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Dosing Delta 8 THC for Optimal Effects

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Dosing Delta 8 THC for Optimal Effects

Delta-8 THC is everyone’s new favorite cannabis-derived compound. This minor cannabinoid is getting major notice as Delta-8 products spring up in the hemp market. Delta-8 is often compared to Delta-9, better known as THC. Delta-8 and THC are nearly the same compounds – sharing similar chemical make-ups with minor differences. Unlike THC though, Delta-8 produces more controlled effects. So, no worries about psychosis with Delta-8! This cannabinoid manages to get you high without impeding cognitive abilities, making you feel paranoid or delusional. 

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, Delta 8 THC products are now more widely available. So there should be no issue finding D8 products both in-store and online in most states. But before you add all the Delta-8 products you can find to your shopping cart, let’s talk about how to use them properly. 

Capsules, tinctures, gummies, and more – there are many Delta-8 products to choose from. This wide variety of options is appealing to those interested in Delta-8 THC, but understanding dosing can be a little tough to grasp. To enjoy Delta-8 products safely, you have to consider the amount you’re dosing. There are a few things to know before you can enjoy Delta-8 products responsibly. To simplify the process, we put together a guide to help you have the safest experience with Delta-8 THC.

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Delta 8 THC For Beginners

There are a few things to consider before setting out on the search for the perfect Delta-8 THC product. Whether you’re a long-term cannabis enthusiast or new to Delta-8 THC, these are some tips to consider when trying Delta-8 THC products. 

Receive a current evaluation of your health

Before trying Delta-8, consider scheduling a visit with a health professional. This is essential before adding new supplements to your regimen for two reasons. One, to have an understanding of your current health status in case you experience any changes from the substance. Two, to learn more about how the new addition may impact you. Before giving Delta-8 ago, also take note of any existing conditions or medications you’re taking that might cause adverse effects.

Know what products are out there

There are many different Delta-8 THC products to choose from, but they might not all be a good match for you. The Delta-8 THC product that is best for you will depend on your personal preference and desired results. Different Delta-8 products may have different potencies and kick in at different rates. Some might also be more suitable for your lifestyle than others. Being aware of what Delta-8 products there are is essential to create the most effective and enjoyable experience.

Research a brand before choosing it

Consider Delta-8 products as an investment that deserves sufficient attention and consideration before using them. It’s advised to always learn as much as possible before making that final decision on which product is best for you. This includes not only the type of product but also the manufacturer and manufacturing process. Some questions to consider are whether or not the company follows practices that you believe are safe, uses ingredients that align with your dietary preferences, and possibly even what other people have to say about their products. Researching a company before purchasing its products can help you weed out the companies that aren’t for you.

Consume the Proper Dose

If there’s anything Delta 9 THC has taught us, it’s that dosage matters. Delta-8 THC may not produce psychoactive effects the way THC does, but this emerging cannabinoid should still be dosed properly. There are many Delta-8 products to choose from, so dosing Delta-8 THC may seem tricky at first. Delta-8 THC  is available in different products that all contain different amounts of D8. There are a few ways to simplify this, though. Thankfully you can typically find the dosage details somewhere on the front or back of most product packaging. Dosing differs from product to product, so it’s imperative that you learn the recommended dose for the product you choose.

Understanding the potency of Delta-8 THC

As you may know, Delta-8 THC is an isomer of Delta-9 THC, the main active compound in marijuana. So it shares a lot of the same properties. Delta-8 is about half the potency of Delta-9, which means it’s pretty potent. The difference with Delta-8 is you’re less likely to experience psychotropic effects as you will with Delta-9 THC. 

Let’s talk about how potency works. Delta-8 THC products are measured in milligrams per milliliter. There are two factors to consider. The first, is the total number of milligrams included in the product. Second, is the strength of Delta-8 THC per serving. 

This will vary from product to product, as different companies use different strengths and volumes in their Delta-8 THC products. Let’s take a look at tinctures for example. If there’s a 1500mg Delta 8 THC tincture that’s in a 30 ml bottle, you would need to know much D8 is in 1 ml. To get this number, you would divide the total number of milligrams of Delta-8 by the size of the bottle. In this case, you would divide 1500 by 30, which would be 50 mg of Delta-8 per 1 ml. This is more than enough Delta-8 THC to produce potent effects for Delta-8 beginners and experts alike. 

The mentioned method of understanding dosing can be applied to most types of D8 products though some products contain a premeasured dose per piece, like Delta-8 THC capsules. Doing math might not be appealing, but it’s valuable to know how much Delta-8 THC it takes to produce the effects you prefer. 

