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All Things Concentrates!

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All Things Concentrates!

So you’re looking for a health-conscious way to use cannabis? Maybe you desire a potent method of using THC? Only rivaled by gummies in potency, using THC in a concentrated amount will open a new world of possibilities.

The world of dabbing can seem overwhelming at first, as if you are hearing a new language for the first time, so please, approach this new world with an open mind, and we will guide you to new highs.

Concentrate use dates back to ancient times in the history of Cannabis, not new but certainly revolutionized. The term dabbing itself IS relatively new, born around 2010 in reference to the amount of THC concentrate that’s recommended to use in one dose with the phrase “a dab’ll do ya”. Treat your concentrate usage like you would gummies, low and slow. You can always use more.

Concentrates are exactly as the name states, the most concentrated form of whichever cannabinoid (CBD, THC, CBG etc…) is being extracted from the plant. Concentrates are rising in popularity, and for good reason. This method of usage is not just potent but pure.

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There are a variety of different consistencies of concentrates depending on the extraction method, (batter, shatter, rosin, sugar, pie crust OH MY!) try them all you may find yourself preferring a specific consistency, though after trying the ATLRx Delta 8 Shatter, you probably have found your favorite. The shatter we offer is a pure Delta 8 THC extraction so it is very potent and delightful to use on its own OR combine with other methods.

ATLRx Delta 8 Shatter

The term shatter was mentioned, to describe the consistency of the new concentrate offered at ATLRx , what does this mean you might ask? This specific type of THC dab is typically a golden honey color and will, as the name suggests, shatter when dropped or hand broken.

The cannabinoids from the hemp plant are extracted in a variety of ways depending on the desired product consistency, usually a solvent of some sort (butane, CO2, propane, etc…) is pushed through the plant material at a very pressurized rate as to separate the THC molecule from the rest of the plant. ATLRx’s newest Delta 8 concentrate is created with this method, using a CO2 extraction for a clean, quality product.

ATLRx Dab Tools

Come in to ATLRx and speak with a knowledgeable associate to start your new journey and find a device that best suits your needs. You’ll have all the tools to feel confident in yourself and comfortable to do your own experiments.

As you experiment with concentrates and different methods, you’ll find yourself learning and growing, discovering your preferences slowly changes the experience to create an individual practice. Dabbing is not the right thing for every human though it is beloved by many. Dabs have become a preferred method of use for a portion of cannabis users for its potency, the quality, and the craft nature behind most extraction companies, just like the world of beer connoisseurs, cannabis certainly has its own craft community. Not just focused on the plant itself but the devices available, the cannabis world is continually making strides and improving technology to enhance your experience in every way!