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ATLRx Toy Drive

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ATLRx Toy Drive

ATLRx loves the holidays for numerous reasons; what’s not to love? Everyone is cheerful, or at least pretends to be. We are reminded of what our loved ones bring into our lives. Plus, we get the time to see them. The warm and fuzzy sentimental values push us to interact with each other with fluidity that makes it feel like you’ve known them since another life. It doesn’t matter if there is snow, wreaths, jingle bells, Christmas music, Hallmark Holiday movies, or nativity sets with Baby Jesus everywhere. I’ve counted five different sets in my neighborhood, so I may have to join in on that nativity set fun.

For us, there isn’t a shadow of a doubt what the number one reason why we love the holidays is; we get to help those who need it. Whether it’s providing products that help bring joy to someone who is really going through it, or helping a family in hard times have a fuller holiday. Helping those who aren’t financially able to provide gifts for their little ones during the holidays is important to us.

It’s difficult for families for a lot of reasons. But this year—it is a little heavier because we are still in a pandemic. School isn’t the same, work isn’t the same, and it’s safe to say it’s a “new world” that we are in. The shift was so fast that we didn’t seem to have time to transition into it. We are re-discovering things we didn’t necessarily need—like using a tap card reader, the endless amount of hand sanitizer, and a newfound love for hand lotion.

Kids ask a lot of questions, and many of them are good questions. It’s difficult to gauge what is the correct answer sometimes; they know how to breach the thin line where you have to inform them of something they aren’t aware of, or they’re testing you—just to see if you’re telling the truth. Those generations are going to be brilliant and highly independent. However, children need breaks from the ways of the world, just like adults need to have an opportunity to chill out. So we wanted to help as much as we could. There’s a lot of pressure put on parents to keep up with the latest toys, and every parent wants their child to have a memorable holiday.

This month, ATLRx wants to do its part. We will be running a Toy Drive to make a few kids’ Christmas, hopefully making their parents Christmas. We would love for you to join us in taking part in the ATLRx Toy Drive. The drive is ongoing now until December 17th.

We are accepting a new toy with a value of $15 or more. ATLRx will give you a free 500mg Delta-8 Tincture or a free 600mg CBD Oil in exchange for the toy. You can donate in person at one of our retail locations or send it to 246 Grogan Drive, Suite: 125, Dawsonville, Georgia.