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ATLRx presents the premium HHC wax dabs, now available online! These wonderful HHC Dabs have 1 gram of premium HHC wax concentrate using a premium distillate! Available in 2 different terpene strains below.

  • 1 Gram
  • 2 Terpene Flavors
  • Premium HHC

Fruit Punch – A tasty option, fruit punch originates from crossing Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze. Appropriately named, fruit punch has flavors familiar to fruit, and sweet tropical tones. Fruit punch is a knockout in taste, but much more uplifting in effects. You can expect to feel stimulated after using this sativa dominant strain. 

Pink Runtz – Runtz has made a name in the cannabis space over the past couple years, and for good reason. Pink Runtz is a phenotype of the original Runtz strain, which is a cross of Zkittlez and Gelato. Pink Runtz has a candy like taste, with both fruity and sweet tastes. Praised for it’s long lasting effects, this strain is a balanced hybrid and makes  users feel uplifted and calm.


ATLRx Concentrates such as Wax, Diamonds, & Dabs are to be used in traditional rigs or e-rigs and vaporized at extremely high temperatures. These products are NOT intended to be eaten, smoked traditionally or anything other than vaporized within dab rigs.


What are HHC Dabs?

Before diving into HHC dabs, it’s essential to know what HHC or hexahydrocannabinol is. HHC is a hydrogenated form of THC. Ultimately, it begins with a THC molecule oversaturated with hydrogen. The oversaturation causes the electron bonds to break, and two hydrogen atoms then replace the broken bonds. This stage drastically impacts the longevity of the molecule. Hydrogenation creates a molecule less susceptible to heat, UV light, or oxidization. So it’s the perfect cannabinoid to have during any nuclear fallout. An exciting way to think of hydration is that it is the same process used to convert vegetable oil to margarine.

HHC can be created from both Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC. The addition of hydrogen molecules is more viable with Delta-9 THC. However, it’s unlikely anyone is using Delta-9 THC—including recreational and medicinal states. Like Georgia, the states that do not have access to traditional marijuana are more likely to have HHC derived from hemp. To convert CBD into HHC, a chemical reaction needs to occur with some help from acidic reagents and solvents. Delta-8 THC has its double bond removed and replaced by hydrogen molecules, and this saturation strengthens the molecule. This is where the important questions come in as far as safety goes, rightfully so.

Benefits of HHC Dabs

HHC is the closest cannabinoid to Delta-9 THC in the market (besides hemp-derived Delta-9 THC). You will experience the euphoric cerebral experience and a deep relaxation that relieves pain and inflammation. It’s a slightly easier cannabinoid to navigate than delta-9 THC. It is a smooth high absent from bouts of paranoia and fear, similar to Delta 8 THC. It is identical as far as biphasic traits go; the lighter doses are more cerebral, while more significant amounts are bound to have you couch-locked.


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HHC Dabs FAQ's

Are HHC Dabs Synthetic?

The discovery of HHC was made in the 1940s by Roger Adams, a world-renown American Chemist who played an integral role in cannabis and our government scientific community. He first isolated cannabidiol and was the first to synthesize cannabinoids, among many other achievements. HHC Dabs involves chemical processing, making them semi-synthetic because HHC exists within both hemp and marijuana—however, it’s not enough to produce a large quantity. To do so, it does require these processes that involve conversions. Synthetic is a tainted word because of its long history in the US. More importantly, we think of illegal products on an unlawful market without any regulation when we hear synthetic. Alternate Cannabinoids cannot be neglected or thrown together inside the kitchen in this industry. Despite there not being federal regulation, it’s our job to provide you with a safe and premium product.

Are HHC Dabs Safe?

Yes, HHC Dabs are safe.

