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ATLRx Love Potion

Love Potion
ATLRx Love Potion

Here at the ATLRx family, we truly care about your health but what is life without a little bit of balance, right?  And what says Valentine’s Day more than pink tequila, amirite? Fellas, need to pregame before your expensive dinner date you have planned? Where my Galentine celebrating, single ladies at?! We got you: edible glitter + tequila. Regardless of your plans, this is a simple and easy valentine recipe to sip (pint of ice cream not included.)

FUN FACT: Tequila is derived from the Agave plant which can take 8-12 years to harvest and can grow as high as 7 feet, making it the “labor of love”. AND only the agave heart is used to make tequila. The heart is cut out, cooked, ground down, and then fermented. Therefore, tequila is the liquor of looooove!

FUNNER FACT: Did you know there is such a thing as edible glitter? Well, we just found out there was and of course we had to add it to every liquid we could get our hands on… and fortunately tequila was first.

ATLRx Love Potion

Ingredients (for 2 glasses):

3oz of tequila (we prefer silver tequila to maximize glitter shimmer, obvi)

½ cup strawberries & raspberries

Several mint leaves

6oz soda water

1 dropper full of ATLrx 600mg tincture

1 tsp edible glitter


Add glitter to tequila and shake until magical swirls are sufficient for your liking.

Muddle fruit & mint in a separate glass

Pour muddled mix into bottom of glass

Pour your dazzling tequila and soda water into glass

Add 1 dropper full of ATLrx tincture

Bottoms up!

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