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ATLRx is proud to offer a line of HHC infused Premium Hemp Flower! Our premium flower is rolled/sifted (depending on the strain) in kief and then rolled into another layer of frozen powdered HHC distillate. HHC flower is the new kid on the block that is quickly growing in popularity. Users describe a nice body high that will slowly creep up on you and provide your body with great feelings of relaxation.

Wedding Cake

8.90% CBG & 0.29 % Total THC & 7.41% HHC

Wedding Cake has taken the cannabis industry by storm in recent years. An indica dominant strain, this strain has a rich and sweet smell that immediately caresses one’s nostril. Made by crossing Animal Mints and Triangle Kush.

White Rhino

8.90% CBG & 0.29 % Total THC & 7.41% HHC

White Rhino is a Hybrid strain that is bred from the well known White Widow and a North American Indica strain. The initial smell is smooth, sweet, and woody. White Rhino has both Indica and Sativa parents so expect the best of both worlds.


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HHC Flower FAQ

Is HHC flower safe?

Safety is the most important factor to consider when trying cannabis products. HHC flowers may be safe to use when purchased from trusted sources with high-quality standards. For optimal and safer results, it is recommended to use a small amount of HHC hemp flower to ensure safety. If you experience any undesired results, discontinue using the HHC hemp flower. 

Is it legal to use HHC flowers?

Legality is another important factor to consider when trying HHC flowers. As you know, cannabis products are not federally legal in all states. The HHC hemp flower is a little different. There are no specific laws regarding the use of HHC at this time. Cannabis-derived products, in general, containing less than .3% THC can be legally purchased in most states, in accordance with the Farm Bill signed in 2018. HHC products, like HHC hemp flower may be available for purchase online and in select hemp stores in states that permit the use of HHC products. 

How will the HHC flower make me feel?

Experiences with HHC flowers will vary depending on the user and the amount used. HHC has similar qualities as THC, but it is not as strong. HHC flowers will have various effects depending on the user and how much is used. If you experience unwanted feelings when using HHC, please discontinue using the product and consult a medical professional.

Will HHC flower show on a drug test?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of the many chemicals detected in a drug test, and it is present in cannabis products. Most HHC hemp flowers do contain THC, so there is a chance that HHC flower will show on a drug test. For the best results, it is advised to avoid using HHC hemp flower if you could potentially be drug tested.

What does HHC flower smell like?

The effects of HHC flower aren’t the only characteristic of HHC flower that is interesting– there’s also the smell and flavor of this newly rediscovered hemp flower. HHC flower typically has an earthy flavor and smell, similar to THC, but it is a little different. This may differ depending on the strain you select, as most brands tend to offer HHC flowers in various flavors. Always learn more about a strain of HHC flower before giving it a try to ensure that it is the best choice for you. 

How strong is HHC flower?

HHC flower has been described as having about 80% the strength of THC, the main active chemical in cannabis, which is quite robust for hemp flowers.

Which HHC Flower Strains Are the Best?

HHC flower is available in many different strains. There are some HHC flower strains that you will recognize, as they are really popular and commonly available. One popular strain is Wedding Cake. Favored for its earthy dough-like flavor,  Wedding Cake is an Indica-dominant strain of HHC flower that can be purchased at ATLRx. 

How Is HHC Flower Made?

Originally, the HHC flower was made through hydrogenation. Today, HHC hemp flowers are made in a lab using cannabis and non-cannabis materials.  HHC flower is often made with CBD or CBG and coated with HHC, which comes from THC or Delta–8 THC. The manufacturing process of  HHC-infused flower differs depending on the brand, and more details can be found on ingredient labels and on official COA documents. 

How Potent Is HHC Flower?

The potency of HHC flower is one characteristic that makes it unique. HHC hemp flower is nearly as strong as tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the most abundant chemical in cannabis. HHC flowers are usually about 80% of the strength of THC. 

If you have never tried THC products before, then it is considerably strong. The amount of THC present in these products determines the potency.  Legal HHC flower typically includes no more than 0.3%, which could be quite robust for even regular cannabis users.

Beginner’s Guide to HHC Flower

Although HHC was discovered in 1944, it is almost as if it has recently been rediscovered. As one of the newly available cannabinoids, there are some things to keep in mind when trying HHC for the first time. HHC flower is derived from cannabis and made through conversion processes, similar to Delta-8 THC. HHC is considered a psychoactive compound, so using it will get you the desired effect. When trying HHC hemp flowers for the first time, remember the notion that “a little goes a long way.” In other words, start by using a small amount of HHC flower to carefully monitor the effects. Lastly, if you choose to buy HHC flowers online, always search for a Certification of Analysis on the company site to learn more about the safety of the products. 

