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Suzy Q Hemp Flower

If you are looking for a mellow comedown from a stressful day in Atlanta, look no further than the CBD flower available at ATLRx. Located in Alpharetta and available online, the accessibility to those in and around the Atlanta perimeter is hard to match!

Suzy Q is our one and only strain from the great dairy state of Wisconsin. Famous for the Cheeseheads, Wisconsin has given us a beautiful bounty of Suzy Q. An indica dominant strain, Suzy Q has a CBD percentage of 14.09 and an undetectable amount of delta 9 THC. There is a forest green tone on the flowers with spots that glimmer from the surplus of trichomes.

This plant has a terpene percentage of .67 with the highest amount of terpenes being guaiol and trans caryophyllene. Trans caryophyllene emits a floral scent, found in hops, rosemary, and rose. Guaiol has a similar fragrance palette in that it has woodsy rose like aroma. This strain is flavorful and has an overall pleasant, sweet smoke. Take your mind off of the daily grind and stop by ATLRx for a step in the direction of serenity. Located off exit 11 on Highway 400 in Alpharetta and online at