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Delta 8 THC in Massachusetts - Is It Legal?

When it comes to Massachusetts, what comes to mind is the state that is home to the famous Boston Tea Party, Harvard, MIT, the Boston Celtics, and the Red Sox. But what about Delta-8 in Massachusetts? or cannabis in general?  According to the 2018 Farm Bill's wording, Massachusetts permits delta-8 THC products. The ground-breaking legislation delisted hemp and made its derivatives acceptable as long as they had a delta 9 THC content of less than 0.3%. The implementation of the new regulations coincides with innovations in cannabis extraction techniques. A fresh development occurred after growers discovered how to extract useful levels of Delta-8 THC from industrial hemp. Currently, federal law allows Delta-8 made from hemp, despite the fact that it is illegal in some states.  Let's look at how Massachusetts handles delta-8 items and where to locate a reliable vendor. Related article: What is Delta 8 THC?

Is Delta 8 THC Legal in Massachusetts?

Yes. It is currently acceptable to use, produce, and sell products containing delta-8 THC in Massachusetts. The state supported the sections of the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized hemp and its derivatives at the federal level. The distinction between hemp and marijuana is clearly defined by the 0.3% Delta-9 THC limit. Hemp can be moved between states, unlike cannabis, which has a high THC content. In other words, hemp-derived products are safe to move from one state to another as long as the state you are traveling to allows Delta-8.

What does the cannabis policy look like in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts's Cannabis Policy

Voters in the Bay State approved Question 4, a historic ballot measure in Massachusetts that ended the drug's ban on users older than 21 and made cannabis legal as of December 15th, 2016. This law was the beginning of a new cannabis outlook in the state. The cannabis industry will have more than 60 active locations by the summer of 2020, and sales of more than $785 million will have been made, generating an estimated $150 million in tax revenue for the state.

Can You Buy Delta 8 in Massachusetts?

Yes, for cannabis and hemp lovers, the news is fantastic! In Massachusetts, Delta-8 is legitimate and legal to purchase. One of the few states to legalize cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes was Massachusetts, which did so with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill (Agriculture Improvement Act). A few years later, hemp was made legal and included as an agricultural product in the 2018 Farm Bill. With these changes, Massachusetts has established and opened a large number of shops selling hemp products all over the state.

In Massachusetts, How Old Do You Have to Be to Purchase Delta 8 THC?

You must be at least 21 years old or older to purchase hemp-derived products in Massachusetts and at ATLRx.

Buy Delta 8 THC Online in Massachusetts

At ATLRx, we provide a smooth shopping experience and a wide range of Delta-8 products if you choose to shop with us online. Online shopping is by far the best option when it comes to shopping for Delta-8 products. You don’t even have to get off the couch to order your D8 products. Safely and discreetly, we deliver your products to your door.

Is Marijuana Legal (Delta 9 THC) in Massachusetts?

Yes, marijuana use for both recreational and medical purposes is permitted in Massachusetts. Marijuana is legal for adults age 21 and older to buy from a licensed dispensary up to 1 ounce and keep in their homes up to 10 ounces. The legal limit for home cultivation of marijuana is 12 plants for households with two or more people.

Do I Need a Medical Card to Order Delta 8 THC in Massachusetts?

No, a medical card is not necessary to purchase Delta 8. The hemp industry, which, according to the law, has nothing to do with marijuana and doesn't require any kind of medical card, thanks to Delta-8’s legality in Massachusetts, doesn’t require a medical card to buy it.

In Massachusetts, is Delta-8 a Controlled Substance?

No, according to Massachusetts' state legislation in Section 122(a) of the state's Agricultural Improvement Act, it is expressly written that "hemp-derived cannabinoids, including CBD, are not considered controlled substances or adulterants." Additionally, according to the state's legislation, "THC contained in hemp must not be regarded as THC in qualifying as a restricted substance." Given that the state claims Delta-8 is not a "natural hemp product," in violation of federal law, it is unclear how they may classify hemp-based Delta-8 material.

What Does the Future of Delta 8 THC in Massachusetts Look Like?

Whether the Delta 8 is legal on the market is uncertain, which is the only certainty. Laws and rules pertaining to marijuana are continually being updated. Since the adoption of the 2020 Interim Final Regulation, an amendment to the 2018 Farm Bill, Delta 8 THC in particular has been in legal limbo. All synthetic tetrahydrocannabinols were determined to still be Schedule I controlled substances, or, to put it another way, prohibited under federal law. The momentum of Delta 8 THC has not been at all slowed by this new law. Despite all this, Massachusetts later altered its mind about the substance from being illegal to permissible. States are increasingly moving in that direction. More competition results in improved quality as a result of this.

Delta 8 THC Possession Limits in Massachusetts

There are no restrictions on Delta-8-THC possession in the state of Massachusetts or any other goods derived from hemp. For persons 21 years of age and older, the maximum amount of legal marijuana flower is one ounce.

What Different Kinds of Delta 8 Products Can You Find Online? 

Delta 8 THC has become a popular cannabinoid in the cannabis industry, and with that popularity comes a demand for various products to use it in. You can buy Delta 8 THC online in the form of tinctures, gummies, caramels, concentrates, distillates, flower, prerolls, and more.

Where Can I Buy the Best Online Delta 8 Products? 

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