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CBD Pre Rolls FAQ

As described above, CBD is non-psychoactive, so it won't make you feel high. There are those who use CBD for pain relief and stress relief and feel their hectic nerves calmed after using CBD. Some might find that it increases their focus, while some feel that consuming enough CBD treats their insomnia. The way CBD affects you will be experienced when you try CBD yourself, as results may vary from person to person and depending on which product that you use. 

If you are smoking a pre-rolled hemp joint or any CBD joint - as long as the product consists of only CBD and not a strain that contains THC, you will not get high. CBD is a compound found in cannabis and hemp plants, but it is non-psychoactive, meaning it will never get you high or buzzed. There are no intoxicating effects, and it is legal to operate motor vehicles and heavy machinery after using CBD. 

Millions of people swear by CBD being good for their health, and the industry is growing faster than before. While there are still many more studies to be conducted, the anecdotal evidence is nothing but positive from individuals all across the world. Everyone has a different body, and their reactions to CBD will be different, and one can only tell after using the product and experimenting with how they feel after using the product if CBD is right for them or not.

There are some who only take a couple to few puffs of their CBD hemp pre rolls, and their CBD pre rolls then last quite a few usages. There are others who are able to finish their CBD joints in one sitting. Each individual's mileage may vary depending on how much CBD they consume. 

Well, simply put, CBD hemp pre-rolls provide a convenient way for individuals to consume CBD - especially those who would have rolled their own joint and would prefer a professional joint - to gain the effects they desire from CBD.

The price of CBD pre-rolls will be varying here at ATLRx only because we strive to carry a comprehensive collection of different CBD joints and hemp joints. As such, prices can be as low as $9.99 or higher depending on the strain's rarity and potency of the strain. As described below, when discussing concentration, higher percentage CBD strains will generally be more expensive. We might have bulk discounts as well as special deals that can bring the price lower on sales days, so we advise you to simply keep checking to find our wide variety of products at the perfect price point for you. 

Yes, the 2018 Farm Bill Act has made CBD products legal in all 50 states in the United States of America. Because CBD is non-psychoactive, there are no legal implications or restrictions when it comes to driving. CBD is non-intoxicating, making the legal status much easier to digest when it comes to laws enabling its usage. 

CBD pre rolls are used by many individuals for the treatment of their anxiety disorders. While there still need to be thorough studies to come up with conclusive evidence that CBD is effective as a medication for anxiety disorder, there are enough people out there who report the benefits of CBD joints in relieving their anxiety and depression as well as calming nerves.

Using a CBD-pre roll is as simple as taking it out of the packaging and lighting it up. First-time users should smoke only how much they are comfortable with and in lower doses to find what feels right for them. 

Each CBD strain that you purchase will have a different amount of concentration within the flower. This is usually stated by a percentage amount with the higher percentage meaning that there is a higher concentration of CBD within the flower. CBD pre rolls with higher percentages can tend to be more expensive. 

Each CBD strain will have a different amount of terpenes as well as different types of terpenes. Usually, the packaging will state all of this information so the consumer can make an informed decision when looking for hemp pre rolls for sale.

Well, CBD pre rolls are simply ground up flowers already rolled in a convenient manner, ready to smoke as soon as you purchase the product. Some individuals might prefer the flower to roll their own CBD joints or hemp joints, and that is simply a preference as to whether they prefer CBD pre rolls or CBD vapes. There is more of a discreteness factor when consuming CBD through a vape with less chance of others smelling what you are consuming. Still, many do not want to sacrifice the wholesome experience of consuming CBD flower rather than a vape extract of CBD. 

As mentioned above, CBD pre-rolls can be superior to CBD vapes but are the exact same thing as CBD-flowers, only already rolled up. 

Yes, all our CBD products and hemp pre rolls are tested by independent, third-party laboratories within the United States to ensure the highest quality products as well as a totally safe product for our customers.

Yes, CBD pre-rolls are tobacco-free and are used by many ex-smokers in order to help them quit smoking cigarettes or cigars. 

The best CBD pre-rolls and CBD joints are available to purchase at ATLRx. We ensure that we have a wide selection of products that our customers can choose from and that each product is of the highest quality found in the industry.

Each individual will have a different preference when it comes to finding what CBD joint strain is most effective for them. Only by trying the many different CBD pre roll strains that are available on the market can you come to a conclusion of which is best for you.

Yes, it is federally legal to smoke CBD joints and pre-rolls. However, CBD can look and smell just like traditional cannabis that contains THC, and as such, can bring about the suspicion of law enforcement officers who might treat the substance as something other than it is. Be advised that you might be caught in a sticky legal situation because of this. 

There are some police officers who may consider CBD cannabis, and in states where THC is entirely illegal, there is a chance that you may still be arrested for smoking CBD joints. A lawyer would have to get involved in some capacity to prove in courts that what you were consuming was a legal product. We can not attest to the attitudes displayed by police officers. As such, an exemplary approach should be taken if you are concerned about being arrested for smoking CBD joints in public. 

Any physician would advise of the adverse effects of smoking any substance, whether CBD or not. It is healthier to take CBD oil, but those not worried about the health effects of smoking might find smoking CBD to be better for them than taking CBD oil. Better is a very subjective experience when comparing methods of consuming CBD. 

Pre roll CBD flower is simply cigarette or joint paper filled with grounded CBD flower that can be smoked instantly after taking it out of the purchased packaging. 

Depending on the harvest time, CBD packages can usually be fresh for 2 months up to a year. 

Yes, all hemp pre rolls and CBD joints are packaged in smell-proof packaging.

You are able to light pre rolled CBD products with a lighter or matches as if you were lighting a cigarette. 

There are no psychoactive effects to consuming CBD, so it won't get you high. However, many smoke CBD joints to feel more relaxed and calmed without an intoxicating effect. 

Depending on where you live, the minimum age to purchase hemp pre rolls and CBD products might differ. Here at ATLRx, you have to be 18 years old.