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ATLRx: Childproof Packaging and Spill-Proof Labels

ATLRx: Childproof Packaging and Spill-Proof Labels

We at ATLRx always have our ears open, absorbing your feedback, and adjusting accordingly. With the new year arriving, we are of course thinking of ways to improve ourselves. This process, of course, is a major part of how ATLRx operates. Whether it be our products, our packaging or the cannabinoids that we carry–we are always striving to better accommodate your needs to make your life easier. Each successful change that is made is a milestone for us because we know that we’ve made a difference for someone. One of recent changes involves our packaging. We’ve adjusted our labels and the seals to the tops of our bottles! We took notice that our tincture bottles had room for growth so we took the necessary steps to address the issues that it may have caused it to spill.

Now, there’s a much tighter and reliable seal that will prevent CBD oil leaking all over the place. However, on the slim chance that it does spill, we made an adjustment to our labels as well. While we were fixing the lids, we made a change to our labels as well. Now. they’re now spill proof.  Oil was smearing the ink on the label, making it nearly impossible to read. This became another issue. It slowed down our proficiency but most importantly, it was an inconvenience to you—our guest. Say it’s our guests second time in, but they didn’t register with ATLRx, because they wanted to make sure they loved our products. Makes sense, you want to try our products first before committing. Say they loved our products, but don’t have the receipt to look at—nor do they have an account with us. But, now they’re uncertain with what they last purchased.

Not so fast. Now, we can read it. And I mean read it well. Like astronaut vision, if you miss it—then you have to go to the eye doctor. By making these adjustments, it makes everyone’s lives easier. We want to deliver premiere products in packages that are spill proof and meet everyone’s safety requirements. Kids are often under estimated when it comes to their cunning plots. I was that kid so I always assume children are looking for what I am hiding, like a leprechaun in search of gold or our dear friend who protects the Kush Mintz.

I always looked at places I’ve never checked before if my parents weren’t around. You can hide them well, sure. But it’s essential that we do something to make your life easier. It’s a much better feeling to find your child attempting to open a bottle than to find your child with a bottle that is open. This is also protecting those who happen to have kids over once in a while. It’s far too often that someone else child stumbles upon THC, a thought that can easily slip your mind if you have kids over to you house. Now, unless you’re inviting a child with bottle opening skills—you won’t have to be too concerned.

So please do come to us if you’re having an issue with any of our products. Being transparent is our policy. Everything that we do is top quality, from our method of extraction, to the DEA lab panel test, the range of cannabinoids and the reviews that we’ve received. We’ve become a better brand because of the massive support and suggestions that we receive from you. Acknowledging these changes have made us more aware what to look for in the future. Thank you, from everyone at ATLRx for making us a more efficient, letting us know what products you love and which you weren’t keen on.

We emphasize our policy transparency so much because the CBD industry is unregulated, without the FDA’s approval, you’re often considered to be a sketchy business. Not here, we operate the same way as two of our favorite recreational states, Colorado and Oregon. With every improvement that we make, we don’t sit back and pat ourselves on the back—we have our eye on the next step, the next product, or the next improvement. Until further measures are made towards legalization, we will continue to do so.