Factors to Consider When Buying HHC Flower?

There are a few factors to consider when buying HHC hemp flowers. First, it’s good to consider your experience level with cannabis products. If you have never smoked cannabis before or used CBD products, then you might not know what to expect with HHC flower. While HHC flower is different, many people that use cannabis products regularly may be able to easily compare HHC flower to other products they have tried or gauge how strong it is before trying. Another important factor to consider when choosing HHC flowers is the strength level. HHC flowers can alter mental and emotional states, and it might not be for everyone. Keeping that in mind is essential when buying HHC flowers for the first time, and it is advised to use HHC in small amounts.

Why choose HHC flowers?

With many cannabis products available today, you might be questioning why you would consider HHC flower. HHC may be a newer cannabinoid, but it has become very popular in such a short time. This is partly thanks to its legality in most states and how it is compared to THC flower. HHC flowers could potentially give you a new and unique experience.  If you want to use legal cannabis-derived flowers or a less robust alternative to Delta-9 THC flower, the HHC flower is a good choice. 

Where to look for HHC flower products?

HHC flower products can be found at some hemp shops, both online and in-store, but not all shops. ATLRx is an online retailer that sells HHC flowers.

What is the difference between HHC Hemp Flower and Delta-8 THC Hemp Flower?

Delta-8 THC is a well-known minor cannabinoid that many people may have tried by now. Delta-8 THC hemp flower is one of the common ways to use Delta-8, so let’s talk about how it compares to HHC hemp flower. Both are derived from hemp and share the commonality of being made through conversion processes typically involving CBD. Both HHC hemp flower and Delta-8 THC hemp flower also contain small amounts of THC, so they both produce psychoactive effects, but these effects are quite different from one another. Delta-8 is significantly milder than HHC, while HHC tends to bind to receptors similarly to Delta-9 THC. If you prefer a stronger option, then HHC-infused flower is the try.

Are HHC Flower and THC Flower the Same?

HHC flower and THC flower share similarities and differences. First, they share a similar appearance. You might not notice that big of a difference between the two when you first see them. They are also both available in some of the same strains. Some cannabis strains are really popular, and you can enjoy them in various types of flower.  HHC hemp flower and THC flower, however, do not have the same effects. THC is considered the more powerful of the two.

Is HHC flower good?

You might be wondering if HHC flower is really worth trying. If you enjoy robust cannabis-derived flowers, then you would enjoy HHC flowers. HHC flower offers a unique experience when compared to other cannabinoids, and it is described as more than half the potency as THC. 

Does HHC get you high?

The psychoactive properties of cannabis are the main sought-after experience when using these products. HHC contains tetrahydrocannabinol, the main chemical responsible for effects similar to THC; HHC can get you to a similar mindset as THC.

How is HHC Flower different from other types of hemp?

As you may know, there are various types of hemp. HHC hemp flower is one of many. There are other types of hemp flowers such as CBD flower, THC, Delta 8 flower, and the list goes on. So, let’s talk about how the HHC flower differs from the rest. There are compounds with psychoactive properties and some without. HHC is one that does have psychoactive properties, so using it will get you that desired effect. It differs in the level of strength and is often described as stronger than CBD or Delta 8 but not quite as strong as Delta 9 THC. Another thing that makes HHC unique is its experimental history. HHC was discovered in a unique way which adds to its interesting appeal.

How to Choose the Best HHC Flower?

Choosing a HHC flower should be done carefully. Because HHC is one of the lesser-known cannabis products available today, you might find some available by various brands, but not all of them are made with the same expertise and quality. You should select your HHC from brands with good reputations to help increase the chances of having a positive experience with HHC. Additionally, you should choose HHC flowers based on the types of strains that appeal most to you. HHC hemp flower is available as a Sativa, Indica, and hybrid, so selecting based on your preferences is a must. These are the top factors to consider when choosing HHC flowers. 

What Is It Like to Smoke HHC Flower?

Smoking HHC hemp flowers may be relaxing or uplifting, depending on the strain you select. Sativas are known as uplifting strains that tend to be felt mostly in the head. Indicas are known as “in the couch” strains that tend to be felt mostly in the body. Hybrid strains give you the best of both worlds though they are sometimes made to be either Indica or Sativa dominant.