Delta 8 THC Diamonds Delta 8 THC Diamonds
Delta 8 THC Shatter Delta 8 THC Shatter
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Ooze Dabbers (dab tools) Ooze Dabbers (dab tools)
Silicone Concentrate Container Silicone Concentrate Container
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Lookah Unicorn Dab Rig Lookah Unicorn Dab Rig
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Glass Nectar Collector (Dab Rig) Glass Nectar Collector (Dab Rig)
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Lookah Q7 Mini Enail Dab... Lookah Q7 Mini Enail Dab...
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Delta 8 Concentrates

ATLRx is proud to offer a wide range of Delta 8 dabs that allow users to experience the effects of Delta 8 more intensely and in a shorter period of time. Concentrates are highly recommended for experienced Delta 8 THC users looking to experience the euphoria that THC products  provide in a more powerful manner, one hit is all you need! 

Our delta 8 dab diamonds contain 501mg per container and only a small amount is needed in order to feel its strength. Choose from Bubba Kush, Mango Kush, Pineapple Express, Gelato, Wedding Cake, Blue Dream, and Fruity Pebbles Sugar Wax. Our delta 8 wax , or shatter, is a glass-like cannabis extract that all dab lovers will surely enjoy! Packing quite the punch containing 75% Delta 8 THC and 0.25% CBN, packaged in a 758mg container.