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THC-O Dabs: Dabbin’ To The Moon 🚀🌕

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These days, the shop is buzzing with new products, and curious customers are expanding their horizons with our newly released cannabinoids. My personal favorite as of late has to be our THC-O products – what I refer to as my “warm and cozy” high. The psychedelic effects of THC-O will make colors a bit more vivid, and the blanket wrapped around you a little softer for a mellow, soothing experience. We’ve been spoiled so far with THC-O gummies, THC-O flower, and Cartridges – and now our THC-O is coming to you in dabs!

Where to Begin? 

If this is your first time hearing about dabs, you may have some follow up questions such as, “what on earth are dabs?” This is not an uncommon question, especially when our multi-color display of Lookah Seahorse pens catch your eye in store. Dabs are THC concentrate, a sticky, golden substance that is heated & inhaled. There are a number of ways to smoke your dab, but prepare for the high to start creeping in before you finish your exhale. You can expect a dab to hit faster & harder than flower or cartridges. It’s at this point some people shake their heads and say that would be “too much” for them. For others, it’s the moment their eyes light up and their smoking experience is taken to a new level. 

I’ve been a fan of ATLRx’s dabs since I was purchasing them as a customer, so hearing about not one, but three strains of THC-O dabs arriving had me giggling in anticipation. Between the uplifting Strawberry Blonde & Banana Kush Sativas and the heavy-hitting Indica Grape Ape, the only question was which one should I try? For the benefit of you, my dear reader, I decided to try all 3 to make your perfect THC-O fit even easier to pick. A lot of people like to start their mornings with coffee, and some people opt for Sativa (it’s me. I’m some people). Adding in the Banana Kush and Strawberry Blonde to my morning routine was certainly a memorable one from the moment I opened the containers. Strawberry Blonde is herbal and punchy, with a full-bodied flavor that lingers after the exhale. Banana Kush catches your eye instantly with its vibrant yellow glow and has a creamy sweetness that even a self-proclaimed banana hater can enjoy. 

Let The Dabbin’ Begin

The onset of these strains is right behind the eyes and starts off with a cerebral high that feels reminiscent of a Delta 10 head rush. Right after smoking, I was filled with a giddy euphoria that gently energized my body in time to get ready for the day. Although pleased with the high I was getting from the THC-O dabs, it was missing the ‘psychedelic’ effect I loved so much from the gummies and carts… Until about 20 minutes after my last dab. You may need to allot extra time in the shower, just to enjoy the amplified sensation of the water running over your skin. I would also highly encourage breaking out the Bluetooth speaker and letting your favorite songs fill the room (serenading your pets optional). These strains pair perfectly with a day spent at home, taking your time to appreciate the amplified positivity that tingles down into your wiggling toes. The burst of energy you receive may even get you cleaning the kitchen or finishing up an old project! 

While I am typically on team Sativa, the Grape Ape THC O dab taught me what it means to love an Indica. The undeniably grape scent translates seamlessly into a fruity exhale. The gears that are constantly grinding in your head will slow dramatically as a noticeable body high begins to consume you. I turned on the TV, and my constant fidgeting was replaced with a total body lock. The fast pace of the day was left behind, replaced with belly laughs and what I was convinced had to be the most comfortable blanket in the world. Once the TV powered down and my color-changing light went on, I melted into the peak “warm and cozy” high that keeps me coming back to THC-O. Having a quiet peace of mind,rid of concerns and appreciating every little piece of the moment that surrounds me is a sensation that doesn’t present any downsides. You can anticipate peacefully drifting off to sleep when your inner voice completely calms down and your body has melted into your blanket. If it sounds like I am describing pure bliss, it’s because I am.

The Gist on THC-O

A lot of people hesitate to try THC-O once they hear it’s hallucinogenic. At no point in my experiences did I see anything that wasn’t actually there. It’s more like what I am looking at appears more vivid than normal. The color may ‘pop’ a little more, the texture may appear more detailed, the lights dancing around the room may be more captivating. Combined with its sensory heightening effects, it’s likely you will find the distinct high of THC-O to be a comfortable and pleasurable encounter as opposed to an uncomfortable or alarming one. 

Anything involving a blowtorch is automatically more fun, and dabs are no exception to that rule. If that idea makes you fear for your eyebrows, then we have some less-flammable options available for you in store. If you’ve stopped by to grab a D8 seltzer, you may have noticed the shelf in the fridge dedicated to our concentrate lineup. With these three new THC-O dabs now available, there has never been a better time to dip your toes into something new & guaranteed to provide a satisfying high. 

Through the month of October, if you come into the store and repeat “dabs” three times, I will appear from behind a register and slip one of our new THC-O dabs into your pocket before disappearing into a puff of smoke. If for any reason that doesn’t work, stop by on Saturdays (AKA Shatterdays) for 20% off your ATLRX concentrate purchase. We are more than happy to get you acquainted with a new smoking device and a new cannabinoid to go with it! With the cooler weather approaching, try cozying up to a new THC-O strain available online & in store now.