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THC-V Gummies: Fruit Punch For Life

Did you know that Punchy is the name of the Hawaiian Punch mascot? I don’t know about you, but my guess is that Punchy has a felony or three, possibly two outstanding warrants and a chronically ordered mugshot photo book. That’s okay though, it’s a name that gets you free drinks at the corner pub, land on the primary ticket of an MMA event, decimates your love life, and disqualifies you from several career fields such as Early Childhood Education. Come on now, no one wants their child’s teacher name to be Punchy unless they’re training for Krav Maga. If you’re punchy, you need a lot of energy; life’s not as easy when you’re translucent and have a hat made from red grass. I don’t know the origins of red grass. It might’ve been green. His name is Punchy, so I have my guesses. We have listened to Punchy’s voiced concerns. He doesn’t want to hit the THC-v cart because he is concerned about his cardio. Lucky for him, ATLRx now has THC-V Gummies in his favorite flavor, fruit punch, of course.

We here at ATLRx love THC-V, as you would imagine. I had it for breakfast today. THC-V is called the sports car of cannabinoids for a reason, it takes you where you need to go at the speed of light, revving its engine even after you’ve arrived at your destination; productive city. THC-V is a structural analog of THC and is considered to be the “caffeine of cannabinoids.” You may hear comparisons to upper stimulates such as Adderall. Sure, it is energetic and cerebral—but it’s a natural cannabinoid without any crash; it’s like you’re on cruise control on a desert highway without a tumbleweed insight. As a big fan of the THC-V cartridges, the gummies provide the truest of all “super-Sativa” experiences in edible form. The gummy metabolizes in the liver, which takes any cannabinoid, makes it more potent, and gives you a more intoxicated feeling.

It’s important to understand that if you are looking for more of an intoxicated feeling, then you may want to check out our delta-8 THC gummies. It’s important to mention the therapeutic effects that this product provides. When I am in my headspace, I’ll often notice that my anxiety subsides without ignoring what is bothering me. The engagement in focus is unreal. I wish I had this when I took online courses for a semester, nope. Instead, I drank 40’s at strange parties and played FIFA, at home, shirtless—I forgot I enrolled. Unlike most cannabinoids, THC-V is an appetite suppressant; it regulates blood sugar and stimulates bone growth. I like having the munchies because I maintain my weight, so THC-V is my daytime choice around that “brunch” time. I rarely use it late in the evening (I dropped that habit after college), but I have in a pinch. It will keep you awake, so be cautious about the time you’re taking it. The onset can take anywhere from an hour to two hours to set in.

The THC-V Gummies are fruit punch flavored flat squares that are going for 19.99 for the five count, 34.99 for the ten count, and 59.99 for the twenty count. Inside the bottle, we have ten-milligram gummies maxing out at 201.2mg with the twenty count. They taste like good memories from childhood. The arcade trips where I’d ruin my opponent’s ski ball shots, the dance dance game that I was horrible at, and eating fifty fruit punch tootsie rolls. One time someone’s mom told me that they chaperone dances for the fruit punch. Then she walked away as if i was a drive thru confessional inside of a school gym. If you hear someone loudly saying vroom, vroom—it’s probably me eating a THC-V gummy somewhere. These red beauties are available on the shelves of both our Alpharetta and Atlanta locations and online for shipping as well!