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What Does Delta-8 Do to the Body?

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What Does Delta-8 Do to the Body

Delta-8 THC is a unique cannabinoid that people are becoming more and more interested in every day. As a compound that’s quite accessible across the country, its popularity is exploding — as are questions about how it works. Specifically, many people want to know, “What does delta-8 do to the body?”

Here, we’re talking about the delta-8 cannabinoid, how it works in the body, and even answering other D8-related questions. This way, by the time you’re done reading, you’ll know exactly how this up-and-coming cannabinoid functions within the body after you’ve enjoyed it.

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What is Delta-8 THC?

Before we establish how delta-8 THC works in the body, let’s talk about what delta-8 THC is in the first place for anyone who may not be familiar with this newer compound.

Cannabis contains many cannabinoids, including delta-8 THC. This compound is a sibling to delta 9 THC, however, both produce quite different results in the body. 

One of the biggest appealing factors of delta-8 THC is the fact that it is psychoactive, but its potency is about half that of delta-9. Many people find D9 to be too strong, making delta-8 THC a wonderful alternative for those with lower tolerances or who are just dipping their toes into the world of cannabis.

While delta-8 is found naturally within the plant, this cannabinoid is present in minute amounts. This makes it very difficult for extractors and professionals to work with this compound organically. Thus, delta 8 products are made synthetically, using a process called isomerization.

With isomerization, professionals extract hemp-derived CBD and essentially rearrange the compound’s structure to make it into delta-8 THC, instead. So, the products you see on the market do contain lab-created D8.   

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The Endocannabinoid System 

Human bodies contain a system known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It’s highly likely you didn’t learn about the ECS in school, primarily because we’re still learning more about it every day. After all, the entire system wasn’t even discovered until the 90s.

Essentially, the ECS is a system of cell signalers that function all throughout the body to help regulate certain chemicals, hormones, and other compounds to ensure all of our systems are working as they should. The main goal of your ECS is to reach homeostasis, which is a period of internal balance.

Inside the ECS are something called cannabinoid receptors, and there are two types: CB1 and CB2. These receptors are present throughout the body, with CB1s being found primarily in the brain, while CB2s are found throughout the peripheral immune system. Thus, the ECS is responsible for working with various functions of the body.

If your body gets thrown off in some way, whether it be due to stress, illness, or something else, the ECS kicks into action and works to re-regulate. Here, it can produce chemicals called endocannabinoids that work with CB receptors to provide support. However, sometimes, the ECS needs a little bit of a boost, and our body doesn’t always produce the compounds it needs to feel alright.

That’s where cannabinoids like delta-8 THC come into play. 

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How Does Delta-8 Interact with Us? 

Cannabinoid receptors in your body interact with delta-8 THC when you consume it. Delta-8, specifically, has a much stronger affinity to the CB1 receptors than CB2 receptors, which is one of the primary reasons it is able to get you high the way it is.

So, the cannabinoid interacts with the CB1 receptors in the brain to help produce a pleasant experience. At the same time, the compound also works throughout the rest of the body to provide unique support depending on what the ECS needs. This is why everyone will experience different results from cannabinoids: all of our endocannabinoid systems are unique!

Even though the cannabinoid binds more strongly to CB1 than CB2, delta-8 is known for producing a wide range of supportive results that many people find useful. Again, these specific results will differ from person to person, but many people report that delta-8 THC was great for providing a dose of full-body comfort. 

How Should Delta-8 feel?

The experience of delta-8 THC will vary depending on the consumer. However, as a psychoactive cannabinoid, this compound is very likely going to make you high, leaving you blissful, and likely a bit giggly. Many people find that the attributes of this compound are best after a long, day, especially if you need a bit of decompressing.

Delta-8’s effect on you also depends on how much you consume and what product you consume. Some products contain more uplifting, creativity-inducing strains, while others are known for being more cerebral.

It’s best to try some delta-8 products to see how you let experience goes!

How Long Does Delta-8 Take to Work? 

Along with wondering how delta-8 works in the body, many people wonder how long the cannabinoid takes to work in general. Well, this highly depends on your body chemistry, as well as the type of product you consume.

In terms of your body chemistry, if you’re someone with a rapid metabolism, then you will likely experience results quicker than someone who has a slower metabolism. However, the effects may also fade quicker, as your body works through them faster.

The type of product you enjoy has a very large impact on how long delta-8 takes to work. If you inhale delta-8 — through flower or a vape — then you’re going to experience results almost instantly. This method provides effects within seconds. The next quickest method of consumption is through a delta-8 tincture. If you consume the tincture sublingually (putting drops under your tongue), you will only have to wait about 15-30 minutes for results.

However, if you consume an edible-like product such as gummies or you put your delta-8 oil into your food or drink, you are going to have to be patient when waiting for the effects. The effects of oral consumption can take up to two hours to kick in. But, the effects from this type of consumption method are the longest-lasting options, leaving you experiencing the cannabinoid for hours at a time.

So, if you have a certain amount of time you want your delta-8 product to start working within, you may have to try a few different types of products to see what’s ideal for you. 

Does the Way You Take Delta-8 Matter?

The way you take delta-8 matters in terms of the types of effects you want to experience, as well as how long you want to experience them.

