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Having a D8 night on Halloween

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It’s that time again, my goblins and ghouls. The air is cooler, the leaves are changing, and we are ready to kick off the holiday season with the spookiest day of the year! Whether heading to a bonfire or a costume party this month, it’s time to get in the spirit. 


Speaking of spirits – some of us lean towards the green instead of bringing booze to the party. Personally, since I’ve started using D8, my alcohol consumption has been down, and other people have expressed the exact change in their habits. However, I still love having a cold can in my hand around a fire or participating in a group toast with a glass in the air. If you find yourself caught in my dilemma (and don’t want to deal with the Monster-of-Frankenstein hangover the next day), then swing by and try a 4-pack of D8 seltzer.

That’s right. The euphoric and relieving effects of D8 in a tasty, bubbly form. At 20mg a can, you can kick back a couple with friends over a few rounds of beer pong and build an enjoyable high. By the end of the night, you will be feeling splendid & comfortable mentally and physically – which is more than we can say for Derek, who passed out in the bathroom after copious Jager shots and a tumble through the coffee table.

I would compare the light, refreshing lime seltzer to a lime La Croix. Typically, after my second seltzer, I begin to feel its effects creep in as a relaxing body high. Even after a long day, I found a little more bounce in my step and an inclination to groove to my music. 

For me, the seltzer paired perfectly with a couple puffs of ATLRX’s Orange Chemdog cartridge. The uplifting head high of the sativa keeps me energized for a night of fun. If you’re looking for a flower to accompany your beverages, I suggest our Tangie or White Runtz (which is my personal favorite & available in pre-rolls!).

Full disclaimer: Despite being mistaken for one often, I am no bartender. My only credentials are throwing Halloween parties for my friends & getting them drunk in creative ways. So, with that in mind, I wanted to share two super simple recipes that will make introducing D8 drinks to the party frighteningly easy.

The Mummy Pucker
Ingredients: Lemonade, Sweet & sour mix, D8 Seltzer, lime
Mix 2oz of lemonade with 2oz sweet & sour mix.
Top with 6oz of D8 Seltzer, and a squeeze of lime.
Garnish with a sugar rim & a lime wheel if desired.
Feeling Boo-zy? Try this with gin.
The Cran-pire Bite
Ingredients: Cranberry juice (any kind, I used cran-raspberry), D8 Seltzer, lime
Mix equal parts cranberry juice and seltzer and add a squeeze of lime.
You can  add a lime garnish to this one as well.
But if you’re on your second can you may forget, and that’s okay too.
Feeling Boo-zy? Try this with vodka.

However you decide to celebrate this year, you can’t go wrong with some D8 treats in your bag. Grab a 4 pack to bring to the party, or experiment with a D8 concoction of your own to introduce your guests to the magic (don’t forget to give it a cheesy name!). And have a happy and safe Halloween!