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Full Spectrum CBD Lotion

"ATLrx CBD Lotion "

Our topical full spectrum lotion is lightweight yet intensely moisturizing. If you’re like me, then you don’t like the greasy feeling of lotion so you never put it on. In the winter this can be brutal, especially in dry climates. This is a must have product to keep particularly handy now that our hands are becoming prone to excessive dryness due to the ample use of hand sanitizer lately. Our skin isn’t getting any younger, so the more we moisturize, the longer our skin’s elasticity will last. So why should you choose CBD lotion over regular lotion? Because it has SEVERAL anti-aging properties!

Spectrum CBD Lotion

CBD is an effective antioxidant. It’s common knowledge that sun exposure is the leading cause of wrinkles because it causes our collagen to break down. CBD helps fight against the damaging sun factors while protecting our collagen.  We’ve talked about CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties in previous blogs, but do you know how it directly relates to wrinkles? Inflammation can increase sagging skin which accelerates the onset of deep lines. If you’re preventing inflammation then you’re preventing wrinkles! Lastly, CBD is a natural moisturizer in and of itself which helps stimulate and balance oil production. The more balanced your skin is, the less you’ll even feel the need to moisturize because your skin will not be begging for moisture as much when it is balanced.

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Consider tossing this bottle in your gym bag to help sooth calluses and restore balance after you work out using any kind of chalk. If you work with your hands regularly, then the CBD provides pain relief in addition to soothing your dry skin. CBD lotion received a nod from Men’s Health Magazine as one of the top CBD products to own for men! (Another gift idea!)