ATLRx Atlanta @ Ponce De Leon is open for business! 1101 Ponce De Leon in Atlanta!

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ATLRx CBD Products

Current Offering:

ATLRx  holds ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to sourcing CBD products for our customers. We currently offer a signature series Full Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil that we source from the top extraction company in the US out of Colorado. Through this partnership, we are able to produce the highest quality sublingual CBD oil that is Non GMO, Organic, and grown in the USA. This oil is extracted through a cold press ethanol extraction method which helps allows for the highest retention of terpenes and other sensitive compounds. ATLRx will continue to release additional signature series product lines in 2019, so please stay tuned!! 

ATLRx also has our signature line of Industrial Hemp Flower for our customers to choose from. These Hemp flower buds range between 16-24% CBD potency and will be offered in a wide variety of different strains including, Suver Haze, Lifter, and Elektra. Our Hemp Flower is grown on a family farm in Colorado which we chose due to their wide variety of strains at a premium quality, a high CBD %, and consistently testing below .3% THC. ATLRx always uses third party lab testing  on all of our products to ensure accuracy of MG dosing and overall quality.

Outside of our signature line of products, ATLRx will offer Edibles, Creams, Salves, Vape Carts, Concentrates, and much more from a wide variety of other CBD vendors. We have spent a lot of time building relationships with the best names in the business whose products we can really stand behind and are high quality like our very own signature products. Some of these brands include Green Roads, Liberty CBD, Mary’s Nutritionals, and Hemplucid.