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THC-O flower has finally arrived! Our premium flower is coated with THC-O distillate to give you an extra punch during your smoking experience!

Cherry Runtz  21.88% THC-O 14.28% CBD & ND Total THC

Cherry Runtz is delightful to the nose. A sweet and fruity floral sensation alludes to a beautiful and glimmering Indica flower. Cherry Runtz is our best selling strain and a favorite among staff and regulars.

Lemon Haze 6.5% THC-O 16.35% CBD & ND Total THC

A sativa dominant strain, Lemon Haze has notes of lemon with earthy tones right behind it. This strain is denser than other flowers and is sure to tingle one’s nose with it’s tart smell.

Suver Haze  16.39% THC-O 13.25% CBD & .09% Total THC

The breeding ground of this strain just so happens to be the same as its name, as this strain stems from Suver Oregon. Hints of sweet fruit snacks caress the nose as its aroma brings you back to your childhood. Suver Haze is an indica dominant hybrid and comes in on the more potent end of our flower selection.


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FAQ Section

What is THC-O Flower?

To understand THC-O Flower then we need to cover what THC-O Acetate (tetrahydrocannabinol acetate) is. THC-O is an alternate cannabinoid that is derived from a solvent reaction with delta-8 THC. Delta-8 THC can be derived from both hemp and marijuana—so any cannabis plant. However, D8 is only present in trace amounts so there is another route taken to bring the copious amounts of delta-8 distillate to market. That route begins with CBD extraction then an organic solvent. So there are a lot of steps that are not only complicated but can be volatile due to the chemicals used. THC-O Flower is a premium hemp flower that is infused with the distillate.

How long does THC-O take to work?

THC-O takes about thirty minutes to an hour, depending on a few circumstances, but this is a good frame of reference.

What are the properties of THC-O?

THC-O has gained a surplus of popularity and notoriety amongst the cannabis and CBD industry for its potency.

Bringing THC-O to life requires a specialized lab that cannot have any human exposure, a certified lab chemist with a doctorate who has been through specific training. The training entails a thorough understanding of the process and the fragility of the chemicals at hand, so we’d recommend never attempting to make THC-O flower yourself.

Is THC-O Flower Legal?

Like delta-8 THC, THC-O is entirely hemp-derived. This means that the cannabinoid is federally legal under the Farm Bill of 2018 so long the delta-9 THC is at the legal limit of 0.3 percent. THC isn’t illegal in Georgia. Only one of the many cannabinoids is illegal: delta-9 THC derived from marijuana or in concentrations greater than 0.3% on a dry weight basis.

Is THC-O Flower Synthetic?

THC-O undergoes a process called isomerization, used for most of the alternate cannabinoids. This is where the confusion begins. The only way that legal states can maintain the dry weight of  0.3% Delta-9 THC is by chemically processing it through isomerization of CBD. This is the only way to ensure that you’re getting a large quantity; there isn’t enough THC-O naturally available inside of a hemp plant to make direct extraction feasible. This means of production is a process that takes place in a lab, however, the starting material is naturally extracted CBD from the Hemp plant. Synthetic implies man-made from man-made materials, which Hemp derived THC-O is not.

Transparency is our policy at ATLRx. We use the cleanest extraction method on the market called Supercritical C02 and Ethanol. We test before and after each chemical process to check for metals, solvents, and pesticides. All of our tests take place in a DEA-certified lab. All ATLRx products go through these steps because we are federally compliant with recreational states like Oregon and Colorado. Every product has a QR code available to see the lab yourself. Your safety is critical to ATLRx.

Is THC-O Flower Safe?

Yes, much like delta-8, THC-O is safe when it is in the right hands. It’s essential to understand that bringing THC-O acetate to life is dangerous because the integral additive acetic anhydride is highly flammable. You need a doctorate in chemistry, sophisticated training, and a specialized lab that assures no human exposure can occur during its synthesis; its creation goes beyond delta-8. We still use the purest distillate available on the market tested before and after the production of our products. The DEA-certified lab report results are waiting on the packaging for you.

How potent is THC-O Flower?

The potency of THC-O has been said to be different than traditional forms of THC. Not necessarily more or less potent so to speak, but different. With all THC products, start low and don’t reach for this product more than once every four hours.

What does THC-O Flower smell like?

THC-O Flower is premium hemp has more earthiness on the scent due to the THC-O distillate. ATLRx Lemon Haze brings more of the crisp citrus notes and ATLRx’s Hulk is earthy with a smooth smell. If you’ve had earthy traditional strains then you’ll feel right at home with the taste.

Will THC-O fail on a drug test?

Yes, THC-O Flower will fail a drug test because THC-O is a form of THC. 

Can I mix THC-O Flower with other cannabinoids?

It is okay to incorporate other cannabinoids with THC-O. The final product delivers a unique result, matrimony between two cannabinoids that is like no other.

Can you ship THC-O Flower to my state?

ATLRx ships to all 50 states depending on which cannabinoid is legal in your state. We are based in Atlanta, Georgia, and we continue to monitor federal and state guidelines nationwide.

At this current time, we are unable to ship THC-O to the following states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, Utah, & Washington.