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The ATLRx Way: Ensuring Quality and Safety of your Delta 8 THC Products

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Delta 8 THC Misinformation is a Problem

I often stare in disarray at the plexiglass cases inside of gas stations. The scratched displays are lavishly filled to the brim with a smorgasbord of bowls, e-cigs with high nicotine, and refillable lighters that have the trajectory of a flame thrower. I couldn’t imagine any THC products being readily available in these establishments, at least without regulation, but that day has arrived. Now, there are beginning to be delta 8 THC products with mystery ingredients that guarantee a euphoric experience that you’ve never come across before. Maybe it is a higher delta 8 content. Maybe that obscure strain called Teriyaki Sauce is a hybrid. But if there is any missing information about the ingredients whatsoever, then I’d highly advise you to steer clear of these products. The probability that something is in it that you will not want to put into your body is high; specific safety protocols are thrown out the window with delta 8 THC.  But it’d be silly to assume that the entire market was like this, considering that there has been a massive wave of misinformation.

Transparency is Our Policy

ATLRx has worked tirelessly to ensure that consumers are safeeducated, and comfortable with our products. As a company providing delta 8 THC, we feel that we must be as transparent as possible. In store we are providing you with an in-depth education about Delta 8 THC, so you walk out feeling confident with our products and your soon-to-be experience. We use the cleanest form of extraction, Co2, and ethanol to get our distillate. All of ATLRx products are DEA-certified lab panels tested for heavy metals, solvents, and pesticides. We will not accept anything but high-quality delta 8 distillate. There are QR codes on every label that provide you with the lab results of that same batch. Although the delta 8 THC market is unregulated, we conduct ourselves and our products like it is regulated. However, when anyone hears the word unregulated, they’ll shy away—expecting less than quality from that industry. Research your products, their ingredients, and don’t even experiment with Delta 8 products that do not tell you appropriate information.

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Delta 8 THC Impeding on the Delta 9 THC Market

In a strange turn of events, the country has been divided on the status of delta 8 THC, and delta 9 THC has taken a stance against it. States that have legalized marijuana for recreational use have banned delta 8 THC. There has been a contagious fear that delta 8 could be neck and neck with delta 9. The truth is that the marijuana industry didn’t want to have a competing market. Given this, the delta 8 market would have the advantage because it is unregulated, bypassing the traditional industry’s safety protocols as well as the tax regulations. It has become apparent that there are those who are more attracted to delta 8 THC for various reasons. The challenge has been convincing those who were previously against the use of THC, to join in. The attention is mainly spreading due to word of mouth. In our stores, we even have parents come in after their children suggest it to them. It is a beautiful thing.

Safety and Education on Delta 8 THC and All Hemp Products is Our Initiate

Pulling a few numbers about an entire market is not the same as a company. We have had zero reported illnesses, let alone deaths. Delta 8 has been struck with an infamous reputation due to there being no regulation. Just because you are taking part in an unregulated industry doesn’t mean that you have nefarious intentions. The misinformation makes anyone who sells delta 8 THC sound like a vulture on a silk road—seeing how far it can push the boundaries. It’s not the case at all. We dedicate ourselves to being professional, which includes staying well-read and up-to-date with the industry. It’s our duty to provide you with the information that you need. We provide consumer dosing charts, terpene profiles, cannabinoid charts, amongst other details. It’s easy to overdo any THC, no matter what kind it is. We would love to have both on our shelves, hopefully someday soon. In the meantime, it’s reassuring to see growth, acceptance, and ultimately, a new understanding of THC across differing demographics.