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How to Smoke Hemp Flower: Tips & Tricks

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How to Smoke Hemp Flower?

Hemp flower is one of the most popular cannabis alternatives currently on the market. It can be smoked in ways very similar to regular cannabis flower, with a few subtle differences. The most reliable way to enjoy hemp is by smoking hemp flower.

This guide will focus on the different ways that you can smoke hemp flower and offer some additional information regarding hemp and how it differs from the typical cannabis flower. If you are interested in smoking hemp flower for the first time, this guide can help fill you in on what to expect. 

Table of contents:

What Is a Hemp Flower?

Hemp flower is harvested from hemp plants and is considered to be the most natural form of hemp available. Any cannabis plant containing less than 0.3 percent THC is considered hemp. This low THC content has led to hemp flower becoming increasingly prevalent over the past few years as CBD rose in popularity. 

Hemp flower is only found on female plants and form “colas”, which are large buds at the top of the plant. The flowers form here due to the high amount of sunlight absorbed at the top of the plant. 

The hemp plant contains over 120 unique cannabinoid compounds. This has allowed several different popular hemp-derived cannabinoid products to be produced, like Delta 8 products, THC-O products, and CBD products

A legal definition of hemp flower states that any dried, cured buds of a cannabis plant containing less than 0.3 percent THC can be considered hemp. Delta 8 hemp flower is by far the most popular and can be found in different varieties on our website. 

Hemp flower contains a wide spectrum of different cannabinoids, including terpenes and flavonoids, that can all add to the entourage effect. Hemp flower has become increasingly more accessible due to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp containing less than 0.3 percent THC on a federal level. 

Now that you know a little more about the history behind hemp flower, the different ways of smoking hemp flower will be covered in the next section. 

How to Smoke Hemp: Three Separate Methods

There are three main ways to smoke hemp flower. These include rolling it and smoking it, loading it into a pipe or bong, or vaporizing it. While all three methods serve the same ends, they will influence the overall smoking experience.  

These different ways will be discussed in detail in the sections below. 

1. Rolling Your Hemp Flower 

One of the most common ways to smoke hemp flower is to roll it up in a joint. This is a tried and true method for smoking hemp flower and is similar to rolling a regular joint of cannabis. 

A joint can hold up to around 0.75 grams of dried, ground hemp flower. You can typically fit around 1.5 grams into larger rolling papers. If you have never rolled before, it will likely be easier to use a rolling machine to take care of the rolling for you.

If you are interested in learning to roll your own joints, the process to do this will be detailed below.

To roll your own joints by hand:

1. First, grind your hemp flower using a grinder or by hand. Generally, it is better to use a grinder as it helps preserve the maximum amount of trichomes available in your hemp flower.

2. After you have ground your hemp flower down, create a tip for your joint using thin cardboard and an accordion-style folding method or purchase premade joint tips.

3. Place the tip at one end of the rolling paper to keep your hemp flower from falling out during smoking.

4. Once your tip is inserted, add your ground hemp flower to the paper and fold the bottom half of the paper over the hemp flower. 

5. Lick the top gummy part of the joint paper to ensure that it sticks during the next step.

6. With the ends of the joint held between your index and middle fingers on both sides, carefully curl up the joint paper from the bottom over the hemp flower. 

7. Finally, pack the open end of your joint to ensure no hemp flower falls out. 

If you wish to roll something more substantial than a joint, you can consider using wraps instead. Wraps can be rolled using the same method listed above but can contain much more hemp flower, sometimes up to 2.5 grams. 

If You can purchase prerolls from our website here if you need help learning to roll. If joints aren’t your preference, adding your hemp flower to a pipe or bong will be discussed in the next section. 

2. Smoking Hemp Flower Out Of Pipe Or Bong

Hemp flower can also be smoked with a bong or a pipe. These specially crafted smoking devices can deliver massive hits. For a more filtered experience, bongs and pipes can be purchased that has a reservoir for water for clearer, less harsh hits. 

