury out of the blue. More like, I went to Costco on a Saturday—no one dented my car with their door or shopping cart, and they were giving out samples. At 50mg of Delta-8 THC per piece, ATLRx’s Milk Chocolate with Toffee will transfix even the most insatiable person.

ATLRx’s Red Velvet Crunch with Crispy Cereal rings the bells of nostalgia when rice Krispies were in everything and anything. Red Velvet may be one of the most confusing things my parents gave me as a child. I would be intrigued and repulsed because I thought they’d made a beet cake due to its color. But it would always be, to my surprise, phenomenal—and made me see the true beauty of cream cheese. Nothing’s changed with this Red Velvet Crunch; you get a whisk of cream cheese, a glabrous texture from the red velvet batter, and a crunch that will take you back to Saturday morning cartoons. Except for this time, it’s a Friday night movie night—and you’re couch-locked watching an action movie marathon on TNT. Tonight, there is nothing but Aikido films on with the best of the best, Steven Seagal. Just kidding, he’s the only American action star based on Aikido.

ATLRx’s Dark Chocolate Mint is reminiscent of all the mint seasonal flavors that you can’t say no to all in one bar. The Belgian Dark Chocolate is creamy with a hint of dusted smokiness engulfed by the bold mint. The mint taps the likes of Andes Mints and Girl Scout Thin Mints, leaving you stunned that there is Delta-8 THC inside. Then I wondered if there is a company with a delivery service based on the aesthetics of fake sales clerks, scouts, or characters from Pulp Fiction. I’d pay for that even if it’s mid at best; back to it. The mint and chocolate linger on your tongue, serving as a reminder to yourself to take it easy because they’re difficult to put down. I know this all from personal experience. It forces you to soak up the present, have time to yourself, or make time for someone else. You deserve it. They deserve it. Or maybe they don’t deserve it; I shouldn’t assume that they are qualified for your time. But if they are worth your time, you can share if you are into that sort of thing.

Let’s be honest. These chocolates are heavy hitters—similar to our 60mg Delta-8 Gummies and almost up there with Delta-9 THC Gummies (if your tolerance permits). However, we are adamant that you follow the dosing chart we provide if it is your first time with Delta-8 THC. Everyone has a different biochemistry, meaning that we all feel THC differently; it’s unique to our conscious; don’t gatekeep your bestie because they only have a nibble, not even, a sliver of Dark Chocolate, and can’t make eye contact or hold a conversation for an hour or two. Make sure they’re in a good headspace and ask them if they want any Fruit Punch Kool-Aid. Numerous factors can play out in any of these instances, so the best thing to do—is to start small. First, always start small, then wait an hour before taking the next dose. If you have a tolerance then you can make the choice to go higher. ATLRx D8 Chocolates quickly sneak up on you; there isn’t a gradual uplifting like with the delta-8 THC gummies. The chocolate doesn’t knock, it just kicks in the door, and then you’re already midway through lift-off. We definitely recommend this when you’re at home or a rowdy wedding (half-kidding).

ATLRx, of course, takes our safety protocols and procedures extremely serious. We comply with federal regulations and procedures of recreational states such as Colorado and Oregon in the unregulated CBD industry. That’s not only because we source from some of the best indoor hemp farmers from those states, but to reassure you that we are selling safe and meticulously tested products for metals, solvents, pesticides, and other toxic residues. We make transparency our policy because you deserve to know what you consume; it’s your body. That’s why we use the best form of hemp extraction called supercritical CO2 and ethanol, which provides us with a perfect distillate that is clean and safe. It is then tested again after each isomerization process. Nothing ever touches ATLRx’s shelves unless there is an immaculate certificate of analysis for the product, letting us know it’s good to go. We then take that lab and put it into a QR code available on each ATLRx product. You shouldn’t have to ask all of the questions; you should be given all the answers—right off the bat. That’s how we like to be treated, so why wouldn’t we treat everyone else the same way.

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