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ATLRx has new labels! Here’s what to look for and why!

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ATLRx has new labels

A researcher and his colleagues at Virginia Commonwealth University bought 90 hemp based CBD products online – everything from tinctures to vaping liquids – and they found 25% had less CBD than indicated on the bottle and 45% had more than indicated!  Meaning there was a 75% chance of getting a product where the CBD is mislabeled!

Another study by Penn Medicine conducted internet searches to identify and purchase CBD products available for online retail purchase that included CBD content on the packaging. The team purchased and analyzed 84 products from 31 different companies and found that more than 42 percent of products were under-labeled, meaning that the product contained a higher concentration of CBD than indicated. Another 26 percent of products purchased were over-labeled, meaning the product contained a lower concentration of CBD than indicated. Only 30 percent of CBD products purchased contained an actual CBD content that was within 10% of the amount listed on the product label. When we became aware of this, we knew we needed to come up with a solution to avoid any and all discrepancy.

It can be dangerous when a health product isn’t true to its claims.  Mislabeling indicates that a product hasn’t been checked for quality.

We at ATLRx want to make sure we are operating with integrity so we have been working behind the scenes to find a way to tell you exactly how much CBD is in each bottle.

We make small batch oils in Colorado and knowing that no batch is the exact same, we decided it would be best to print the exact milligram on each bottle based on the third party lab results of each batch. We now provide the entire amount of CBD as well as the exact per ml amount for ultimate transparency. Our labels also provide a QR code which you can scan with your camera on your phone. This QR code will bring you to a batch specific lab report ( Certificate of Analysis) that you will be able to match to the specific batch number on the bottom of your bottle.

Go to your tincture bottle right now to scan!

ATLRx has new labels! Here's what to look for and why!
ATLRx has new labels! Here's what to look for and why!