Another one of the perks of using a pipe or a bong to smoke hemp flower is the aesthetic of glass smoking pieces. In some cases, a nice piece can become the centerpiece of your room and an eye-catching display when it comes time to load a bowl. 

To smoke your hemp flower out of a bong or a pipe, simply grind down the flower and load it into the bowl. You will not have to grind down the hemp flower as fine as you would for a joint. Once you have loaded a bowl, simply light up and start smoking. 

If you have a water pipe or a bong, you will need to ensure that you empty the water and refill it after every smoke session. This will help you avoid gunk buildup and potential mold on your piece while preserving the flavor of your hemp flavor. 

3. Use A Dry Herb Vaporizer 

A dry herb vaporizer is another popular way of smoking hemp flower. These devices rapidly heat up the hemp flower without using direct combustion. This helps avoid any adverse chemical reactions due to combustion typically encountered when smoking. 

Standard combustion also tends to burn many active ingredients and cannabinoids in hemp flowers before they are actually smoked. A dry herb vape avoids this and leaves most of the cannabinoids and active ingredients intact until you smoke them. 

To use a dry herb vaporizer, simply grind up your hemp flower and place it into the smoking chamber of your device. Each dry herb vaporizer will vary in the method of inserting the dry herb and activating the heating process. 

Will Smoking Hemp Flower Get You High?

Whether or not you are able to experience any sort of “high” after smoking hemp flower will depend on the kind of flower you are smoking. No hemp flower will fully recreate the experience of cannabis containing large amounts of THC, but there have been some subtle cognitive effects noted. 

Because of the legality of hemp products, they cannot legally contain enough THC to produce the same type of experience as regular cannabis. That being said, Delta-8 hemp flower has been said to cause more significant stimulating cognitive effects. 

Smoking hemp flower affects everyone differently, and until more research is done, it is hard to say exactly what the effects will be. If you are unsure about how smoking hemp flower will make you feel, try asking someone you know who has smoked it and how they felt. 

All this is known for sure is that hemp flower does not produce any psychoactive effects typically felt when smoking cannabis containing high levels of THC. This has made it a great alternative for those who wish to enjoy cannabinoids without the mind-altering effects. 

Where Is Hemp Flower Legal?

Hemp flower containing less than 0.3 percent THC is legal in all fifty states on the federal level. All hemp products containing levels under this threshold of THC were legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill.

After the introduction of this bill into law, the production of cannabinoid products derived from legal hemp skyrocketed. Many cannabis enthusiasts see this as a step in the right direction and have since been enjoying using legal cannabinoid products as an alternative to cannabis. 

That being said, it is important to understand your state’s laws regarding the legality of hemp flower and other cannabinoid products. Hemp flower laws are subject to state enactment. 

These states have put special restrictions on hemp products, even ones containing levels of THC below the allowed threshold. If you are living in a state with these types of special restrictions, it is important that you are aware of them. 

A list of the states that currently have their own special laws in place regarding hemp flower can be found below. 

If your state is not on this list, you can assume that hemp flower is legal in your state and can be smoked without issue. 

Arizona: Arizona has an affirmative defense system in place to handle hemp-related issues like the possession of hemp flower. This means that it will be up to the defendant to prove that they were within their rights to possess said products by providing medical documentation. 

Delaware: Delaware law states that only medically registered patients can be in possession of hemp products. Hemp products must be purchased and possessed with a prescription. 

Hawaii: Hawaii law states that no hemp-derived products may be sold or possessed in any smokeable, ingestible, or supplemental form. 

Iowa: Iowa law states that no hemp-derived products may be sold or possessed in any smokeable, ingestible, or supplemental form. 

Idaho: Idaho law states that no one may be in possession of products that have labeled THC visible. 

Louisiana: Louisiana law states that no hemp-derived products may be sold or possessed in any smokeable, ingestible, or supplemental form. 

