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Delta 8 THC in Pennsylvania - Is It Legal?

Anytime someone mentions Pennsylvania, the first thing that comes to mind is the United States of America and the state's rich history, from Herschey’s chocolate factory to the Liberty Bell to Gettysburg and so much more. How about the state's history with cannabis? What about Delta-8 in Pennsylvania?  The cannabinoid Delta-8 THC, which is found in hemp plants, is rising in popularity across the country and shows promise for use in many ways. Marijuana's primary psychoactive ingredient is delta-9 THC, It has many similar chemical characteristics to Delta 8 THC, but produces entirely different effects and has a lower potency.   Here are some specifics on the legal standing of Delta-8 in Pennsylvania. Related article: What is Delta 8 THC?  

Is Delta-8 Legal in Pennsylvania?

Yes, for the time being at least, Pennsylvania allows the use of delta 8 THC.   Act 92, which was passed in 2016, allowed for the use of hemp in Pennsylvania in the past. However, the definition of "industrial hemp" omitted any mention of hemp-derived substances or derivatives. Although those goods did not technically become illegal as a result, they did operate in a murky area.   The introduction of Senate Bill 335 in 2019 assisted in removing any confusion surrounding delta 8 THC and its compounds. This measure made it crystal clear that any substances, cannabinoids, or hemp derivatives with a delta 9 THC  content of less than 0.3% were to be considered legal. This also applies to delta 8 THC, which is produced from concentrated, legal CBD. Additionally, hemp and its derivatives with D9 (Delta 9 THC) concentrations less than 0.3% were officially delisted from the federal list of controlled substances by the 2018 Farm Bill. As a result, delta 8 THC is now accepted under federal law. The federal statute has allowed the delta 8 THC market to continue to grow, although other states may not have revised their state regulations regarding hemp and its derivatives. Pennsylvania has similar laws to Delta 8 THC in Virginia, which also have reasonable hemp policies.

Pennsylvania’s Cannabis Policy 

Gov. Tom Wolf is pushing for an adult-use cannabis program because of the success of medical marijuana legalization, which is good news for Pennsylvania cannabis users. The idea would reserve 50% of marijuana tax proceeds for historically underprivileged small companies and be used to offset state fiscal losses brought on by the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. While it appears unlikely that marijuana will be legalized this year, many insiders believe that it will be by the end of the following year. This is especially likely given that the neighboring state of New Jersey may legalize marijuana in November.

Does Pennsylvania Have Delta 8 for Sale?

Yes, Pennsylvanian residents can purchase Delta-8 products. The 2018 Farm Bill (Agricultural Improvement Act) makes Delta 8 permissible at the federal level and in Pennsylvania. Any and all derivatives, cannabinoids, extracts, and isomers derived from hemp are now allowed in Pennsylvania as a consequence of revisions made to the state's hemp policy. Hemp-derived cannabis products have a dry weight-based Delta-9 THC content of 0.3% or below.

Is there an age restriction for purchasing Delta 8 THC in Pennsylvania?

In the state of Pennsylvania, the legal age to buy Delta 8 THC is at least 21 years old, and this is the same age requirement for purchasing any product from ATLRx.

Buying Delta 8 THC Online in Pennsylvania

There is no simpler way to purchase Delta 8 THC online than from ATLRx when you live in Pennsylvania. Find the best Delta 8 for you and any other hemp-derived products you might be interested in by browsing our inventory on our website. You can view our COAs (certificates of analysis) for each product you are interested in when you shop online. You can shop from the convenience of your home and get a detailed view of every item we sell when you shop online. Fast, safe, and discreet shipping is offered.

The Legislative History of Delta-8 in Pennsylvania

In July 2016, House Bill 967 was approved, making Delta-8 legal in Pennsylvania. The THC content of the hemp plants or finished products must be 0.3% or less for all hemp derivatives and compounds to be legal under this bill. In 2022, Pennsylvania was attempting to outlaw Delta-8 generated from cannabis and its products. On April 6, 2022, Sharif Street and Pennsylvania Senator Judith L. Schwank sent a memo to the state Senate. According to the memorandum, legislation to outlaw the use and purchase of Delta-8 will shortly be introduced, with a lack of regulatory control listed as the main justification.

Buying Delta-8 in Pennsylvania

Despite impending regulations that would limit or even prohibit delta-8 items made from hemp, you can currently buy them legally both online and from physical retail stores. Although purchasing Delta-8 products from physical retail stores is a respectable option, we suggest dealing with reliable online Delta-8 vendors. Internet vendors are practical and simple to use, and you may buy directly from the business rather than going through a middleman. To get started, you only need a credit card and an internet connection.

Can you Travel to Pennsylvania with Delta-8?

Yes, you are most likely able to enter Pennsylvania with Delta-8 products made from hemp that contain no more than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis. However, if you have delta-8 made from marijuana in your possession, you cannot enter the state. Marijuana is illegal on both state and federal levels. It is illegal to transport any marijuana, including medical cannabis bought outside of the state.

Is Marijuana (Delta 9 THC) Legal in Pennsylvania?

Yes, in Pennsylvania, medical marijuana is authorized for qualified individuals who have a state-issued medical cannabis card. While low-level cannabis possession is no longer a crime in some cities, recreational cannabis use is still prohibited in the state. Several legislative initiatives to legalize marijuana for adult use in recreational settings have largely failed. However, three new hearings on the legalization of cannabis for recreational use began in March 2022.

Upcoming Legislation in Pennsylvania

The only piece of legislation that could outlaw Delta-8 in Pennsylvania is that suggested in the aforementioned memo. The state will forbid the use of Delta-8 if this proposed legislation is approved.

Do I Need a Medical Card to Order Delta 8 THC in Pennsylvania?

No, you don't need a medical card to purchase Delta 8 THC in Pennsylvania. There is no specific identification required because CBD is a completely legal substance. The legal age for CBD in the state is 18 years old. Since Delta 8 THC is derived from CBD, these products are also subject to the same minimum age requirement.

In Pennsylvania, what's the future of Delta 8 THC?

Two years prior to the federal 2018 Farm Fill being approved, Pennsylvania already had progressive rules in place that permitted the legal growth of hemp for research and certain restricted uses. The state added its own Senate measure to safeguard CBD products and their derivatives after the federal decision. This gives Pennsylvanians even more reason to be optimistic about the future of delta 8 THC. It's only a matter of time until additional states join those that have legalized marijuana and all of its derivatives across the nation. However, there is still a ton of bureaucracy to get through. In the interim, Delta 8 THC will keep growing in the market for legal THC. Since Pennsylvania has already passed progressive legislation to safeguard the CBD industry and its derivatives, it is reasonable to anticipate that demand for delta 8 THC will only increase within the state. Because of this interim boom, Delta 8 products will have a firm grip on the whole cannabis market by the time complete legalization occurs.

What Different Kinds of Delta 8 Products Can You Find Online?

There are many options and products available online, but these are only accessible in states where Delta 8 products are legal. ATLRx has everything, including distillate, concentrates (wax, shatter, diamond), flower, pre-rolls, moon rocks, gummies, and a lot more. Whatever your fancy is, ATLRx has a product for you.

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