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How to Use Delta 8 Distillate

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How to Use Delta 8 Distillate

Delta-8 distillate is one of the most unique cannabis products on the market, and its versatility is unmatched. This is a type of product that so many people can utilize—and in so many different ways, too.

So, how do you use delta-8 distillate? If you’ve been curious about all the ways that you can use delta-8 THC distillate, we’ve got you covered. 

Below, we’re answering your most common questions about consuming delta-8 distillate, as well as where to buy some high-quality products for yourself. 

Let’s get started. 

Table of Contents:

What is Delta-8 Distillate?

There are several forms of delta-8 distillate, but delta-8 distillate is the most concentrated. This product resembles wax and comes in various shades of gold, brown, or even clear.

Delta-8 distillates are some of the most potent on the market because they contain delta-8 THC, and that’s all. Distillate contains very high levels of delta-8, making it best for those seeking strong results, not beginners.

Among the many cannabinoids found in cannabis plants, delta-8 is one of them. It’s an isomer of delta-9 THC, but it contains about half the potency, making it a good choice for consumers who enjoy more pleasant results. So, when distillates are made, professionals work to isolate only D8 cannabinoids, giving you some of the most powerful experiences possible from a delta-8 product.

You’ll find distillates in various cannabis products, including vapes, edibles, topicals, and more. This is because, as we will discuss later, delta-8 distillates are versatile products that consumers can use in so many different ways.

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Is Delta-8 Distillate Legal?

Before we talk about how to use delta-8 distillate, it’s important to address the legality surrounding the cannabinoid.

The federal government has ruled that delta-8 THC is legal. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp and hemp-derived products that contain 0.3% THC or less. By this definition, hemp-derived delta-8 distillate with 0.3% THC or less is federally legal in the United States.

Unfortunately, delta-8 THC isn’t legal in every state, which means that D8 distillate isn’t either.

Many states have placed regulations or flat-out bans on delta-8 and delta 8 products. Delta-8 THC is currently illegal in Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, South Carolina, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. It’s strictly regulated in various other states as well, making many product types illegal.

Before making a purchase of delta-8 THC—no matter what product—it’s important to check the legal status of the cannabinoid in your area first. It can be difficult to keep up with Delta-8 regulations since they change frequently. So, see what the current regulations are to double-check that you can even purchase D8 in your state or not.  

How is Delta-8 Distillate Made?

The process of making delta-8 distillate is not an easy one, and it’s important for us to stress that only the most experienced professionals in a lab setting should do this.

Making delta-8 THC involves extraction and distillation, starting with the overall extraction of the cannabinoids themselves. However, delta-8 THC isn’t present in large enough amounts for extractors to isolate it from the hemp plant. Instead, they isolate hemp-derived CBD and then convert it into delta-8 using a process called isomerization.

Extraction methods can be done in different ways, but they typically rely on a solvent like CO2 to separate the cannabinoids from the plant material itself. The next step is distillation.
Distillation works with temperature and pressure to isolate the delta-8 THC cannabinoid, creating high concentrations of the compound. Professionals can also work to further purify the extraction using distillation, ensuring that nothing, including solvents or other impurities, is left behind.

Thus, the end result is a wax-like substance that’s nearly pure delta-8 THC.

Again, the process may vary depending on the manufacturer and their choice of refinement, purification, and extraction methods. But, most delta 8 THC distillate is made with this kind of care and precision, making it one of the trickiest products out there to get right. 

Clear vs. Colored Delta-8 Distillate

When shopping for delta-8 products like distillate, you’ll probably notice that they come in a lot of different colors. The color of your distillate has a lot to do with how the product was made, as well as its purity and quality.

It’s common to come across a delta-8 distillate that’s clear, and this tends to mean that the distillate has a purity level of at least 90%. Clear delta-8 distillate implies that the concentrate has been distilled so much that even the color molecules of the wax itself have disappeared. Unfortunately, this may affect the overall potency of the distillate, making it a bit less powerful than it would’ve been if exposed to less purification.

Typically, the best delta-8 distillate experience comes from distillates that range in color. Gold or amber-colored distillate means that the concentrate has high levels of delta-8 THC as well as terpenes, which work to enhance the experience of the product.

In general, as long as your distillate isn’t pinkish, green, or black, you should be a-okay. The difference in colors (ranging from clear to dark gold) is usually just a result of how the distillate was made and the temperatures it was exposed to. Hotter temperatures will make the distillate darker in color, while lighter temperatures can result in much lighter, nearly clear wax.  

What is Delta-8 Distillate Used For? 

Now that you know what delta-8 is and how it’s made, let’s answer the million-dollar question: how do you use delta-8 distillate in the first place?

As we’ve mentioned, delta-8 distillate is very versatile and can be used in many ways. One of the most popular uses is within vapes, as you can easily refill your vape pen with it and puff on it whenever your heart desires. If you’re a bigger fan of dabbing, you can even dab your distillate or add some to your flower and smoke it for an enhanced smoke.

