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How to Dose ATLRx Tincture and Understand the Dosage Principles

dosage principles

Tincture is a widely misunderstood method of ingestion. For dosing purposes, tincture and oil are interchangeable terms – while some differences in manufacturing exist, they’re taken the same way: sublingually. Sublingual is a fancy way to say “under your tongue.”

The way tincture works best is to absorb into the blood system, so it can be carried to your endocannabinoids receptors. Holding this tincture under your tongue for a period of time, usually around a minute or two, allows the tincture time absorb most effectively, directly under your tongue.

The rest of the dose can be swallowed, as it will also be absorbed in your digestive track, albeit more slowly. This dosing mechanism is effective for maintaining a reasonably static amount of CBD in your system throughout the day.

Tincture doses should be spaced out about 12 hours apart, or 6 hours apart, as needed. It takes anywhere from 30-90 minutes for the tincture to really begin moving throughout your system, and it’s important to keep that level going throughout the day.

Supplementing the tincture dosing scheduling as needed is an important step to regulating your endocannabinoid system. While a sublingual dose provides a quick onset and a slow absorption throughout the day, that’s often not enough to get us to our next dose. Enter microdosing. Microdosing is a taking a fraction of the amount of a full dose, several times per day. This amount varies per individual.

Dosing tincture can seem tricky at first, but just pay attention to your product labeling. Good products have clear dosing instructions that are easy to understand and follow. ATLRx Tinctures provide measurement markings on the droppers for easy administration. Each bottle will tell you how many CBD milligrams is in each 1 mL dropper full. With measurements right on the dropper, taking half, or even quarter doses is easy.