ATLRx takes safety precautions seriously. We do so by testing the product after every conversion to ensure there are no metals, pesticides, solvents, or extra debris. We receive a crystal clear distillate extracted using the cleanest and safest form of extraction on the market called supercritical CO2 and ethanol. We then use a DEA-certified lab to ensure there are no missteps in the creation and testing. Nothing touches ATLRx shelves without a perfect certificate of analysis. The COA’s (certificate of analysis) is then copied to a QR code placed onto ATLRx products packaging. In the unregulated CBD industry, we comply with the federal regulations and practices of recreational states doing it for a while, such as Colorado and Oregon. We provide a dosage guide and a notice to law enforcement with each purchase, so there aren’t any mix-ups about legality. These were seamless decisions that set ATLRx apart from the industry, but transparency is the only option.

Please be aware that concentrates are one of the most potent forms of consumption.

Are HHC Dabs Legal?

Yes, HHC Dabs are legal.

HHC Dabs are federally legal based on the Federal Farm Bill of 2018 since it is a hemp-derived product with a dry weight of 0.3% of Delta-9 THC (the compound of traditional marijuana). HHC sits in the ambiguous grey area of the bill with the rest of the alternate cannabinoids, including isomers and derivatives from industrial hemp. The ongoing argument with Farm Bill is that officials put a pre-dated Federal Analogue act into place in 1986. If this is overruled, it will make HHC a Schedule I drug.

Does HHC Get You High?

Yes, HHC Dabs will get you high.

HHC maintains a potency that is about 80% that of Delta-9 THC, and that is a 20% jump from Delta-8 THC, so it is punchier than most cannabinoids. It’s both a head and body psychoactive experience.

How Strong are HHC Dabs?

HHC rolled out onto the market, is described as having similar potency to Delta-9 THC and undetectable by drug tests. The latter wasn’t true, but HHC’s muscle is true. It’s roughly 80% the strength of Delta-9 THC. It’s essential to understand the concentrations of cannabinoids in their different forms of consumption. Concentrates are the number two most potent form of consumption behind edibles. So ATLRx delicious Pink Runtz and Fruit Punch are potent—even for those who enjoy traditional marijuana.

What is the Consistency of an HHC Dab?

HHC undergoes a process called hydrogenation that oversaturates the cannabinoid with hydrogen molecules. As previously stated, it is the same process that margarine goes through. This process makes the concentrate thicker, similar to a budder that you’d find out west. Budder is one of the more versatile forms of concentration because it can be used in joints and vaped. If you have ATLRx’s THC-O dabs, it’s a similar consistency. HHC Dabs are fantastic, especially in Atlanta, because they do not degrade UV light and oxidation like other cannabinoids. The chemical bond makes them last for what seems to be forever.

What are the Side Effects of HHC?

HHC shares similar side effects that THC brings about if there is an overload of cannabinoids latching onto your ECS (Endocannabinoids System) receptors. This can include anxiety, brain fogginess, headaches, coughing, vomiting, and chest pain. You may see comparisons to the highly illegal and dangerous spice, which is absurd. Chemists develop alternate cannabinoid products with special training in specialized labs and follow through with extensive tests numerous times, not to mention that these cannabinoids are legal. As far as other brands go, we cannot speak on their practices but rest assured, ATLRx provides a clean and premium product to the table. Please have a look at your QR code when you purchase a product from us!

How long can HHC Dabs Stay in your System?

HHC is still in the preliminary stage of research, and to give an exact answer is only possible if you can keep track of your biochemistry. HHC is a different faction of cannabinoids, and there are a total of 10 isomers. It’s best if you wait at least one month before taking a drug test. However, this also depends on your history with cannabinoids. If you partake in cannabinoids every day, then give yourself an even longer timeframe to be sure.

Will HHC Dabs Cause You to Fail a Drug Test?

The debate has been ongoing about whether HHC shows up on a drug test that has no evidence to support it. Your standardized drug test looks into metabolites that seep into fat cells, and HHC breaks down to what is incorrectly labeled as Delta-11, but its actual name is 11-hydroxy-THC which converts to THC-COOH, the metabolite that determines a pass or failure. So, despite the rumors, you will not pass a drug test with HHC Dabs.