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Sana Botanicals 300MG Sublingual Oil - Focus - Broad

Sana Botanicals 300MG Sublingual Oil - Focus - Broad

Sana Botanicals
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A gentle concentration of full-spectrum hemp extract in MCT oil formulated to maximize your ability to re-center through the reduction of acute discomfort, stress, and distractions from an overactive mind.

Sana’s Essentials tinctures consist of full-spectrum natural hemp extract in MCT oil. It is carefully blended with select essential oils to enhance the intended effect. Essentials Focus has 300mg of highly concentrated hemp extract (10mg/ml). Focus is intended to maximize the ability to concentrate by helping to reduce stress and eliminate the distractions of an overactive mind.

Ingredients: 300mg of highly concentrated hemp extract in organic hemp seed oil blended with essential oils: ginger, lemon, and peppermint.