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HHC Dosage Guide: How Much Should You Take?

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HHC Dosage Guide: How Much Should You Take?

Hexahydrocannabinol is one of the newest cannabinoids on the market. There are a ton of HHC products currently on the shelves, and people are really enjoying them.

However, some people still have questions about HHC. Since it is such a new cannabinoid, there are many unanswered questions that people who are not familiar with HHC might be wondering about before trying it themselves.

To help you decide if HHC is the right cannabinoid product for you, we’ve provided you with everything you need to know about it.

Table of contents:

What Is HHC?

HHC is one of many cannabinoid compounds naturally occurring inside hemp and cannabis plants. Advances in harvesting technology have made it extremely easy to extract HHC from the plants and infuse it into several different products.

In order to yield more HHC, most harvesters used a hydrogenation of Delta 9 to produce HHC. This hydrogenated Delta-9 eventually becomes HHC. HHC is a form of THC, though it is a unique compound when compared to standard Delta 8 or Delta-9 THC.

HHC is very similar to any other THC-containing product. Delta-9 is slightly more effective than Delta-8, but not quite as effective as Delta-8. This is a good middle ground for people who do not want something as strong as Delta-9 but wish for a cannabinoid that packs more of a punch than Delta-8.

Considering HHC is a relatively new cannabinoid, finding high-quality and safe HHC can be challenging. Because of this, it is important that you only purchase your HHC from reputable brands like ours with a reputation for high quality.

HHC is also known as a precursor cannabinoid. This means that it acts as the base for other popular cannabinoid products like HHC-O and HHC-P. Both of these cannabinoids begin as HHC and are altered chemically to turn them into different and more powerful cannabinoids.

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Like any cannabinoid product, it’s important to start off slow when beginning your experiences with HHC. This will keep your first experiences from being overwhelming if you are not used to the effects of THC.

Even if you have a higher tolerance to other cannabinoids that you may have tried, you can never be sure how a new cannabinoid will affect you until you try it. There are some standards for dosing that you can follow that will help you have a positive experience starting out and allow you to increase your dosage safely going forward.

These dosing guidelines are as follows:

  • For HHC gummies: One gummy
  • For HHC tinctures: One full dropper
  • For HHC flower or vape cartridges: Three puffs

These are the general dosage guidelines for beginners with HHC. Keep in mind that your own relative experience level with HHC and THC products will also influence the recommended dosage you should take.

Beginners should start off with a recommended dosage of between 5 mg and 12 mg. Those with a little more experience with HHC can up this dosage to between 12 mg and 30 mg.

 Finally, those with a good amount of experience with THC and HHC, in general, can use a maximum dosage between 30 mg and 60 mg, or even more. Keep in mind, taking too much HHC can eventually become less effective once you reach certain points of effectiveness.

HHC is believed to be almost as effective as Delta 9 THC, but with some slightly milder effects. As previously stated, the best thing you can do when getting used to the effects of HHC is to try just a little and see how it affects you.

Gradually increase the dosage until you feel comfortable with the effects or until you achieve the desired results. In order for your HHC experience to be effective, you should pay close attention to the dosage and milligram strength.

You should always pay attention to how many milligrams of HHC are in the products that you have purchased. This will help you determine the proper dosing for your products.

What To Know Before Taking HHC

You should keep a few things in mind before trying HHC. Because HHC is such a new cannabinoid, there is still a lot of research to be done. This means that it is up to you to determine whether or not HHC is the right cannabinoid product for you.

The first thing to be aware of is that HHC is thought to be stronger than Delta-8 but not quite as effective as Delta-9. This means that if Delta-8 is not providing the experience you are looking for, HHC might be a good middle-ground choice.

Another thing to be aware of is that cannabinoid products affect everyone differently. This means that you will not really know how HHC will affect you until you try it yourself. That being said, you could still ask someone you know with more experience using HHC products what you can expect.

Is HHC Safe?

There is simply not enough information available to say concretely whether or not HHC is safe. HHC research is still in its infancy, so we won’t know much about its effects and benefits for some time.

That being said, HHC has not had any reported serious adverse effects. HHC can be found naturally occurring in hemp and cannabis plants, so the likelihood of adverse effects is extremely low, if any. Another good thing about HHC is that it is made from Delta-9 THC, which has been extensively researched over the past few decades.

If you take the correct dosage of HHC, you shouldn’t have any problems. You should be sure to ask your doctor before trying HHC if you have a medical condition or are on any prescription medication. They can give you the best advice regarding HHC and your particular situation.

At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide whether or not HHC is safe for you or not. When used responsibly, HHC is unlikely to cause you any adverse effects. The worst thing that can happen is that you take too much and overwhelm yourself with the effects.

If this happens, simply stay calm, and eventually the effects will subside. Taking some CBD may also help to decrease the effects of the HHC that you have taken to an acceptable level that is both comfortable and enjoyable.

How Long Does HHC Take To Work?

How long HHC takes to work will depend on the form of HHC that you have used. HHC that is vaporizable or smokeable can start working almost immediately, typically within one to five minutes. HHC products that you use like any other infused products or tinctures can take up to an hour to work but will last much longer than smokable or vaporizable forms.

HHC Dosing Instructions

You should pay attention to the dosing instructions, including those on the packaging of any HHC products that you purchase. This will give you a good guideline for how much you should use. That being said, there are a ton of different factors that will ultimately determine what the best dosage for you is.

We will discuss these factors in the next few sections so you will understand how they will affect the proper dosage you should try.

