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What is Delta 8 Gummy?

To answer what a delta 8 gummy is, first, we must answer what Delta-8-THC is. Delta-8 can be found in the hemp or cannabis plant and, as such, is naturally occurring. Intelligent minds have found a way to break down certain compounds in these plants, and thus Delta-8-THC is a compound that is not synthesized but naturally derived from the plants. The resulting compound extracted through these processes can be conjoined with products such as oils for tinctures, vape liquid for cartridges, hemp flower as a smokeable herb, as well as edible foods, drinks, and candies such as gummies. 

Delta 8 gummies are edible candies such as gummy worms, gummy bears, sour watermelon, Swedish fish, etc., that have the Delta 8 THC compound present in them and, as such, cause a psychoactive effect or "high" upon consumption. Usually, the effects last a few hours and are felt within a couple of hours, so quicker activation methods as vaporizers and Delta 8 THC flowers are preferred but those seeking a discrete way to consume cannabis, as well as a legal method, choose Delta 8 gummies for their medical and recreational needs. Several vendors and distributors can be found selling Delta 8 gummies online, but here at ATLRx, you can rest assured that you will find the best delta 8 gummies in the market. 

Among the many other companies that sell delta 8 gummies online, ATLRx ensures the highest degree of safety and quality for their customers. You are in good hands and will receive discrete, smell-proof, and quick shipping on all of your products. 

Top Benefits of Delta 8 Gummies

We will be discussing some of the anecdotal evidence that has added up throughout the last couple of years. Many people have reported similar health benefits, but there still have not been adequate studies done to verify these claims medically. However, enough claims and enough people are stating these wonders that Delta-8-THC has brought to their life, and as such, we will be discussing some of the many positive effects reported from the use of the compound.

  1. Stress relief is among the main reasons that individuals take Delta 8 gummies. Whether you have a hectic mind or suffer from an anxiety disorder, Delta 8 THC gummies can provide relief to calm down the mind. Many users report states of relaxation and even at times euphoria when under the effects of Delta 8.

  2. The treatment of insomnia is another reason that many individuals enjoy taking Delta 8 THC gummies. A couple of hours before they intend to fall asleep, consumers of Delta 8 gummies take their candy edibles and are able to enjoy a peaceful night's sleep and deep rest.

  3. Delta-8-THC has been shown to increase acetylcholine in the brain resulting in improved cognitive functions. The increase in this chemical encourages cell growth and regeneration. There has been proven scientific research for these claims, and while there does need to be more follow-through, the research seems promising. Increased neurotransmitter levels are just one of the advantageous effects and can work wonders in the elderly.

  4. As an antiemetic Delta 8 thc gummies can work wonders. Many cancer patients have trouble leaving their homes because of treatment, such as chemotherapy; shop for delta 8 gummies online to treat nausea and vomiting. Delta-8-THC has also been shown to be effective at killing cancer cells, making it doubly effective for cancer patients.

  5. When looking to buy Delta 8 gummies online, you can do so legally in the majority of the United States of America, adding to one of the benefits and peace of mind among consumers that they are operating under the law.

  6. Many individuals take advantage of Delta 8 gummies because of their anti-inflammatory properties. The treatment of chronic pain is one of the uses of Delta-8-THC by many people all across the world.

  7. Delta 8 THC gummies can provide appetite stimulation among many users, making them ideal for treating eating disorders such as anorexia or even for those who just do not get hungry often enough and need an appetite boost.

We highly recommend and advise that you speak with your physician before stopping any previous medications or if you have pre-existing conditions before taking Delta-8-THC for any medical reasons. Delta-8-THC should not be used as a substitute for any treatments prescribed by your doctor. Everyone reacts differently to the compound, so results are not guaranteed or effective from one person to another. 

Delta 8 Gummies FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is legal to buy Delta 8 THC gummies in the majority of the United States of America under the 2018 Farm Bill Act. However, there are 18 states which have made Delta-8-THC illegal or have restricted sales. They are as follows: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Washington.

Please be advised that it may be necessary to consult a lawyer or your local law enforcement authorities in order to keep up to date with the status of Delta-8-THC in your area. Because of the ever-changing laws of this newly introduced compound to the market, there are some discrepancies with the legal situation. 

Delta-8-THC is an intoxicating substance, and children should not take it. While CBD has been administered to young children, CBD is non-psychoactive and does not produce a "high" effect as Delta-8-THC does. There have been reports of children being hospitalized after getting into their parent's stash of Delta-8-THC products, and as such, the product should be safely guarded against young children. Please consult with your physician before starting your children on any new substance, whether Delta 8 THC gummies or not. 

Delta 8 gummies will have different interactions from person to person. As such, there is no recommended minimum dosage or maximum dosage as tolerance levels can differ significantly. The best advice we can give to those beginning to experiment with Delta 8 gummies would be to start with the smallest dose possible and then work one's way up. This is the best way to make sure you are able to handle delta 8 THC gummies without overwhelming yourself.

