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Cannabis for the Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching and ATLRx is ready to provide our customers with a variety of remedies to navigate these already stressful times. 2020 has certainly been a rough year for everyone, but the Atlanta community is a strong and will navigate this pandemic as safely as possible. Also,lucky for you, we have wonderful legal cannabis products that we carry such as CBD and Delta 8 THC,  which can help ease the tensions of many stressful holiday activities.

Cannabis for the Holidays

Traveling to visit family? Hartsfield Jackson Airport is a nightmare and airports are already a major stressor this time of year. No one likes dealing with the headaches of waiting in long lines or going through those security checkpoints, especially during this pandemic when stress is on the rise and senses are much more heightened. Make sure to try one of our pre-rolls before you leave to catch your flight to ensure the best results, flavors like White Runtz will have you glad to be on a plane.

The many wonderful properties of CBD can help minimize the anxiety induced during travel to make the overall experience much more pleasant. Meeting with difficult family members? This time of year usually means gathering, responsibly of course, with family who may or may not be the most enjoyable to be around. In instances where smoking might not be the easiest thing to accomplish, make sure to bring one of our wonderful CBD and Delta 8 Oil Tinctures that come in a wide range of different strengths. We even have  CBD and Delta 8 THC vape cartridges for the smokers who need to be more discreet.

 CBD and Delta 8 Oil Tinctures
For the non-smokers, a simple application of the oil directly under your tongue can have you relaxing sooner than you can say Merry Christmas! Put a few drops in the eggnog because it can also be used to spice up any cheerful holiday drinks people might be having! Our cannabis products can also be a great gift for the family members who might need some help with stress management or dealing with physical pain related issues. 

For older family members, cannabinoids such as CBD can balance your body and help alleviate aches or inflammation which would be helpful to those dealing with arthritis or other similar issues. Regardless of which products you choose, ATLRx will help make this holiday as stress free as possible for you and your family.