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Can You Take Delta-8 Every Day?

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Can You Take Delta-8 every day

Delta-8 THC is a great cannabinoid to turn to for so many reasons — but, can you take it every day? Is delta-8 a compound that you can enjoy daily, or should you take it less frequently than that?

Check out our article on delta-8 THC consumption and frequency. Below, we’re discussing whether or not you can take delta-8 every day, as well as other important things to know about this unique cannabinoid.  

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What is Delta-8 THC?

Before we talk about consumption frequency, let’s discuss what delta-8 THC is in the first place.

Cannabis contains a minor cannabinoid called delta-8. It gets the term “minor” because it’s present in only trace amounts, making it difficult for the average consumer to pick up on. Though the cannabinoid was initially discovered back in the 40s, it didn’t start gaining traction until the past few years.

Delta-8 and delta 9 THC are closely related compounds, but they’re very different in terms of potency. D8 is about half as potent as D9, so its psychoactivity levels are going to be much lower than what you get from delta-9. However, this can be great for those seeking a more mild, gentle experience from cannabis than what D9 has to offer.

Along with mild psychoactivity, delta-8 THC also offers supportive results that many consumers enjoy, especially at the end of a long day.

Various forms of delta-8 THC are available, from flowers to concentrates to distillates. It simply depends on what you’re looking for!

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Does Delta-8 Get You High? 

When people learn about delta-8 THC, one of the first questions that come up is, “Does delta-8 get you high?”

Yes, delta-8 definitely can get you high. This cannabinoid is psychoactive and can work with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain; this means that when you consume delta-8 THC, you’re going to have an intoxicating experience.

However, this also means that when you consume delta-8, you cannot drive or operate machinery because of the experience that it can bring. So, keep this in mind and have everything checked off your to-do list before you indulge.

While delta-8 THC does get you high, it’s not going to get you nearly as high as delta-9 THC would. Delta-8 is known for having much milder experience, and this is due to only having half the potency levels of D9. So, if you’ve found that delta-9 THC is too strong, delta-8 THC may be a better — more gentle — choice. But yes, it still does get you high.  

Delta-8 and Building Tolerances

If you’ve never tried delta-8 THC before — or any other cannabinoid — your tolerance to the compound is going to be very low, pretty much non-existent. Because of this, you have to approach with caution and ensure that you consume low doses and only slowly increase your doses when needed.

Eventually, though, you will have to increase your delta-8 THC dosage, and this is because of your tolerance. Your tolerance will build to delta-8 THC, and the more you consume, the higher of a tolerance you’re going to have. This means that you’ll have to consume a higher amount or more D8 over time to experience the same experience that you used to from a lower dose.

If you’re upset that your tolerance to delta-8 THC has built over time, don’t be! That’s normal. If you want to reset your tolerance, you can take a break from consuming the cannabinoid for at least three weeks, maybe even more. Then, when you go to consume more, you can likely enjoy a smaller amount and still be high.

It’s important to keep in mind your cannabis tolerance as a whole. If you’re a frequent delta-9 consumer, even if you haven’t had D8 before, you’re going to have to start with a larger amount of delta-8 than someone who has never tried any sort of cannabis product.

It’s also worth noting that you can get addicted to delta-8, so taking frequent tolerance breaks is good to avoid that. 

Best Delta-8 THC Products for Daily Consumption

So, can you consume delta-8 THC every day? Yes, you can! Daily consumption of delta-8 THC is perfectly okay as long as you consume responsibly and properly regulate your usage. However, most people find that consuming delta-8 every day is best for experiencing the cannabinoid present day after day.

If you’re interested in trying delta-8 THC for daily consumption, these are some of the best product options for you to try. 

Delta-8 Flower 

One of the most popular types of delta 8 products is delta-8 flower. D8 flower is a great way to experience delta-8 in a powerful, quick way.

Delta 8 flower is hemp flower that’s been coated in delta 8 distillate, so when you smoke it, you can get the full experience of the compound. This flower looks, smells, and smokes just like your typical bud, too! You can grind it up and put it in your bowls, or you can roll it up and smoke it in a joint or blunt. The choice is yours, and you have plenty of strains to choose from — especially when you shop from ATLRx.

ATLRx offers various high-quality delta-8 strains for you to enjoy, with indica, sativa, and hybrid options available at affordable prices. We even have delta 8 pre-rolls if you don’t want to roll your own joints. 

Delta-8 Gummies 

Another very popular type of delta-8 product is delta-8 gummies. Delta 8 gummies are gummy candies that are infused with varying amounts of delta-8 extract, and they come in different flavors to appeal to all sorts of taste buds.

These gummies come pre-dosed, so beginners can enjoy half a gummy or a whole gummy depending on their personal tolerance level. This makes consumption easier than ever before — particularly with how tasty these infused chews are.

ATLRx offers a wide selection of delta-8 gummies in all the mouth-watering flavors that you could think of. We sell our gummies in bulk, or you can buy singular gummies in case you’d rather enjoy it that way. No matter what, the choice is yours. 

