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Yoga & CBD

As many yogis are discovering, CBD products and yoga practice go together like bread and butter (or avocado). Considering that CBD doesn’t intoxicate you, this makes utilizing it in your yoga regimen entirely safe and acceptable.

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So, what happens when you actually combine Yoga with CBD? The natural compounds, such as terpenes, found in cannabis will boost your overall well-being and elevate your yoga practice to a higher level.

Cannabis and other natural healing plants such as thyme, rosemary, pine, lavender, and lemongrass all house terpenes. However, CBD contains high concentrations of more beneficial terpenes that can play a crucial role in improving yogic productivity. Those more notable terpenes include Linalool, Myrcene, and Pinene. Linalool plays a large role in reducing stress and anxiety, ultimately alleviating any general discomfort. Myrcene is well-known for its ability to decrease muscle tension and inflammation. Pinene is recognized for boosting states of alertness while also bolstering memory retention. 

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The benefits of CBD can aid you mentally by helping you let go of the stress in your daily life prior to a session, keeping you focused on stance and visualization, all while helping you remember those poses! The physical benefits of including CBD in your sessions are also obvious, as it will help in keeping your muscles loose and relaxed when pushing your stretches.

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Introducing the plentiful effects of CBD into the yoga universe may be one of its best applications yet! Including some of the tinctures and oils we provide at ATLRX in your exercise is a sure way to push you towards your goals as a blooming yogi.