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The History of Hemp

It’s been really fascinating being a part of the wave of hemp coming back into the conversation now that’s destigmatized.


For centuries, hemp was used around the world for making rope, clothing, and shoes.  In the fifth & sixth centuries, hemp was widely used in Russia as a healing plant.  One of the first recorded healings using hemp was a tooth ache. By the 15th century, in every Russian and Polish home, hemp seeds and hemp seed oil was in almost every pantry.  In the Netherlands, artists used paper derived from hemp and ship builders used it to make sails.  Archeologists have found hemp in ancient Chinese tombs as it was used in Chinese healing practices since the beginning of time.


Even in America, hemp was an important part of the farming economy.  Hemp became a source for textiles and edible seeds.  In 1937, when the usage or marijuana was rising, people got scared and they lumped hemp in with marijuana & re-classified it as an illegal substance.  In 1970, the Controlled Substance Act also kept numerous restrictions on the growing and selling of hemp.


In 2018, the US passed the 2018 Farm Bill which removed hemp from the definition of marijuana. It decriminalized the plant and placed it under the Department of Agriculture instead of the Drug Enforcement Administration.  This Farm Bill opened opportunities for farmers in all 50 states to develop hemp businesses by securing banking, insurance, and more.


As states continue to ease regulations on growing marijuana, the use of CBD products will continue to rise.  What an exciting time to see such massive shifts as we collectively move back to nature for healing!