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ATLRx HHC: White Lavender, Bringing Life to Full Bloom

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Get White Lavender HHC Vape Cart

ATLRx is happy to introduce the highly anticipated, White Lavender HHC cartridge.

You’ve come across the delicate purple florets that smell delightful when you’re in the garden section of Home Depot. They’re always sold out because they deter the worst flying creature on the planet—mosquitos. However, ATLRx’s HHC White Lavender, I can’t say for sure it’d deter them. This bouquet is too good to share with those beasts anyways.

Lavender is known as the Holy Herb. White Lavender is a sativa dominant hybrid that is both indoor and outdoor grown. This strain is a cross between the complex layers of Lavender Kush and a true hybrid and also a house favorite; White Widow.

Lavender Kush is an indica bred from three different strains that stretch this strain across the board. The combination of Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, and Afghani Hawaiian. Despite, the lengthy family history of being indica, this strain is a hybrid leaning sativa. These strains combined bring peppery, a dash of mellow fuel, moving into a gentle candied floral smell similar to beloved strain, Gelato.

But then you find out that White Widow has play, the strain that has brought us the white rhino. That’s where all that resin comes from. White widow has made its way around the world, it’s that good. I thank the Dutch every single day for the Widow. The strains parents are Brazilian Sativa Landrace and South Indian Indica. That is where all the layers of resin come from.

Myrcene terpenes are dominant in both Lavender Kush and White Widow. But White Lavender goes its own way like Fleetwood Mac—kicking it with the terpinolene, a multi-faceted pushing the scents of pine, herbs, citrus and of course, floral. Terpinolene identifies with sativa dominate strains.

Lavender and White Widow are a perfect cross in our White Lavender HHC Cartridge. These carts are available at either of our in-store locations in Alpharetta on Windward Parkway, and Atlanta on Ponce De Leon.

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