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How Long Does HHC Stay In Your System ?

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How Long Does HHC Stay In Your System

Since HHC has hit the shelves, the cannabinoid market has gone crazy for this new and innovative product. HHC is a hemp-derived cannabinoid that is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill and is thought to be quite effective, almost as effective as standard Delta 9 THC.

There are all sorts of different HHC products on the market, including vapes, edibles, dry flower, concentrates, and oils. HHC still has much research to be done to determine how it works, but the most important question people have been having is how long it stays in your system.

Using this guide, you will be able to determine how long HHC stays in your system. This will be helpful information if you have an upcoming drug test that you wish to be ready for.

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Does HHC Have THC?

HHC does contain trace amounts of THC. Even though it is its own unique compound, most HHC is derived from Delta-9 THC. As a result, it is safe to assume that HHC contains some amount of THC. That being said, there is ongoing research that seeks to prove the theory that HHC utilizes the THC contained in it in a different way than other cannabinoids.

This unique chemical structure is thought to give HHC the ability to be metabolized differently in the body. There is some strong evidence to support the theory that HHC is much less likely to trigger a positive result on a drug test.

There is still much research to be done, but for now, you should consider all HHC products to contain some level of THC. CBD is currently the only popular cannabinoid compound available that is completely free of THC.

How Long Does HHC Stay In Your System?

The duration of HHC’s stay in your system is difficult to predict. Since HHC is a fairly new cannabinoid compound, research is still ongoing regarding how it works once it enters the body. It is also hard to say exactly because everyone’s body is different and metabolizes cannabinoids at different rates.

Since it is usually created using Delta-9 THC, there are some estimations that can be made that are thought to be fairly accurate for now. Like Delta-9 THC, HHC is thought to remain in someone’s system anywhere from a week to thirty days, depending on a large variety of factors that we will discuss below.

These factors will play the biggest role in determining how long HHC stays in your system and are based on some unique qualities about yourself that may differ from someone else’s. Look through the list of factors that influence how long HHC stays in your system below for more details.

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Like any cannabinoid compound containing THC, HHC is stored inside fat cells in the body, where it will eventually be broken down into THC-COOH. This means that HHC will linger in your system for much longer because it is not stored in the bloodstream but instead in the fat cells of the body.

The more that you use products that contain HHC, the more it will compound in the fat cells of your body. This means that frequent use could cause the HHC to compound significantly, in which case it will last in the body for quite some time.

For those who only use HHC a few times a week, the body will have a much easier time clearing it out, often within a week or two. Those who are using HHC products daily will find that HHC can still be detectable in their system for up to a month after their last usage.

It is likely repetition that determines how long HHC stays in your system, but many other factors also play a role.


Your age is another important determining factor. Since your age affects your overall metabolism, this will help determine exactly how long your body takes to process the HHC out of your system. The metabolism of a younger person will be faster than that of an older one.

A 20-year-old will have a much faster metabolism than a 60-year-old, meaning that younger people will be able to process the HHC out of their system much faster than someone who is well into their life.


Your body’s unique metabolism affects how fast the HHC can be effectively worked out of your system. As mentioned before, younger people have faster metabolisms than older people. Your metabolism is affected overall by how efficient the kidneys and liver are at working HHC out of the system.

All sorts of things affect metabolism including age, height, weight, and how active a person is. Everyone’s experience will be different.


The quantity, or amount, of HHC that you have used will also determine how long it will be in your system. The more that you use in one sitting, the longer it will be present in your system. The liver is the key to working HHC out of the system. When your liver is faced with large amounts of HHC, it will take much longer to begin working it out of your system.

Taking double the amount that you usually take in reality will only add a few hours to the time that it takes to work its way out of the system. This is not the same as the frequency of use, which will compound the more that you use products that contain HHC.

Consumption Method

The consumption method you have chosen will also have a big effect on how long it takes to work its way out of your system. Methods like smoking or vaping will have a much shorter half-life than other methods. This is because when smoking or vaporizing HHC, it is delivered directly to the bloodstream, where it can immediately begin being processed out of the body.

Edibles and other ingestible products like tinctures will need much more time to pass through the body. This is because they will need to travel through the entire digestive system before they can be processed out of the body. Once this has been completed, the liver will begin to remove it from the body.

Body Weight

Because of the way that HHC is stored in the body’s fat cells, the less body fat that you have, the less area the HHC will have to compound. Those with higher body fat levels will find that HHC takes longer to work its way out of the system effectively.

Medication Use

If you are on some form of prescription medication, then you can expect some issues when trying to remove HHC from your system. The liver is only capable of processing so many compounds at once. This means that if your liver is busy working medication out of your system, it will not be able to effectively process the HHC until it is finished.

This will also make any medicines that you are processing in your body take much longer to process, potentially disrupting how they are intended to work. There is still very little information regarding how HHC interacts with prescription medications, but until more is known, you should avoid using HHC while on medication.

How Long Does HHC Stay In Your Blood?

The amount of time HHC will stay in your blood is not known for sure. Since blood tests are rarely given to determine whether THC is present in the blood, there has not been very much information compiled on the subject.