Massachusets: Massachusetts law states that no hemp-derived products may be sold or possessed in any smokeable, ingestible, or supplemental form. 

Montana: Montana state law states that no hemp-derived products may be sold or possessed in any ingestible or supplement form. Smokeable forms of hemp products are legal. 

New Hampshire: New Hampshire state law states that no hemp-derived products may be sold or possessed in any ingestible or supplement form. Smokeable forms of hemp products are legal. 

Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania state law states that no hemp-derived products may be sold or possessed in any ingestible or supplement form. Smokeable forms of hemp products are legal. 

Utah: Utah state law states that no hemp-derived products may be sold or possessed in any ingestible or smokeable form. Supplemental forms of hemp products are legal. 

Kansas: Kansas has some of the most restrictive hemp laws put into place in the US. Only hemp used in industrial settings is legal, and all ingestible and smokeable hemp products are still considered illegal. 

Washington D.C: Washington D.C. law states that any products derived from hemp are considered hashish. The term hashish was not covered under the 2018 Farm Bill and thus makes all hemp-derived products like CBGA still illegal. 

Keep in mind that laws can change anytime. This means that it is important to stay up-to-date with your state’s laws regarding cannabis and other cannabinoid products. By doing this, you will be able to avoid any future problems.

If you live in a state where hemp flower is legal, you should ensure that all hemp products you have are accurately labeled, especially when traveling. There are likely to be very different laws regarding cannabinoids if you live outside of the United States.

Will Smoking Hemp Make Me Fail a Drug Test? 

There is not enough research to determine concretely whether or not smoking hemp will make you fail a drug test. Because of the low levels of THC in hemp flower and other hemp-derived products, it is unlikely that small amounts will cause you to fail a drug test. 

That being said, there is still a possibility that trace amounts of hemp could build up enough to be detectable by a drug test over time. The more you smoke hemp flower, the more the THC present will compound in your system. 

Large compounds of THC in your system could cause you to fail a drug test, even if you have only been smoking hemp-derived products. Ultimately, it will depend on the frequency of use and the type of test that you are being given. 

Some tests will not be precise enough to detect levels of THC that are too low, while others can be measured to detect even the smallest traces of THC in the body. Drug tests also exist that test specifically for CBD and other low levels of cannabinoids. 

If you believe that you have a drug test coming up, it is best to abstain from smoking hemp flowers too frequently. Over time, the THC will be cleared from your body and will not compound.

Unfortunately, drug tests do not currently have any way to differentiate THC present in the body from legal hemp flower and illegal cannabis. It is likely that in the future, as cannabis and other cannabinoids are more widely decriminalized that this will change. 

A study regarding how hemp flower can affect urinalysis can be found here. As more research is done, more information will come to light that will help better determine whether hemp flower will cause a positive drug test. 

How to Smoke Hemp Flower

Cannabinoids are best experienced through smoking hemp flower. Low levels of THC make hemp flowers safe to smoke without causing impairment. 

The best way to experience hemp products is to smoke hemp flower. Smoking activates the cannabinoids instantly and allows them to be quickly absorbed by the body. 

Rolling hemp flower into joints is the easiest way to smoke it. For a smoother, filtered experience, a water pipe or bong could be used to smoke hemp flower. Finally, for the purest and cleanest smoking experience, a dry herb vape can be used. 

No matter which way you choose to smoke your hemp flower, it is important to ensure that you have purchased quality hemp flower. Delta-8 hemp flower is the most popular strain of hemp flower. The best quality delta-8 hemp flower can be found on our website.

It is important only to smoke the best quality hemp flower purchased from reputable sources. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy hemp flower to the fullest extent possible. Not all hemp flower is created with quality in mind. Thus, you should research the brands carefully before making a purchase.

For a more in-depth scientific study of hemp flower and the ongoing research on the effects and benefits, you can read more here. Stay up to date on any new developments regarding hemp flower laws in your state. 

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