As we’ve established, different consumption methods create different onset times. These types of products are also made differently, so they produce slightly different effects and potencies, too. The way you take delta-8 should depend on factors like your consumption preference (smoking, sublingual, or oral), how quickly you want the effects to kick in, and how long you want them to last. You should also consider how strong you want the effects to be because some products are going to produce more concentrated results than others.   

What are the Various Forms of Delta-8 Products Available?

These days, you can find delta-8 THC products online in so many different forms — it just depends on what you’re looking for.

At ATLRx, we offer a huge selection of top-shelf delta-8 products for you to choose from, and we’ll ship them right to your door. (As long as D8 is legal in your state, that is.) Whether you’re interested in flower, pre-rolls, moon rocks, distillates, tinctures, or something entirely different, our online store has you covered.

Here are the main delta-8 products available online and in our inventory today. 

Delta-8 Flower

One of the most popular D8 products is Delta 8 flower. Delta-8 flower is essentially hemp flower that’s been coated in a delta-8 distillate, so when you smoke it, you get all the of what delta-8 has to offer in every puff.

You can enjoy the delta-8 flower as you would regular flower: you can grind it up and put it in a bowl, or roll it up in a joint and smoke it that way. It’s your choice! It is even possible to find delta-8 flower in different strains depending on the experience you are looking for.

Along with actual flower, delta 8 pre-rolls are popular product options for those seeking a strong experience alongside ease and convenience. You can take a pre-roll with you to enhance any outdoor adventure, as they’re small and portable. 

ATLRx has a large selection of both pre-rolls and delta-8 flower for you to choose from.   

Delta-8 Gummies

If you’re not a fan of smoking, that’s okay! You could try a product like delta-8 gummies, instead. Delta-8 gummies are tasty chewables that have been infused with delta-8 extract, coming in various strengths, flavors, and even shapes.

It may take a while for gummies to kick in, but they will last for hours. Plus, they’re very easy to use, just make sure to use in moderation, as they still do get you buzzin.

Delta-8 gummies make good options for everyday consumption, as they are discreet and no one would know they’re made with hemp. Here at ATLRx, we have a great selection of different delta 8 gummies for you to choose from depending on your tolerance levels and flavor preferences.  

Delta-8 Concentrates

If you’re an experienced consumer looking to enhance your delta-8 journey, D8 concentrates may be the way to go.

Delta-8 concentrates are super potent delta-8 products that you can enjoy in a few different ways. Some consumers may choose to add their delta-8 concentrate into their refillable vape pen, while others may dab it directly from a rig. You can also add some concentrate onto your flower or within a blunt or joint to bring the smoke sesh to a new level.

However, you should be cautious with delta-8 concentrates because of how potent they are. These products aren’t ideal for beginners, and you should only try them if you’re well-versed in the world of delta-8.

ATLRx offers delta 8 concentrates in a few different forms depending on what appeals to you most. From diamonds to shatter and everything in between, we have the best delta-8 waxes to choose from. 

Delta-8 Moon Rocks

When you want to smoke but are interested in trying something new, a good product to turn to would be delta-8 moon rocks. Delta-8 moon rocks are essentially hemp flower that’s been coated in delta-8 distillate and then rolled in kief to create clod-like rocks. Then, to smoke, you cut the moon rocks up with a knife or scissors and add some of the enhanced flower on top of your regular flower.

When smoking moon rocks, make sure to burn the moon rocks slowly and directly, applying the flame right to the concentrated flower. Delta-8 will be more pleasant if you follow these instructions moon rocks.

If you’re interested, ATLRx offers top-shelf delta 8 moon rocks for you to try for yourself.  

Delta-8 Distillate

For all you DIY smokers out there, delta 8 distillate is the product for you. You can use delta-8 distillate in so many different ways depending on what most appeals to you and your lifestyle. The versatility of the cannabinoid allows consumers to add some into a vape or dab rig to vaporize, while others could add a dose into a favorite recipe to spice up dinner time. Still, you also have the option of adding your distillate into a lotion or cream of your choosing to help bring a new layer of support to your everyday topical.

Delta-8 distillates are very concentrated, so keep this in mind before you go right into vaporizing. Instead, go slow with your dosing and start with a low amount to ensure this product is right for you. When you do want to try delta-8 for yourself, ATLRx offers a high-quality, affordable option that we can send right to your door.  

Delta-8 Tinctures

Finally, you always have the option of turning to a delta 8 tincture, too. Delta-8 tinctures are bottles of delta-8 oil that you can consume orally or sublingually. Sublingually, D8 tinctures should be placed under your tongue for 20-30 seconds before swallowing. This allows for the effects to kick in swiftly, providing rapid and potent results.

On the flip side, with oral consumption, you add your delta-8 tincture to your food or drink before consuming. You will have to wait longer for things to kick in if you consume it this way, but you won’t have to taste the actual delta-8 oil if that’s not something you enjoy. 

Where to Find Delta-8 THC 

If you’re interested in buying delta-8 THC, you can find it at your local smoke shop or wellness store in states where delta-8 is legal. But, if you don’t want to leave your house, you can always purchase a wide variety of products from ATLRx.

ATLRx offers our huge selection of delta-8 products to residents who live in states where D8 is permitted. You can fill your online cart with all the delta-8 you desire, and then we can ship the products right to your door. Getting your favorite cannabis products has never been easier than with ATLRx — so start shopping today!

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