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Factors That Influence How Much HHC You Might Want To Take

Your Tolerance To THC

Your tolerance to THC is probably the most important factor in deciding how much to use. Since HHC contains THC, any THC tolerance you may have already developed will lessen the overall potency of smaller doses.

Accordingly, it is more likely that you will require higher doses to achieve the same level of effectiveness as you are accustomed to as your tolerance increases. This does not mean that you should start off with extremely high doses of HHC just because your tolerance for other cannabinoids is high.

Those with higher tolerances can likely start with an intermediate dose, feel satisfied, and work their way up to higher doses from there. Keep in mind that edible tolerance works differently. If you do not have much experience with edibles, you should start with a beginner’s amount until you are aware of how effective edibles are for you.

Your HHC Delivery Method

The delivery method of HHC that you have chosen will also play a major role in your recommended dosage. It is thought that vaporized forms of HHC are more effective than smokeable forms. This means that even though you might be able to handle higher doses of HHC in smokeable form, you might only require a smaller amount in vapor form due to the higher bioavailability.

Edibles are thought to be the most effective means of HHC delivery. You will likely want to keep the dosage for edibles lower than you would for other forms of HHC. This is because HHC is absorbed into the stomach much more effectively, so you will likely need much less than you would with other forms of HHC.

Your Comfort Level

You should also take into consideration your overall comfort level with the effects of THC in general. Before trying HHC, make sure you are comfortable with the effects of THC. The more comfortable you are with THC, the higher doses of HHC you will be able to comfortably tolerate.

Your Plans

You should also consider the plans that you have for the rest of the day after using HHC. Since HHC produces the same effects as any other cannabinoid product containing THC, you will want to avoid activities that involve driving, operating machinery, or other important tasks that call for a clear head.

If you plan to be active during your time after using HHC, then it is likely that lower doses will be more appropriate. If you do not have any plans, then you can use higher doses of HHC without any issues because you will have nothing important to do.

The Strain Type

The strain type will also play a part in how much HHC you should take. Different strains have different levels of effectiveness that will influence your experience. This is especially true for vaporizable forms of HHC, which often contain unique terpene profiles.

The best thing you can do is research and educate yourself on the strain type you have chosen. This will allow you to get a good idea of the overall effectiveness of the specific HHC product that you have purchased.

Best Ways To Take HHC

Detailed below are some of the best ways to use HHC. These methods produce the most significant effects and are the most popular ways to utilize HHC.

HHC Dabs

HHC dabs are a type of HHC concentrate that is designed to be used in an oil vaporizer or a dab rig. HHC dabs are one of the most effective ways to utilize HHC and contain higher concentrations of the cannabinoid compound than other methods.

When it comes to HHC dabs, you generally only need a small amount, generally around 10 mg to have an effective experience. A good-sized dab, around 0.1 grams, is enough to achieve this dosage and will produce significant effects due to the overall HHC concentration in HHC dabs.

HHC Distillate

HHC distillate is another concentrated form of HHC. It is similar to HHC dabs but is slightly more effective. It can be used in a similar fashion to HHC dabs in a vaporizer or by using a dab rig. HHC distillate is a form of live resin HHC, which is an extremely high-quality and effective means of using HHC.

When it comes to HHC distillate, you should start off slowly, with around 5 mg per dab. You will become accustomed to the effects as a result. Once you are comfortable with this dosage, you can increase it as you see fit until you reach your desired experience.

HHC Flower

HHC flower is a dried herb form of HHC. Dry-flower THC products may be familiar to you. HHC flower can be rolled up, vaporized, or loaded into a bowl. It is not as effective as concentrated versions of HHC like distillate or dabs, but it is a more classic and convenient way to utilize HHC.

When it comes to HHC flower dosing, you will likely find that anywhere between 10 mg and 25 mg is an effective place to start. It can be hard to dose HHC flower but generally, a bowl or a joint will contain around 15 mg.

HHC Shatter

HHC shatter is another type of HHC concentrate that is very similar to HHC dabs. HHC shatter is a much more stable form of HHC than dabs. What that means is that it is much easier to handle and has a consistency that is stiffer than dabs. Dabs are typically gooier and harder to handle.

Shatter can be dosed similarly to dabs, around 10 mg per use. Once you are comfortable with how this dosage affects you, you can increase the dosage to a satisfying amount if needed.

Enjoy The Perfect Amount Of HHC For Your Unique Needs

HHC is one of the most current and popular innovations in the cannabinoid market that there has ever been. Since it is such a new cannabinoid, it may take some trial and error on your part to find the perfect dosage for you.

It’s always better to use less HHC than too much. When you begin using HHC for the first time, it is important to start slowly. Taking too much HHC is the only real risk that comes from using it and can cause an overwhelming experience if you are not careful with your dosage.

If you do wind up taking too much HHC, do not worry. The best thing that you can do is stay calm and try to entertain yourself while the effects pass. It usually takes only a few hours for you to feel normal again.

You can also try some CBD to reduce the effectiveness of the HHC, or you can lie down and stay calm until you begin to feel okay again. Eating a small snack or taking a shower can also help distract you from the effects of taking too much HHC.

Of course, purchasing products that are the most effective and of the highest quality will make finding the proper dosage much easier. That is why we recommend only purchasing your HHC products from us. Our entire line of HHC products has undergone quality and safety testing and is THC-rich to the maximum legal limit. As a result, finding the right dosage will be much easier.

If you’re interested in purchasing HHC products, visit our online store!

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