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ATLRx Delta 8 Chocolate Bars have Arrived!

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ATLRx Delta 8 Chocolate Bars have Arrived!

Delta 8 Chocolate has Hit the Shelves at ATLRx!

At last, ATLRx has launched three new delta 8 THC chocolate bars . Milk chocolate, dark chocolate and cookies and cream. All of our non-GMO Belgium Chocolate Bars are now available for in store purchase! With ten squares of Belgian chocolate per bar, it is sitting at a modest 500mg of delta 8 THC (that’s 50mg a piece). What if I told you that the fat content in the chocolate intensifies THC? In this case, the 50mg will feel like 60mg. All of that great news for $34.99. Need I say more?

Delta 8 chocolate

The Best Delta 8 Chocolate

Available in 3 Flavors

The Milk Chocolate is a pristine addition to the growing selection of products we offer. We use Belgium ingredients to craft this chocolate bar with Delta 8. The appearance is identical to ghiradelli or other popular chocolate companies.

The Cookies and Cream bar has notes of vanilla that stick out to the nostril. Made with top quality Belgium cocoa butter, this bar is cream colored with speckles of darkness from the cookie crumbles.

The Dark chocolate bar has a lingering smell of roasted cocoa beans. Crafted with Belgian ingredients, the slow roasted cocoa notes mirror the smell of freshly ground coffee that has been French-pressed and then served black. The waft of smoky sweetness reels you in, similar to dark fruit. Oh, and it’s vegan

Best delta 8 chocolate

Enjoy Delta 8 Chocolates Safely

Due to the higher potency of ATLRx chocolates, we recommend starting with less than a half of a piece, then waiting two hours before trying your next piece.