Determining the best dose of Delta-8 for you

There is no best Delta-8 THC dosage for everyone because we’re all different. Delta-8 THC has the potential to influence each individual differently.  What works for a friend, might not work for you, and vice versa. With that said, different doses might be necessary depending on the person using the product.

Here are 3 factors to consider when determining the best dose of Delta-8 THC for you. 


Concentration refers to the strength of the Delta-8 THC in the product. This is measured in milligrams and can be found on the packaging of the product. The concentration of a product is different from the dosage, however. The dosage tells you how much is included in a single serving. This will differ between product types. 

So in other words, one tells you how much Delta-8 THC is included in the entire product and the other tells you how much is included per 1 serving. 


Your weight can play a role in how much Delta-8 THC is needed for optimal results. From what we know, the heavier you are, the more Delta-8 you would need to achieve your desired effects. And vice versa. Someone that weighs 240 pounds would need significantly more Delta-8 than someone who weighs 110. Delta-8 THC products typically range from 5mg to about 60mg. So how do you know how much Delta-8 THC is sufficient for your weight? Let’s review a general way to gauge how much D8 is best for you based on your weight. 

Your WeightMild EffectsHeavy Effects
80 lbs6 mg20mg
100 lbs8 mg27 mg
120 lbs9 mg32 mg
140 lbs10 mg36 mg
160 lbs12 mg40mg
180 lbs13 mg45 mg
200 lbs14 mg50 mg
240 lbs15 mg54 mg
260 lbs17 mg60 mg

While body weight can be an important factor when it comes to dosing, it shouldn’t be the only one. Despite bodyweight, someone could potentially have a lower or higher tolerance for Delta-8 THC. So, body weight is essentially only one piece to the puzzle. 


Tolerance refers to your level of sensitivity to a specific substance. How sensitive you are to Delta-8 THC can play a role in your ideal dosage. If you find that you have a higher tolerance for Delta-8 THC, you might be able to tolerate more than average. On the flip side, if you have a lower tolerance, a little Delta-8 THC will go a long way. 

There are some factors that could affect your tolerance level. Depending on how frequently you use Delta-8 products, you could experience a shift in your tolerance level. This could be noticing that the products you once loved are no longer effective, requiring more than you previously did to achieve the same effects, or the effects fading much quicker than they did before. 

If you experience this, you could benefit from giving Delta-8 THC a break and allowing your body to reset. The duration of your ‘tolerance break’ can last between a few weeks to months – depending on the regularity of your Delta-8 use and how long you’re willing to avoid using it. If you’re someone that uses Delta-8 products daily, or even multiple times in a day, you might require a longer tolerance period than someone who uses D8 products infrequently.

The idea is to give your body an opportunity to break down the Delta-8 THC in your system and return to a neutral state. Your body will start to unlearn the substance, which could potentially help lower your tolerance when Delta-8 THC is reintroduced.

Dosing Delta-8 THC Products

All Delta-8 products will require different dosing measures. This is because each product may contain other compounds the body has to break down besides Delta-8 THC and may include different strengths of D8 in the product.

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Let’s review how to properly dose the top Delta-8 products in the market.

Delta-8 gummies

Dosing edibles is a little easier than some other methods. Edibles like gummies, and other sweets come with packaging instructions on how to consume them properly. This includes disclosing how much Delta-8 THC there is per piece. Depending on the amount of Delta-8 in a single gummy, 1-2 might be enough. Some brands will even recommend eating half a gummy as a standard dosage if their products are really potent. 

The Delta-8 THC gummies at ATLRX are made with delicious ingredients and pre-dosed for convenience and safety. These gummies are available in fun, fruity flavors for those that want a Delta-8 product that actually tastes good. These chewy candies aren’t just delicious, but effective! Each ATLRx gummy includes 100 mg of Delta-8 THC per single serving, offering you the most potent Delta-8 THC gummies in the market. 

Delta-8 THC tinctures or oils 

Delta-8 tinctures are a popular method of intake that involves consuming Delta-8 THC oil sublingually. Tinctures are absorbed quicker than some other methods. But most tinctures contain more than just Delta-8 THC.  Tinctures are usually filled with Delta-8 THC concentrate and a carrier oil. Some Delta-8 tinctures even include CBD oil for some additional wellness benefits. A standard dose for a Delta-8 THC tincture is 20–40 milligrams. This is calculated by dividing the amount of Delta-8 per bottle by the number of milliliters in the bottle.  A single dropper holds 1mL, so you’ll always know how much D8 is in a single serving.

