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How to Infuse Coffee with CBD

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How to Infuse Coffee with CBD?

To start the day, many will make themselves a good ol’ cup of joe— coffee. And for good reason, too. Coffee not only has energy and effects, but it can stimulate the mood in such a way that may be able to relieve stress in the body. While coffee has been around for centuries to provide these effects, the health and wellness market is expanding by providing consumers alternatives to coffee.

While you might find coffee in a variety of products and delivery methods such as bars, capsules and extracts, a completely new product is making its way to the scene — CBD.

There’s a new trend happening that includes infusing coffee beans with the extract of CBD, allowing consumers to be able to enjoy a blend of caffeine and other chemical compounds found in nature. You might think this is crazy, or you might be so interested to try and wondering how it tastes and the kind of experience it gives you. Not only a product that coffee lovers can enjoy, but CBD infused coffee may also be sought out by those who love cannabis. 

If you’re one of these people, why not learn more, and take a sip of something new? 

Below in this article we provide information on how to infuse coffee with the CBD cannabinoid. 

Table of contents:

So, What is CBD Coffee?

Statistics have found that about 83% of adults drink coffee on a daily basis. Therefore, it’s no surprise why there has been a steady increase in the purchase of coffee over the decades. Certainly, the coffee market is competitive, as the popular beverage is infinitely customizable. No matter if you purchase coffee in the store, online, at a café, or make your own, coffee has stood the test of time as one of the choices for providing consumers energy as well as a mood boost.

And with time, has come the evolution of new ways to enjoy coffee. Many companies and cafe owners have entered the world of CBD. Let’s begin by defining CBD. A cannabinoid is a chemical compound known as CBD. Cannabis, mainly hemp plants, contain high concentrations of this cannabinoid. Unlike its botanical cousin THC, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. You will not experience a high from it, regardless of how you consume it. Instead, CBD is mainly used medicinally, rather than recreationally. CBD must first be extracted from hemp plants using a carrier oil such as coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil. From there, this highly concentrated extracted may be infused with anything, literally. As a result of the farm bill signed into law by former President Trump in 2018, this was made possible. Basically, in a nutshell, any hemp-derived product containing less than .3% percent THC is federally legal to be manufactured, sold and consumed, this includes CBD. If a product contains anything more than this amount, it is technically considered illegal. While some states have placed a ban on CBD, there are many states that have embraced the cannabinoid with open arms.

As the cannabinoid has grown in popularity with an ingredient demand, there are many CBD-infused products available on the market, including topicals, capsules, edibles, flower, vapes, and you guessed it — beverages. When it comes to drinking CBD, you may be able to find juices, seltzers, sodas, alcoholic libations, mixed drinks, and many others. However, the one that we plan to discuss today is CBD coffee.

When it comes to your standard coffee, it is chalked with high calorie sweeteners and creamers along with high fructose corn syrup. While these are popular ingredients, many of them are not healthy but are often marketed otherwise. But thankfully, it’s about time CBD-infused coffee got the spotlight.

Where it is legal, CBD coffee can be found online, in a store, at a cafe, or anywhere it’s being offered. Typically, company and cafe owners will use CBD extracts from hemp extract and combine with coffee

However, you can also make CBD coffee yourself — more on that later.

Why You Should Be Drinking CBD Coffee

Certainly, the taste of coffee is enjoyed by many. However the main reason people choose to drink caffeine is the alertness it provides. When coffee is consumed caffeine will enter the bloodstream. Scientifically speaking caffeine resembles adenosine. On a molecular level adenosine is a compound that binds to receptors in our body, also called adenosine receptors. Through this interaction, a chemical reaction occurs between adenosine and nerves in the receptors, which causes us to feel tired.

Because caffeine resembles this chemical, it can bind to adenosine receptors, yet it won’t cause side effects that would make one tired. Rather, it causes an effect that makes you feel awake. To explain simply, caffeine blocks adenosine from making us tired.

No, while caffeine is a popular way to provide a boost of energy, it has been reported to cause what’s known as a “crash”. From the jitters to mood swings, the calm down from consuming caffeine can be extremely unpleasant for some. However drinking coffee combined with CBD might be able to provide a different experience unlike the one caffeine does. 

While we wait for more research to be conducted, many are curious about the interaction of cannabinoids and caffeine. From the many CBD-infused products offered today, it seems that this combination is becoming more significant.

How to Choose The Best CBD-infused Coffee 

As we said before, CBD coffee has become a craze. While you can create your own with more recipes in your version by placing a few CBD oil drops inside. However, if you’d like to buy it, there are many companies offering CBD infused coffee these days. Wow it’s amazing for consumers to have a number of products to choose from, choosing the right one can be a real challenge. As a general rule of thumb it’s not a good idea to buy whatever you spot first online.

