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ATLRx’s Milk Chocolate is a fresh Delta 8 dessert for any time. We use non-GMO Belgium ingredients to craft this chocolate bar with Delta 8. There is a delicate roasted flavor that makes the cocoa burst at the first bite. Briefly, the chocolate has a fudge consistency that evolves into a silky-smooth texture. The lingering taste of the chocolate is complemented by the sheer perfection of its creaminess from the Belgian cocoa butter. It finds the exact ratio between creaminess and solidity, adding another layer of flavor. It’s difficult to notice the potent punch of 50mg in a square, but they’re most certainly present.

The Milk Chocolate is non-GMO contains soy and milk.  

ATLRx’s Cookies and Cream bar have a heavenly taste of whipped white chocolate and notes of vanilla that sticks out on your palate. Made with top-quality Belgium cocoa butter, the crunch from the chocolate cookie of the Oreo balances out the sweetness from the white chocolate and floral vanilla. The fine dark chocolate crumbs break through the cream to decisively mellow the milkiness. Eventually, the delta 8 THC will begin to mellow you out as well.

The Cookies and Cream are non-GMO, containing Soy and Milk. 

ATLRx’s Dark Chocolate bar has a delightful bitterness, a mild wave of smokiness, and a  lingering taste of roasted cocoa beans. Crafted with Belgian ingredients, the slow-roasted cocoa notes mirror the taste of freshly ground coffee that has been French-pressed and then served black. The waft of smoky sweetness reels your taste buds in; similar to dark fruit. It is a taste that can satisfy any congenial sweet tooth who desires a fun evening or day.

The Dark Chocolate is non-GMO, contains soy, and is vegan.

ATLRx’s Milk Chocolate with Toffee is a new take on our delectable Milk Chocolate. This fresh take has more to it, in case you’re looking for the nutty brown-buttered toffee. You’re drawn in by the silky Belgian milk chocolate’s creaminess, then captured when you get the slight crunch from the toffee. The pop-rock-shaped toffee is folded into the chocolate, adding an element of surprise. At 50mg of Delta-8 THC per piece–ATLRx’s Milk Chocolate with Toffee will transfix even the most insatiable person.

The Milk Chocolate with Toffee is non-GMO, containing Soy and Milk. 

ATLRx’s Red Velvet Crunch with Crispy Cereal rings the bells of nostalgia when rice Krispies were in everything and anything. Red Velvet may be one of the most confusing things my parents gave me in childhood, but it’s always phenomenal. Nothing’s changed with this Red Velvet Crunch; you get a whisk of cream cheese, a glabrous texture from the red velvet batter, and a crunch that will take you back to Saturday morning cartoons. Except for this time, it’s a Friday night movie night—and you’re couch-locked watching an action movie marathon on the USA Network.

Red Velvet Crunch with Crispy Cereal is non-GMO, containing Soy and Milk. 

ATLRx’s Dark Chocolate Mint is reminiscent of all the mint seasonal flavors that you can’t say no to all in one bar. The Belgian Dark Chocolate is rich and creamy, with a hint of dusted smokiness engulfed by the bold mint. The higher cocoa percentage in the dark chocolate brings the intensity. The mint taps the likes of Andes and Girl Scout Thin Mints, leaving you astonished that there is Delta-8 inside. The mint and chocolate are well-balanced. The lingering on your tongue serves as a reminder to take it easy. It forces you to soak up the present, have time to yourself, or make time for someone else. You deserve it. Plus, you can share if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Dark Chocolate Mint is non-GMO, contains soy, and is vegan.


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