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ATLRx’s Sour Glue: The Autumn Hybrid

The strain Sour Glue has been a household name for quite some years now. ATLRx has brought the potent strain behind the bud bar to join the rest of our unique delta-8 strains. Our delta-8 take of Sour Glue has large, dense buds with terpenes that highlight the mixture of lime and citrus notes, maintaining an earthiness that makes it smell as if freshly trimmed from the stem. We love our indica’s, but we love our sativas and hybrids just as much. To make that even more apparent, we have added another hybrid leaning sativa to join the family. ATLRx’s Sour Glue adheres to the traditional strain’s characteristics, down to the limestone, notes from the flower popping terpenes.

Sour Glue is a hybrid dominant indica, sitting at a two to one ratio, ten percent CBD and the delta-8 THC hitting at a whopping seventeen percent. Those numbers alone make it a contender for potency, putting up a fight against the gassy Tahoe OG and the peppery earthiness of Afghan Goo. There is a mild sweetness in the front with a pinch of citrus end of the Glue. The finish tastes how the terpenes smell; lime, peppercorn, and a slight touch of hops—the work of the terpenes caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene. Sour Glue has solidified in the market for its potency, glittery trichomes, and the complexity of the strains robust taste.

Sour Diesel is a buzzy sativa with extensive gas notes behind a tart yet crisp, stimulating flavor. It is a daytime favorite because it’s invigorating. The distinct flavor and effects have made it a household name amongst the cannabis community. The strain is floral with lingering citrus on the palate; the tartness sticks out ever so slightly, finishing with a balanced fuel profile. Mixing this bad boy is another experience in itself because of its depth, thanks to the lovely combination of Super Skunk and Chemdawg. The crossing of these two fuel-driven strains provides a dreamy lens is met with a vibrant energy that helps battle depression and chronic pain.

Original Glue is a indica leaning hybrid (AKA Gorilla Glue, Gorilla Glue #4) is one of the parents of this strain. Bringing myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene adds complexity. We love and admire the sweet, peppery, tart, and concentrated characteristics that stay intact with Sour Glue. And yes, this is the strain that leaves you “glued” to whatever you’re sitting in or laying on. The trichomes are covered in a thick resin; it makes it look like a rare piece of jewelry—unearthed in a prehistoric cave-like in Niaux, France.

I will hit the Glue (not the school supply, the strain), get in my footy pajamas, lay down in my teenage mutant ninja turtles sleeping bag, and overthink everything. I must look like a hot pocket staring up at the ceiling, trying to determine if I am having an existential crisis or just sleep-deprived. If it’s overthinking past causations rather than letting those thoughts fleet with time, then I am sleep deprived—a lifelong symptom from never allowing myself to get bored. But the Sour Glue will enable me to drift into a beautiful slumber or to keep overthinking comfortably.