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Do you need to get into work mode? THCv is sometimes called the coffee of cannabis due to it’s uplifting and energizing effects. These delicious Fruit Punch flavored gummies contain 10mg of THCv per gummy. Pop a gummy or two and go tackle the world!

Flavors: Fruit Punch
Quantities: 20 count • 201.2mg of THCv

10mg / Gummy
Serving Size: 1-2 Gummies

Hemp Derived & Farm Act Compliant

Not intended for use in children or pets. 

Do not use if you are/might be pregnant, or are breastfeeding.

Gummy onset takes about 1 hour and up to 4 hours.

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

What are THCV Gummies?

Before we talk about THCv Gummies, we have to discuss THCv as a cannabinoid. THCv or tetrahydrocannabivarin is a minor cannabinoid that is non-intoxicating and has the traits of a stimulant despite its molecular structure being similar to Delta-9 THC and Delta 8 THC. A common theme for cannabinoids is to have a total of 5 carbon atoms. However, THCv has a total of three carbon atoms which is why there is a “varin” tacked onto the end. It is important to understand that THCv can be created from both Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC because there is a difference in its molecular structure, the type of plant and their legalities. ATLRx derives the THCv from hemp, but THCv is only in trace amounts so to bring more quantity. There is a conversion process that takes place in order to get THCv distillate. THCv differs from other cannabinoids because it’s the offspring of CBGVA after geranyl phosphate and divarinolic acid are combined. From there, an enzyme turns CBGVA into THCVA; then the final step is to decarb it. This distillate goes into ATLRx’s invigorating and cerebral THCv Gummies. 


How do THCV Gummies work?

THCv is non-intoxicating at lower doses. A large quantity would make it psychoactive but there are certainly safety concerns simply because we do not have enough research quite yet. The standard dosing of THCv works wonders. THCv came onto the market with a bit mythology behind it. It was given lavish nicknames like “The Sportscar of Cannabinoids,” “Super-Sativa” and “Weederal” for its stimulating traits. Being called a “super-sativa” is the most fitting of the titles because a high number of the African landrace strains such as Durban Poison have a higher rate of THCv. The stimulating effects are more cerebral, giving you an energetic boost that increases productivity, suppresses appetite, and alleviates anxiety. There have been studies that show THCv inhibits the action of our CB1 receptors which has a role in appetite. It shows that there are alterations in the brain of those with obesity. ATLRx THCv Fruit Punch Gummies come in 10mg per gummy, one to two will have you ahead schedule, alert and ready to take on the day!

Benefits of using THCV gummies

THCv has been similar to CBD in that it appeals to the health and wellness community for it non-intoxicating effects and also its health benefits. THCv has been shown to have a helping hand in diabetes, obesity, weight loss, tremors/seizures, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and stimulate bone growth. More specifically, it help regulate blood sugar for diabetes, dull appetite by inhibiting the CB1 receptors, curbs anxiety, improves memory, serves as a neuroprotectant and has been a subject of research for osteoporosis for its promotion of bone growth. This is a strong start for this minor cannabinoid. It’s already an exciting cannabinoid that has immediate effects but also has potential for the future. It’s a cannabinoid that certainly has longevity due to it’s medicinal properties, it could perhaps be considered as a substitute for other pharmaceuticals. 

Best THCV Gummies of ATLRx

ATLRx 10mg Fruit Punch THCv Gummies taste heavenly and make productivity seamless. After taking one or two of these—it’s nothing but crossing out tasks. The stimulating and cerebral aren’t noticeable; there is no jitteriness and no heavy crash that you often get from pharmaceuticals. They could even be called THCv Energy Gummies. The THCv Gummies won’t give you the overload feeling that jumbles your thoughts into a mess. Brain fog can come in various forms; a THCv gummy aligns them—giving you a perfect view of what you have ahead you for the day. You will begin to just wind down after six to eight hours after taking the THCv Gummies. The amazing flavor makes it difficult to put them down, but after you see the progress you’ve made, then you know today’s work is done for the day. The THC-v gummies will also put a stop to the spontaneous snacking habits, and suppress your appetite—this helps break-up with old habits and puts the newer and healthier ones in it’s place. ATLRx also carries two strains of THCv in vape cartridge. We have Strawberry Cough and Blue Zkittles (vape carts are in-store only).

Why choose THCV Gummies of ATLRx

Transparency is everything to us at ATLRx. We have taken the time and research to bring you the most premium THCv products on the market! The CBD industry is all about extraction when it comes to any of the alternate cannabinoids. The methods can tell you everything you need to know. ATLRx uses the cleanest and best extraction process in the market called supercritical CO2 and ethanol extraction in order to get the purest and clear distillate. That distillate is thoroughly tested multiple times to check for metals, pesticides, and solvents. Nothing ever enters our retail fronts until we have a lab report from a DEA-certified lab that confirms it is an immaculate product. From there, we get the COA transferred to a QR-code so that you know exactly what is in the product. We are very big on education in this industry, what each cannabinoid has to offer, what’s coming next, and what the state thinks about them. We provide information on dosing, and how to get what you need out of these products. We choose to be transparent because that’s who we are. No one should be put in danger from a brand’s neglect; they’re taking advantage of the absence of federal regulations because the CBD industry is not regulated. ATLRx stands with you. That’s why we comply with the federal regulations of recreational states such as Colorado and Oregon. ATLRx has stood out in the industry because of this.


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THCV Gummies FAQ's

Is THCV gummies Legal?


