About Us

What we Stand For
We come to work each morning with one shared objective – to make a positive outcome on the world, humanity and nature; one morning at a time. We need to educate a new generation of individuals carrying on with a preventative and healthy way of life. We need to be the leaders to accomplish this through science, research, innovation and development to give premium CBD products at a fair price at ATLRx.

Our Mission
Our Mission to our clients and partners is to bring the highest quality of CBD products available. Our goal is to help people and their loved ones live a happier and more healthy life.

About ATLRx
We began ATLRx to enable our close family members to improve their daily lives by substituting prescriptions medications with effective natural alternatives. Through consistent CBD intake, we observed an enhancement in their way of life. Our research allowed us to understand the various measures of gray area on how CBD is being cultivated, extracted and manufactured. There was an absence of legitimate nourishment in lives without easy access to high quality CBD products in Atlanta and beyond.

We at ATLRx are completely immersed in helping individuals live healthier lifestyles, feel incredible and perform at their best. It is this that drives our team daily. We are learning everyday about the science and clinical research done in this industry, and leveraging that knowledge in our products. By using our products, you can believe that you're continually going to get the best available experience, with the scientific results to prove it.

Chase Slappey
Chief Executive Officer