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Let’s Talk Delta-8 State Legality: Georgia

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Let’s Talk Delta-8 State Legality: Georgia

The South has long history with the war on drugs, it wouldn’t be considered the Bible Belt without a theatrical tug-of-war effort—right? A question that we often get is “how is this legal?” The interesting part of all of this is that it wasn’t supposed to be, but they overlooked it and have created a larger market out an already massive industry. They didn’t have any idea that extraction processes were creating new cannabinoids, I mean neither did I.

It all began with Agriculture Improvement Act (or better known as The Farm Bill 2018), that all hemp-derived cannabinoids–and the goods that come with it are federally legal. This includes terpenes, flavonoids, isomers, salts, and seeds are legal in the state of Georgia. They try to discourage you from wanting delta 8 THC by saying “not prohibited.” It just means we don’t like it, but it’s legal.  This is all within the federal laws guidelines as well as states.

Georgia, we have some work to do as far as legalization of the traditional marijuana laws. But not to dig too far into the free labor that comes with privatized prison—Georgia has begun with medicinal oils with low THC percentages. The guidelines are narrow to be even considered for those; only seventeen particular conditions qualify. But these oils aren’t close to providing any psychoactive effects—it’s essential to feel any relief. Thankfully, Delta-8 THC is legal for those who are in need of pain relief. That’s what matters.

Now, there are even decriminalization laws for certain counties in Georgia; one of them being Fulton County. If you are carrying less than an ounce then it’s a misdemeanor. Yes, it can run a large fine—but it’s not going to ultimately ruin someone’s life. If you’re count with more than ounce then it is seen as a possession that is a felony. It can land you five years in prison and a maximum of five thousand dollars in fines. Is it absurd? Sure, but it’s the law; however, Delta-8 THC has thrown a wrench in the system because you cannot simply tell the difference between hemp and marijuana. And you can test it, but you’re going to get a different result—even it’s the same lab. It’s difficult to distinguish.

Georgia is a hotspot for Delta-8 THC, rightfully so since traditional marijuana is yet to legalized. Even gas stations are flooded with Delta-8 products from A LOT of different companies. ATLRx always provides with notices to law enforcements because it’d be wrong to get arrested for Delta-8 THC, something that is legal. You always need to know what to look for in delta-8 products because it’s an unregulated market.

You need a clean DEA certified lab panel test, form of extraction, no solvents, no pesticides and no metals, Delta-8 THC percentage, whether it is hemp-derived and if they can tell you where they source their product from. And there it is folks, that’s all you. You never know what you’re getting. Getting a mild buzz at the risk of your health is silly. So, check the QR Code before buying! Companies are putting QR Codes to questionable lab reports after seeing brands do so. But Delta-8 is federally legal in the state of Georgia. And get this, you can even fly with it!