THC-V Gummies are federally legal under the Farm Bill of 2018 that was put into place to allow America to have a competitive hemp industry. As legal matters go, so long as the cannabinoid is hemp derived and below the dry weight of 0.3% in Delta-9 THC, they it is legal. The state of Kentucky was the main state in sight when the state’s own Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell began advocating for it. The hemp industry thrived much more than expected after the legal loophole was discovered. THC is addressed with delta-9 THC in mind, not anything that is hemp-derived. That’s where the grey area in the bill is, allowing for us to have Delta-8 THC, Delta 10 THC, THCv, THC-O, HHC, and now, there is hemp derived Delta-9 THC. These are technically all considered to be hemp products.

Is it safe to take THCV gummies?


Yes, it is safe to take THCV gummies. ATLRx go through rigorous safety measures to ensure that you are safe. Nothing touches the shelf until it’s free from pesticides, metals solvents and other debris. Please note that ATLRx gummies aren’t intended to cause a psychoactive effect. That is why they’re 10mg. We are more interested in the medicinal properties of this even if they’re non-intoxicating.  We can assure you that THCV Gummies are safe just like every single one of our products. 

Are THCV gummies good for pain?

THC-V Gummies have been shown to help with inflammation and the pain associated with it. However, if you’re looking for more pain relief with THCv gummies, you can add a little CBD in the mix to hit more pain relieving receptors. THC-V Gummies would need to be taken at a much higher dosage to trigger any psychoactive effect. THC-V Gummies aim to be more sativa like which embraces a more cerebral feeling than a physiological one. At ATLRx, our THCv vape carts have a blend of CBD and THCv to help tame the THCv and to provide more benefits. There are other cannabinoids that are more efficient at taking chronic pain away such as Delta-8 THC or HHC. But THCv is certainly a cannabinoid that can be mixed in lighter doses with another.


How strong are THCV Gummies?

ATLRx THCv gummies are 10mg of THCv which is an average dose because THCv is hyper-potent. A minuscule amount of THCv will get the job done. That’s why there is a lot of back and forth about whether it’s intoxicating or not. If you are looking for a strong daytime cannabinoid that is energetic but not anxiety inducing then the THCV Gummies may be your cup of tea. If you want, you can start with even half to see how you react to it. Everyone’s biochemistry is different, so maybe even 5mg is enough for you. It certainly will change depending on where you buy THCv Gummies.

What do THCV Gummies feel like?

THCV Gummies are energizing, motivating, and put you in a great mood. There is no lingering anxiety, just a clear mind and the goals ahead of you!  It’s like having a Sativa without the bright euphoria that can sometimes cloud your mine. The THCv Gummies can be intoxicating in higher doses, but there certainly needs to be more preliminary research before they are marketed as psychoactive. THCv also goes excellent with other cannabinoids. Say you’re smoking a sedative Indica but you need a little boost to get you through the rest of your day (obviously, don’t smoke a huge indica at 8 am). That’s where THCv comes busting through the brink wall like the Kool-Aid man.

Is it possible to get high with THCV Gummies?

Yes, THC-V Gummies can be intoxicating. The main issue is that this is a newer cannabinoid and you do not want to push the boundaries. A THCV Gummy will not lead the ride of your life. THC-V needs to be consumed in a higher dose in order to make it intoxicating. THCV Gummies are more aimed towards the non-psychoactive effects that provide you a little pep in your step. It’s more about the productivity daytime use. Even though it is intoxicating, it’s not being marketed as a psychoactive cannabinoid. THCv was a mystery for some time because it was an expensive distillate that requires a different process than Delta-8 THC in its conversion process. If you’re looking to buy THCv gummies from ATLRx, then it would take more than two. We only recommend a total of four within twenty-four hours.

Are THCV Gummies psychoactive?

Yes, THC-V Gummies can be psychoactive but only in higher contents. ATLRx THCv Gummies aren’t necessarily used as a psychoactive but really a stimulant that is non-intoxicating. If you’re interested in a more psychoactive cannabinoid then have a look at our THC-O collection as well as our Delta-8 and HHC product collections. THC-O is  going to be the most psychoactive cannabinoid that ATLRx carries. All of this is great if you’re looking THCv gummies for sale and you’re in Atlanta! In our retail fronts, every Monday, our daily deal is mellow Monday which includes 10% off our gummies.

How long do THCV Gummies take to kick in?

ATLRx THCv Gummies have a timeframe of anywhere from a half an hour to an hour. You have to consider the numerous physiological factors at play but when it begins to kick in, you will have the urge to be productive, with a tunnel vision like concentration. Some users have even reported it as early as fifteen minutes!

How Long Do The Effects Of THCV Gummies Last?

The effects of a THCv Gummy last about 6-8 hours based on dosing and your biochemistry (metabolism, body mass index, etc.). If you take two, it’s safe to say closer to 8 hours.

How many THCV Gummies can I take per day?

We recommend one to two THCv gummies at a time. They last about six to 8 hours so no more than a total of 4 THCV Gummies throughout the day or the time where you have to function. Otherwise, you may trigger side effects such as anxiety since this acts like a stimulant cannabinoid.

Can we take THCV Gummies mixed with CBD Gummies?

Yes, in fact, we encourage that you mix THCv with other cannabinoids. CBD will bring more health benefits to the table while taming the energetic push from the THCv gummy. You can use any form of consumption with the CBD, it doesn’t necessarily need to be in gummy form.  At ATLRx, we have an entire collection of alternate cannabinoids along with our THCv Gummies for sale.