Delta-8 Concentrates 

If you have a high tolerance to delta-8 and want to take your experience to the next level, delta-8 concentrates are the products to try.

Delta 8 concentrates are some of the strongest products on the market, and they’re best for consumers with high tolerance levels or severe conditions. Consumers can enjoy these concentrates in a few different ways, including smoking in a dab rig or adding some wax to your blunt. As long as you smoke it with a high-temperature torch or torch lighter, you’re going to get the most out of your concentrate.

ATLRx sells many different types of D8 concentrates for you to choose from, including wax, diamonds, and even shatter. So, no matter what your preferences are, our online store has something for you regarding delta-8 concentrates and so much more. 

Delta-8 Moon Rocks

Ready to level up your delta-8 flower? It’s best to use Delta-8 moon rocks. These are hemp buds that have been coated in delta-8 distillate and then rolled in potent kief. These layers of cannabis to create a super powerful high that even the most experienced consumers can appreciate.

Delta 8 moon rocks are easy to smoke, too. All you have to do is break the moon rock up with a knife and then sprinkle it on top of your flower. Make sure to burn the moon rock directly, doing so slowly. It’s best to inhale slowly, too, to get the most out of your flower. Of course, ATLRx has top-shelf delta-8 moon rocks for you to enjoy.  

Delta-8 Distillate

If you want versatility out of your delta-8 products, then delta 8 distillate is the way to go. You can use distillates in so many different ways depending on what most appeals to you. If you’re someone who enjoys making edibles or enhancing meals, you can add a dose of your distillate into your recipes. Or, you can add a dose into your favorite lotion to create an infused topical. Finally, you can even dab or smoke your distillate, adding it to your flower for a concentrated, powerful time.

If you’re interested in this DIY product, ATLRx has delta-8 distillate available in our online store. 

Delta-8 Tincture

Finally, a great delta-8 product to enjoy daily is a delta 8 tincture. Tinctures are easy to consume and provide potent, quick experience depending on how you enjoy them. You can place a dose of D8 oil under your tongue and then swallow; with sublingual consumption, the experience will kick in quickly and work all throughout the body. You only have to wait about 15-30 minutes for the delta-8 to work when you consume it this way.

If you don’t want to taste your tincture, you can add the dose to your food or beverage to disguise the flavor. However, the experience will take longer to kick in when consumed this way. 

Where to Buy Delta-8 THC

If you’re interested in buying delta-8 THC, you have various options to choose from. However, you do have to first consider where you’re living, as delta-8 isn’t legal in every state. First, make sure D8 is legal where you live.

If it’s legal, then you can buy delta-8 at your local smoke shop, wellness store, or online from reputable retailers like ATLRx. At ATLRx, we offer a huge online selection of delta-8 products that we can ship right to your door in just a few business days.

When you buy delta-8 THC online, always double-check to ensure the brand offers updated, comprehensive COAs that detail the purity and potency of the products you’re looking at. If you can’t find those, then it’s time to try a different company — one more trustworthy like ATLRx.  

Why You Should Add Delta-8 to Your Daily Routine 

Adding delta-8 THC to your daily routine is great for so many different reasons. However, these reasons highly depend on the consumer themselves, as every person will find different benefits from delta-8.

When you consume delta-8 daily, you’re allowing your body a consistent dosage of the cannabinoid. This  ensures the cannabinoid lingers longer, which also means they’re working longer. So, if you enjoy certain experience of D8, daily consumption can make this experience more consistent — even if you skip a day of dosage.

Best Time to Take Delta-8 

The best time to take delta-8 THC depends on the experience you’re seeking. If you’re hoping to experience more relaxing evenings or unwind after work, taking delta-8 in the evening will likely lead to ideal results. However, if you enjoy the more stimulating, uplifting properties of delta-8, it could be good to take the cannabinoid at the start of or even the middle of your day when you’re sad.

It’s important to consider why you’re taking delta-8 in the first place; then, it will become easier to understand when your ideal time is to consume your delta-8 product. 

When to Avoid Delta-8?

The only time you should avoid delta-8 THC is if you’re about to drive or operate machinery, or if you’re about to go into the workplace or anywhere that you shouldn’t be intoxicated at. Again, delta-8 THC will make you high, so you must avoid delta-8 if you’re about to get behind the wheel or something similar. 

You should highly consider avoiding delta-8 THC if your workplace frequently drug tests you, as well. Sadly, delta-8 THC will cause you to fail a drug test; so, if you have one coming up, make sure to stay clear of all THC variants for several weeks beforehand.   

Getting the Best Delta-8 With ATLRx

So, can you take delta-8 every day? Yes, you can! Delta-8 products can be consumed daily, especially depending on the results you’re seeking. And, if you’re looking for high-quality delta-8 THC products you can buy online, you can access the best of the best through ATLRx.

ATLRx offers a wide selection of top-shelf products that are great for consumers of all backgrounds and experience types. Our products are potent, affordable, and all come with updated COAs so you know exactly what’s inside your delta-8. And, once you find the right product, we’ll ship it right to you — it really is as simple as that when you buy with ATLRx.

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