Generally speaking, the effects start to kick in within 45 minutes to a couple of hours. Once again, because each individual is wired differently, the exact results of when they kick in will vary from person to person, even if they take it simultaneously. Other influences that could affect the time it takes to kick in would be the amount of food one has in their stomach at the time of the consumption of the Delta 8 gummies. Emptier stomachs generally mean faster onset of the effects when taking a Delta 8 gummy. In comparison, fuller stomachs will mean that it takes longer for the Delta 8 THC gummies to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Delta-8-THC gummies, in general, are known to be "marijuana-lite" because while being similar to Delta-9-THC (the active compound in traditional cannabis), their effects are less potent. However, some people are unable to distinguish between the two because of their tolerance level. More experienced users of cannabis will find that Delta-8-THC gummies and such are not as strong, but at the same time, taking a high enough dosage of Delta 8 gummies would be enough to produce "strong" effects. It really all depends on how much you consume.

Delta 8 gummies with higher dosage information on their labeling will be stronger than those with a lesser amount. For example, 100mg dosing of Delta 8 THC gummies will pack a much more potent punch than a 10mg dosing of delta 8 gummies. Here at ATLRx, we go out of our way to stock the best delta 8 gummies available in the industry to provide products with quicker activation than their competitors. We also strive to ensure that our products are held to the highest safety standards.

ATLRx ensures that every product goes through a rigorous laboratory testing process by independent, third-party testing companies found in the United States of America. As far as if it is safe for you to take Delta 8 gummies - if you have any concerns about pre-existing conditions, then it is advised that you discuss this with your doctor. Otherwise, the products that we are offering are safe to consume and are derived from a natural plant without any synthetic process. What you are consuming is a healthy substance that has not shown to have serious risks or side effects to be associated with it - but constant research and studies are being done to ensure that this is indeed the case.

Once again, if you have any concerns or questions about your medical health, it is best advised to consult a physician. However, we can say that based on anecdotal evidence, there are many individuals who swear by Delta 8 gummies and take them on a daily basis. ATLRx keeps the best delta 8 gummies in stock, and if you are to take them every day, you will be taking the safest products found on the market, compliant with all safety regulations and industry standards. Please be advised that taking Delta 8 gummies on an everyday basis may increase your tolerance level and thus require more product to feel the same effects.

Generally speaking, the effects of a Delta 8 edible or delta 8 gummy tends to last four to six hours. However, we must reiterate once again that everyone is wired differently, and as such, the effects can vary from person to person. Higher dosages will produce longer-lasting highs, especially if combined with any other substance, while, of course, lower dosages will tend to wear off more quickly.

Because of the ever-changing legal status of Delta-8-THC, please be advised that while one state might have Delta 8 gummies legal that the one you are flying to might not and, as such, could cause serious legal issues. Please consult a lawyer or local law enforcement authorities to ensure that you are not breaking any laws before deciding to travel with Delta 8 gummies on a plane.

Yes, Delta 8 gummies can indeed put you to sleep. Many individuals use Delta 8 gummies as a sleeping aid and buy delta 8 gummies for the sole purpose of treating insomnia. Usually, higher doses of Delta 8 will cause drowsiness and sleepiness, while lower dosages can actually improve concentration. Because everyone is wired differently, finding the proper dosage that makes you sleepy after taking delta 8 gummies will be able to help you distinguish how much is needed for the product to be an effective sleeping aid vs. taking lower doses throughout the day for other medical benefits.

Anecdotal evidence points towards the fact that delta 8 gummies and Delta 8 THC, in general, are efficient in reducing chronic pain. Because of the anti-inflammatory effects of Delta-8-THC, there are many athletes who like to use CBD and Delta-8-THC products when allowable in order to heal post-training and workouts. More studies are being conducted in an academic environment to validate the efficacy of Delta 8 THC gummies in the treatment of chronic pain. Suppose these studies do validate the anecdotal claims. In that case, there could be a breakthrough in the way people are able to replace opiates which are highly addictive and life-threatening, with cannabis-related products because of these anti-inflammatory properties.

We've mentioned above about our use of independent, third-party laboratories found in the United States of America, which test all our products to ensure customer safety, and we have much more to offer than that. We are constantly trying to source the best products for our customers as if we were looking for these products for our own family. At ATLRx, the thing that matters most to us is customer satisfaction, and when you shop with us, you can ensure that we will go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your purchase and all future purchases.

Consuming too many Delta 8 gummies will likely cause you to fall asleep. Otherwise, there is no inherent risk of taking too many Delta 8 gummies because the risk of overdose requires an amount that no one person could consume all at once. Some side effects, though, that will be felt when taking too many delta 8 THC gummies will be an intoxicating effect because the substance is indeed psychoactive. You will also feel dazed and confused and likely dizzy. Taking into consideration that everyone reacts differently to Delta-8-THC, it may be possible that you might just feel deep relaxation and euphoria rather than any adverse side effects. However, if you are accustomed to cannabis and take too much Delta-8-THC, it is likely that the impact will not be as intense as if you took too much Delta-9-THC, and that is why Delta 8 is preferred by so many people. It is also best to remember that delta-8 is biphasic, so lower dosages of Delta-8-THC produce a coffee-like stimulation--similar to a sativa. The higher the dosages produce the more sedative traits like an indica