If you don’t like smoking, dabbing, or vaping, that’s perfectly fine. Many users find that delta-8 distillate is perfect for adding to other items. You can use distillate to the other item of your choice to experience a longer ride after you’re done mixing it. This works best when added to a fat-based ingredient like oil or butter. Just bear in mind that it will take about 1-2 hours to kick in, so be patient!

Along with edibles, you can add a dose of your delta-8 THC distillate to your favorite lotion, cream, or balm to make a delta-8-infused topical. With these products, you simply rub the cream on like you would normally, but the cannabinoids from the distillate work deep in your skin to produce all kinds of supportive results. This is a wonderful option for anyone who doesn’t want to consume delta-8 THC but still wants to reap the benefits of the compound.

Whether you’re interested in vaping delta-8, adding it to other item, or even infusing it into a topical, the choice is always yours. The specific reasons that people turn to delta-8 distillate in the first place will vary significantly from person to person, but most consumers find this supportive, blissful compound to be a great option for gentle benefits all throughout the day. 

Is Delta-8 Distillate Safe?

Yes, depending on where and who you buy it from. When buying delta-8 distillate—either online or in person—you have to make sure to be careful about who you’re buying it from. As an unregulated cannabinoid, some delta-8 products are much lower quality than others, making them riskier to consume. Thankfully, there are many factors you can look out for before purchasing a delta-8 distillate to determine whether or not the product is okay to buy.

First, you always want to check the product’s certificate of analysis (COA). A COA is going to outline that the company has sent off its products to a third-party lab to test them for quality and purity. Then, this lab will document its findings and report them on the COA, showing the potency levels of all cannabinoids within the extract. Along with this, a good COA should also demonstrate that the product has been tested for impurities like heavy metals and pesticides. This helps to reassure buyers that what they’re buying is as pure as the brand claims.

If you cannot find an updated COA for the delta-8 product you’re looking at, it’s time to move on to a different company.

Along with updated, comprehensive COAs, make sure to read up on the company’s customer reviews, too. You will learn everything you need to know about a brand, their quality, and their customer service from these reviews. If there aren’t any reviews, try searching the brand to see if anything else comes up.

Doing all of this research for delta-8 distillates may seem like a lot, but it’s worth it to know you’re buying the best quality products possible.  

How to Store Your Delta-8 Distillate

After you’ve had a little bit of your delta-8 distillate, where do you store it? A good general rule of thumb is to store your cannabis products in cool, dark, and dry places.

Essentially, you don’t want to store your delta-8 distillate anywhere that’s exposed to extreme temperatures, either high or low. Super high temperatures can easily degrade your distillate, making it less potent and less tasty overall. Low temperatures can disrupt your distillate’s structure and composition. Thus, it’s best to store your product between 65-70°F if possible.

You also need to make sure to keep your delta-8 distillate out of direct sunlight or harsh artificial lighting. Dark places are best for this kind of product, as it prevents the lighting from degrading the components in the distillate.

Finally, you should always store your delta-8 distillate in dry places in your home. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements tend to collect a lot of moisture, making them poor places for any cannabis product. Moisture is the fastest way to grow bacteria on your product, and this can be very harmful. Thus, it’s ideal to store your distillate in airtight containers in the driest parts of your house, like a kitchen cabinet or bedroom drawer.  

Should You Try Delta-8 Distillate?

Whether or not you should try delta-8 distillate is up to you! However, this type of product is ideal for consumers who are looking for a strong cannabis experience but maybe don’t want to try something as intense as delta 9 THC. Since D8 is about half as powerful, it makes a wonderful choice for those with slightly lower tolerances.

Delta-8 distillates are going to be best for consumers who are seeking stronger experiences or who may have more severe conditions. Distillates are going to be the purest products on the market, boasting the highest D8 levels possible. This means you should only try delta-8 distillate if you’re prepared for these more powerful results.

If you’re someone who likes versatility and enjoys being able to consume cannabis in different ways, delta-8 distillate is a perfect choice, and it’s definitely worth trying—especially when you buy a high-quality distillate like the one from ATLRx.  

Where Can I Get the Best Delta-8 Distillate? 

If you’re interested in buying delta-8 distillate, we don’t blame you! But where do you find this unique form of D8?

You can buy delta-8 products in person or online from ATLRx as long as delta-8 THC is legal in your state. ATLRx offers a huge selection of more than just delta-8 distillates, including delta-8 gummies, delta 8 concentrates, delta 8 moon rocks, delta 8 flower, and delta 8 tinctures. Our virtual selection has everything you’d want and more, and we can ship your go-to products right to your door.

So, the next time you’re wanting to try a five-star product like delta-8 distillate, it’s time to head to ATLRx and fill your cart. Then, in just a few business days, you’ll have your new favorite product ready to enjoy, right at your front door. 

Start shopping today and enjoy delta-8 distillate in all the ways that most appeal to you!