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THC-O Gummies

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What are THC-O Gummies?

THC-O Gummies are defined by the presence of the alternate cannabinoid known as THC-O (tetrahydrocannabinol acetate) or THC-O Acetate. THC-O is an analog of Delta-8 THC but it can also be brought to life from Delta-9 THC. Due to the federal laws, THC-O is only legal if it is derived from Delta-8 THC—a psychoactive isomer and analog of CBD. When THC-O first came onto the market, there were various claims of it being three times as strong as traditional marijuana (Delta-9 THC). Thankfully, that’s not the case. Essentially, a THCO gummy is a THCO gummy.

THC-O Acetate’s main distinction from the rest of the cannabinoids it can be more psychedelic.

What are the effects of THC-O Gummies?

THC-O Gummies are different in their effects compared to the rest of the cannabinoids. The psychedelic effects are more apparent than the physiological, but there are still physical properties. You can relate THC-O psychedelic traits to be more aligned with otherworldly experience, an increase in saturation and vibrancies in colors, boosted creativity. There is a space for self-introspection which often feels like you’re going to therapy with yourself. THCO gummies are a breath of fresh air!

Can I mix other cannabinoids with THC-O?

It is okay to incorporate other cannabinoids with THC-O. We wouldn’t recommend pushing the boundaries on the psychoactive by adding more Delta-9 per say. Something more mellow such as Delta-8 has been shown to work wonders with THC-O. The traits embrace each other, which is why we have our THC-O gummies with 15mg of delta-8 and 15mg of THC-O as well as 30mg of THC-O. This leads to a different and unique experience. Please use care when using other cannabinoids, and be sure to have CBD (link sobering up blog) on hand just in case you need to bring it down a little bit.

Is it Legal to Buy THC-O Gummies?

Yes, it is legal to buy THC-O Gummies in the state of Georgia and it is federally protected by the Federal Farm Bill of 2018. THC-O must be derived from Hemp, and it has to have a Delta-9 THC level below 0.3%.You can likely find THC-O gummies for sale at your nearest cannabis dispensary.

Or you can also order the best thco gummies from ATLRx online! ATLRx has two different kinds of THCO edibles. We have the 15mg then we have the 30mg THCO edibles. The 15mg THCO gummy also has 15mg of Delta-8 THC! We have an entire collection of THC-O products.

Are THC-O Gummies Synthetic?

THC-O is a synthetic derivative from Delta-8 THC or Delta-9 THC that uses acetate as an organic solvent that bolsters the potency, therefore creating forming THC-O. Synthesized products have notoriety behind them because of the country’s lack of care, and formal testing. This was also in a time where every supposed cannabinoid was sitting in a black market rather than the grey area of a federal bill. The idea of synthetic is morphing more into a medicinal term because of the progressive ways we’ve found to use these cannabinoids.

ATLRx has become a household name because of our transparency when it comes to education about extracting cannabinoids, Certificates of Analysis, and using only DEA-certified labs. We provide you the QR code on your product, directly to these COA’s so you can see that you have a product that is clean and safe. We use supercritical CO2 and ethanol extraction to get our distillate. We provide this information to you because you shouldn’t have to ask about your safety, you should be able to see it at any time. This goes along with our dosing guides and notices to law enforcement so that they know you have a legal product. Nothing touches our shelves until we have that lab report that shows the purest and quality product.

Are THC-O Gummies Safe?

Yes, ATLRx takes pride in its precautions to make certain that our products are safe. This involves using the safest form of extraction, various lengths of testing following any conversions. It is a complicated process to create THC-O distillate; it requires a professional chemistry lab and an expert chemist with specialized training. Rest assured, all of ATLRx products are thoroughly tested by DEA-certified labs several times before it finds a home inside of any of our retail fronts or the warehouse.

How long do THC-O gummies take to kick in?

The THC-O gummies are interesting with their offset but really, they are a quicker in their impact than Delta-8 THC. We say that its duration can be anywhere to an hour plus but there have been anecdotal claims that it can hit as early as thirty minutes. The Delta-8 and THC-O gummies are a little quicker, forty-five minutes on is the sweet spot. But you have to account for several variables that are unique only to you, so please be patient and don’t use too many too quickly!

Will the THC-O Gummies help with sleep?

THCO Gummies are fantastic for sleep because of the psychoactive push. Although THC-O is more psychoactive, it doesn’t lose any of the physiological benefits—they’re less noticeable due to the head elation. But they’re still a form of THC, and if you add a little Delta-8 THC, another reason why we have the Delta-8 and THC-O Gummies as well as the pure THC-O gummies.

Are THC-O Gummies Stronger than Delta-8 THC?

THC-O Gummies and Delta-8 share a lot of similarities in its psychoactive effects, however, THC-O has more leverage with those properties. Delta-8 THC has more of a physiological effect that correlates with the amount taken; lighter doses are going to be more energizing and uplifting like a Sativa strain and the heavier doses bring on a more sedative effect like an indica. Because THC-O is more psychoactive, this makes Delta-8 an excellent co-cannabinoid—bringing out the beauty that each has to offer.

ATLRx has THC-O gummies that are 15mg THC-O and 15mg of Delta-8 that come in a 5, 10, or 20 counts. Then there are the pure THC-O gummies. These are straight THC-O and come in 30mg in a 5, 10, or 20 counts. Both of these come in delicious flavors: lychee, peach, blueberry, and strawberry.

Will THC-O Gummies Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

Yes, THC-O will make you fail a drug test. At the end of the day, THC-O is a form of THC. The metabolites read the same on the drug test.

Is it possible to take THC-O Gummies on a plane?

Yes, THC-O Gummies are considered to be federally legal through the Farm Bill of 2018. The alternate cannabinoid sits in the grey area of the bill—with the rest of its fellow cannabinoids (Delta 8Delta 10THCvHHC). You can learn more about flying with cannabinoids here.

Can You Ship THC-O Gummies to My State?

ATLRx ships to all 50 states depending on which cannabinoid is legal in your state. We are based in Atlanta, Georgia, and we continue to monitor federal and state guidelines nationwide.

At this current time, we are unable to ship delta 8 to the following states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, Utah, & Washington.