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The 100mg Delta-8 Gummy is here!

We here at ATLRx love to hear input from our clientele. Recently, a fair amount of our guests  requested a gummy with a higher potency. ATLRx is pleased to announce the arrival of the  single-serving 100mg delta-8 gummy, a massive circular-shaped gummy that comes in three  delicious flavors that you may be familiar with: citrus punch, blue raspberry, and watermelon.  These gummies are bulky. Not like the summer of 2007 where you thought you were swole,  more like Paul Bunyan dressed in his Fleet Foxe’s attire holding an ax the size of Long Island,  and his Ox that looks like a white walker swole. My favorite part is that this substantially sized  gummy runs for $9.99. The 100mg gummy is a delta-8 value menu item that slaps harder than  Batman slaps Robin. 

Of course, there are several ways to enjoy these gummies. If you are familiar with our delta-8  gummies, you have the advantage of knowing what you’re getting into with THC. Over the  years, I have become more than acquainted with my limit. My subconscious shoves me in the  right direction before I end up feeding cotton candy to a diabetic horse like Kenny did in Half  Baked. We always recommend starting small; the d8 gummy can still easily be cut into smaller  pieces, halves, fourths, eighths, even sixteenths if you use a swiss army knife. THC can be tricky  in the form of an edible. Do not get caught in the rabbit hole where you miscalculate how much  you should take. Refrain from using other forms of consumption, don’t smoke a j with your neighbor Craig until you know where you are—the onset can be anywhere from one to two  hours. 

THC veterans know it all too well; accepting the paranoia and uncertainty is a sign of someone  whose been through the wringer. The advantage of going through those wringers is that it  allows you to better judge where your tolerance stands. Or you can strap in and enjoy the six to-eight-hour rollercoaster—but if you’re afraid of heights, don’t go straight to Superman by  taking the whole gummy, take the Ferris wheel, or even the Carousel. There isn’t any  gatekeeping here; we want you to have the best possible experience. Don’t let others with a higher tolerance tell you otherwise. All of this is our way to please be careful, take caution, and  do not ingest more you can handle—this gummy means business.

Being 100mg deep with delta-8 takes you precisely where you would expect: it warps you into  another dimension like The Twilight Zone, where you’re comfortable racking up a seventy dollar bill at Krystal, Air B&bing your apartment to European tourists, so you have to get a room  at a Super 8, carry-on text conversations about horoscopes with strangers repeating, “I’m a  Pisces; therefore I am a fish,” and drinking all of the Mountain Lightning so that everyone else  has to drink Dr. Thunder (We all know it was you, Todd). 

In all seriousness, a few of these incidents have happened to me, so please take care. If you  have the utmost confidence that your tolerance can handle this gummy, by all means, have at it  with clear eyes—but please take into consideration that delta-8 is a form of THC. Too much  intake would expose you to the same risks if you were to intake delta-9 THC. Both delta-8 and 9  converts to what is often called delta-11 after being metabolized in the liver. Not to mention, you’re in it for the long run once you have taken an edible. Keep CBD around in case the high  gets to be too intense. CBD will bring you down a notch—hopefully directing you right where  you want to be without sucking the life out of your experience. Enjoy these safely, in a safe  space—preferably at home!