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  • What eCheck Means For You

    We have not been able to sell online for roughly 6 weeks! Yes, it's been that long. Finding credit card processing to bring CBD to our customers is an ongoing challenge in today's political climate.

    But, we're finally back online!

  • What is CBD and why should I use it?

    You may have already heard about CBD as it is becoming very popular in America for a variety of reasons. Lets give you a quick overview of what CBD...
  • CBD for Anxiety

    Almost 25% of Americans struggle with anxiety in their lifetime and our government has provided us with some very serious drugs on the market to co...
  • CBD- Good for Energy and for Sleep

    CBD has a wide variety of ailments that it has been know to treat.This is because CBD effects your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which is a system w...
  • Full Spectrum CBD and Drug Tests

    ATLRx CBD products are extremely high quality and effective so it can be easy to forget that there are trace amount of THC in many of our products ...
  • CBD Concentrates - What are they?

    CBD concentrates are a great way to enjoy all the benefits of CBD. A larger dose of cannabinoids hit the bloodstream faster than other...
  • First time CBD Buyer? Top 5 things a first time CBD buyer needs to know!

    As a first time CBD buyer, there are several things to take into consideration before purchasing a CBD product that is right for you. Here are the...
  • How did we at ATLRx decide what CBD Products to offer?

    ATLRx holds ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to sourcing CBD products for our customers. We currently offer our signature series Full Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil in varying CBD mg and also offer our Premium Hemp Flower.
  • Navigating The CBD World

    How to use a product you may never have heard of can be a scary task, but not to worry, even incorrectly dosing CBD, and Hemp in general, isn’t dangerous.