You must do the research to find the best of the best and below, we offer a few great tips that will make your search easy and less time consuming.

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  • Find brands that offer third-party lab reports to verify what their product contains. This includes the cannabinoid profile, contaminants, potency, purity, and overall quality
  • Check the hemp source. Hemp grown in the United States is a good sign especially if it contains no more than 0.3% THC and is also free of contaminants.
  • Like many people do, be sure to read company reviews. This is a great way to determine if a product is worth not only your time but also money.

CBD coffee can be purchased online from any retailers, however there is one problem. Due to the fact that the industry is so loosely regulated, there is some possibility of buying low grade CBD products in general. But you can save yourself by conducting some deep research as of the brand and product you’re considering.

What Are the Servings for CBD Coffee?

Truly, the serving sizes will vary. CBD in general doesn’t have any standard dose. This means that what works for one person might not work for the next. Cannabis is a personal experience, but typically CBD coffee will contain between 5 mg and 10 mg. Those who are first time drinkers of the Cannabinoid come by with coffee or suggested to start with a low serving and closely monitor how their body reacts before consuming more.

If you don’t plan on purchasing CBD infused coffee and wish to brew it at home, you may customize your dosage. The truth is it’s a challenge to measure CBD that’s already been combined in your drink. But making your own can offer you a better judgment and control how much CBD you consume. 

Making CBD-infused Coffee

Infused coffee involves using coffee beans and mixing them with CBD extract. However, the most amazing thing about this formulation is that it contains other ingredients including terpenes, flavonoids and other chemical compounds.

If it’s your first time making CBD infused coffee it might sound like a challenge. But it’s really self-explanatory, and has a similar process to brewing regular coffee. As you start to make your own, you’ll realize that the utilization of CBD extends far beyond coffee. Above all, the first step is to make sure that you are purchasing quality CBD and coffee grounds. This will not only help ensure the quality is the best, but also the taste and effects. 

It’s a simple process that will take you no time — so simple that you might opt to make your own rather than purchasing in store or at a cafe.

By following these easy steps, you can make your own CBD infused coffee:

  1. Grind your coffee beans to medium-coarse and place 2 tbsp into your coffee infuser.
  2. Take 1ml of CBD oil and place it on your infuser filter with your ground coffee beans, and give it a good stir – but not aggressively, otherwise you may tear your filter or cause some other damage.
  3. Take boiling water and pour into your coffee infuser filter over the mixture.
  4. Cover the lid and wait for up to minutes. 

And voila! Just like that you have made your very own CBD infused coffee. 

You can enjoy your creation hot or cold, but it might be better to enjoy it a little cooler than usual as some cannabinoids could get damaged in the process. This of course will affect the effects. For the best results, make your coffee how you normally would and give it some time to cool. After, add the CBD extract and stir until it’s totally integrated. CBD is fat soluble, so the oil may rise to the top, but don’t worry, effects are still able to be felt with this infusing process as well.

Now, understand that you will not get high when consuming CBD coffee, as we said before. Furthermore, consuming CBD with this delivery method might not offer the highest bio-availability due to the process of digestion. But don’t let this deter you from consuming something completely new. However, once you have major city coffee you’re free to add whatever else you think would make it an even tastier and enjoyable drink. 

No matter what delivery method you choose to consume, we cannot stress this enough. If you are new to CBD or cannabis in general you should start with a small amount of work your way up until you find what will work best for you. This is done by listening to your body, monitoring the effects as well as speaking with a healthcare provider about the effects you desire. Because you know your body better than anybody else does, only you can make a decision on what is and what is not the proper dose for you. 

Above all, work off of what you feel and observe what is happening and make adjustments over time if you need to for safe and responsible consumption.


Well, there you have it! As we have learned today, CBD is a real sensation all over the country. Are they our number of different products offered on the market, CBD coffee is among the newest and loved not just by coffee lovers but cannabis lovers too.

And as the market continues to grow, so too will the amount of innovative products offered. In terms of CBD coffee, the up and coming seems to offer consumers their favorite coffee and cannabis in a tasty and exciting way — and we have just what you need to get the day started!

If you’re seeking a new way to enjoy coffee, our CBD-infused coffee will change the way you taste and experience your typical cup of joe. If you choose to purchase our product, we can make the guarantee that you’ll receive the best quality. As a trusted company in the market, why not try what everyone’s been raving about and make your purchase today!