What we do know is that, generally, THC can work its way out of the blood in around 36 hours. As previously mentioned, blood tests are not normally given to test for THC. This means that you do not have to be too worried about being tested for THC in your blood for a drug test.

How Long Does HHC Stay In Your Urine?

A urine test is a much more likely form of testing that you will have to pass if you have a drug test. Urine tests are also much more versatile and complex. It is for this reason that blood tests are much less common than drug tests.

HHC can be present in your system for anywhere from a week up to a month. The exact timeframe that it takes to work its way out of your system will depend on how frequently you use HHC products. Those who use HHC products only a few times a week or month will likely have a detection range of about two weeks in their urine.

Those who use HHC daily will find that it can be detectable for around a month. Stronger methods of using HHC will also increase the amount of time that it is detectable in your urine. This is especially true of vaporizable and concentrated versions of HHC.

If you are worried about passing an upcoming urine test, there are some things that you can do to help increase your chances of passing the drug test. The first and most important thing you can do is to simply stop using HHC products for at least a week or two before your test.

This will give your body enough time to hopefully clear it from your system if you have not been using it every day. You can also increase your exercise routine and water intake to help speed up this process. That being said, only time can truly clear the HHC from your system.

One thing that you should also consider is the fact that HHC is currently being researched to see how it breaks down in the body. Current research shows promising evidence that HHC does not metabolize in the system into THC-COOH as easily as other forms of THC.

THC-COOH is the compound that modern urine tests test for and the one that causes a positive result on a drug test. Consequently, HHC has a lower chance of causing a positive result on a THC drug test. It’s important to understand that this research has not been confirmed yet and is still in the early stages.

If you have a drug test coming up, the best thing that you can do is simply stop using HHC products until after your test has passed.

How Long Does HHC Stay In Your Saliva?

HHC can typically be detected in the saliva for up to ten hours after the last time that you have used it. Saliva tests are not typically used to test for HHC except in roadside situations. This is because they are only able to detect extremely recent HHC use and are not efficient for testing whether someone has been using HHC longer than a few hours ago.

If you are currently under the effects of HHC, a saliva test will be able to detect that, but it will not be able to tell if you have used HHC the day before or even hours before.

What is the duration of the effects in the body?

It may be helpful to be aware of how long you can expect the effects of HHC to last in your body. The longer the duration of the effects of HHC last, the longer you can expect the active THC metabolites to be active in your system.

For the THC metabolites that are in HHC to start the process of being metabolized by enzymes in your body, the effects must first begin to wear off. Because HHC is a less effective cannabinoid than Delta-9, the duration of effects will be slightly shorter in comparison.

The method of use that you choose to use HHC is the most important factor in determining how long the effects of HHC will last in the body. Smokeable HHC products, like vapes, concentrates, or dry flower, are able to start their effects faster but have shorter durations, up to two hours in most cases.

Edible HHC products take much longer to be metabolized by the body, much slower than other methods of experiencing HHC. To compensate for the slow onset of effects, you can expect HHC edibles like gummies, chocolates, drinks, and capsules to have a much longer duration of experience, in most cases lasting up to seven hours.

HHC tinctures, which utilize a concentrated liquid form of HHC, have a median onset time and a duration that can last up to 5 hours. How long the effects of HHC and THC will last in your system will depend on the method you have chosen to experience HHC.

Other factors that will determine how long HHC will last in your system include your tolerance, the potency and concentration of THC in your HHC products, and your frequency of use. Scientific research regarding the metabolism of THC in the body can be found here.

When is HHC Supposed To Leave Our System?

As soon as the effects of HHC wear off, it will immediately begin the process of being flushed from your system based on your metabolism. THC metabolites have a notoriously slow rate of passing through the body.

HHC and THC can remain in your body for anywhere from two days up to a month, depending on a variety of different factors. These factors include frequency of use, your metabolism, age, weight, and the last time that you used a product containing HHC.

If you do not frequently use HHC, it will most likely be passed from your system within a couple of days up to a week. Since the THC levels in HHC are so low, to be in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill, they take much longer than standard cannabis THC to compound.

That being said, frequently using HHC products will eventually cause the THC metabolites to compound in the fat cells of your body. Once these THC compounds have latched on to your fat cells in significant amounts, it will become much harder for your body to pass them.

This can cause traces of HHC and THC compounds to be present in your system for up to a month. You should make a note of all the important factors so you can better estimate how long HCT will stay in your system.

How Long After Taking HHC Can You Take Medicines?

It is not possible for us to give you any details about the interactions between HHC and your medications without scientifically verified information. It is therefore recommended that you consult your doctor before trying any HHC products if you are taking other medications.

There is some evidence that some cannabinoids suppress CYP3A4, an enzyme that breaks down elements in the body contained in medications. This could cause problems when interacting with these medications.

The effects of HHC and the enzymes necessary to break down medications have not been adequately studied. When mixing HHC with other medications, only your doctor can tell you what to expect.

Where Can I Buy HHC Products?

We offer the highest-quality HHC products currently available at ATLRx. All of our products have been quality tested for safety and effectiveness.

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