ATLRx offers the perfect range of tinctures no matter how experienced you are with Delta-8 THC. ATLRx offer 500 mg, 1000 mg and 1800 mg tinctures – creating a customizable range for different users. Even better, the usage details can be found on the bottle. It’s recommended to start out with ¼ dropper, and increase, depending on your needs. 

Delta-8 THC Capsules

Delta-8 THC capsules are a pretty simple method for consuming Delta-8. Just like most supplements, D8 capsules are gel capsules that are made with D8 THC oil. Delta-8 capsules contain a fixed dose per serving, similar to gummies. So there’s not a lot of guesswork with these. One Delta-8 THC capsule is considered 1 serving. The bottle should include information about how much Delta-8 THC is in each capsule which usually ranges between 10 and 25 mg. For optimal results, it’s best to use Delta-8 THC capsules right after your munch session to get the maximum experience.

Delta-8 THC vape cartridges

Vaping is the most potent and preferred method for Delta-8 intake. There are multiple vape devices available– vape cartridges, disposable pens, and e-liquid juice, but they all share the same intake strength. Dosing with a vape is tough. It not only depends on the number of puffs you take, but the depth of the drag and the duration you hold in the vapor. These can all impact the effects.

For beginners, a single dose would generally include one puff. For intermediate users, two puffs. And for advanced users, three puffs will suffice for a single dose. You’ll know which category you fall into based on how long you’ve been vaping.

If you’ve been vaping for years and you’re just learning how to dose Delta-8 properly, then you’re probably considered an intermediate to advanced user. For the best results, start with one puff and learn how D8 vapes affect you! 

Delta-8 THC hemp flower

Delta-8 THC bud is similar to vaping. 1-3 puffs is appropriate for a good starting dose, which is about 1-5 milligrams. Smoking Delta-8 THC flower can start off with an initial head rush, so it’s best to wait about 20 to 30 minutes after your first 2 puffs to assess the potency of the effects. 

For the best Delta-8 THC flower in the market, check out ATLRX. Their Delta 8 THC flower is available in their exclusive signature line of strains that will suit you and your best buds. This hemp flower includes a variety of Delta-8/CBD ratios available in different weights that offer a pleasantly potent experience for those that love hemp flower and CBD. Their website details the exact ratio of CBD to Delta-8 THC for each strain, so you know exactly what you’re getting your hands on. 

What happens if I take too much Delta-8 THC?

You might be wondering how much Delta-8 is too much. Can you potentially overdo it with Delta-8 THC? There are two sides to the answer. First, the good news is that there’s no lethal dose of cannabis, so it is not possible to overdose on Delta-8 THC. However, consuming too much Delta-8 can produce some undesired results.

Delta-8 THC contains about 50-75% of the strength of Delta-9 THC– which is known to negative effects when consumed, especially in larger, less regulated amount. So, these effects aren’t usually a concern with Delta-8 THC, but consuming Delta-8 in large amounts can result in experiencing a variety of effects, like dizziness and confusion, and feeling uneasy. Overconsumption of Delta-8 could also make you feel incredibly sleepy and in need of a deep restorative nap to recover.

Consuming lower doses of Delta-8, especially as a beginner can result in more stimulating, less sedative-like effects. This is essential because the body will be less overwhelmed from trying to understand, process, and break down the substance. So in all, the rule of thumb when it comes to taking Delta-8 (and any substance for that matter) is to start out with a low dose and increase as needed.

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How long does Delta-8 THC take to kick in?

When using Delta-8 THC products, you might find that some products don’t take effect immediately, while some others do. This is completely normal. The time it takes for a Delta-8 THC product to kick in depends on a few factors.

First, is the product itself. Highly concentrated Delta-8 THC products, like vape cartridges, are typically absorbed into the body much faster than solids, like dense edibles. The time it takes to experience the effects of a product depends on how quickly the product enters the bloodstream and how potent it is. So an edible such as a Delta-8 THC-infused brownie will require slightly longer to break down than using a Delta-8 THC vape pen. Despite this, both products are still effective.

On average, the effects of a more solid Delta-8 product may take between 30 minutes to an hour to take full effect. This time starts after the product has been completely chewed and swallowed. Less solid Delta-8 products can usually be felt between 15 and 30 minutes. This includes products like vape cartridges and D8 buds.

How long it takes for a Delta-8 product to kick in can also depend on the amount of Delta-8 THC included in the serving consumed, however, so always read the packaging to learn what to expect from the product you’re considering.

Not experiencing effects quickly is not a good reason to consume more than is necessary. This could lead to consuming too much Delta-8 THC. Be sure to use Delta-8 products responsibly to develop a more balanced relationship with it.