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Elevating your Vape Experience

     Consuming cannabis has never been more convenient, devices such as distillate vaporizers have allowed consumers to medicate on the go, and with the highest level of discretion. A vape cartridge is a pre filled tube of distillate that is vaporized as the battery attached heats up, offering a cannabis product that is easily consumable out in the world, opens opportunity and provides a lovely space to experiment. There is no time like the present to open yourself to a new world of opportunities. Ask yourself, if you were to die one week from now, how would you fill your time? How would you experience all life has to offer?

Delta 8 Vape in the Park

      A bucket list can be filled with seemingly mundane tasks or feats so wild your comfort zone almost holds you back from the experience, though no matter what extreme your list mirrors adding a delta 8 THC vape cart will enhance your activities and give you that extra boost of confidence and the grace to live your wildest dreams.

      This is your sign and encouragement to create your own personalized list with your favorite delta 8 THC vape strains!

      OG Kush is a classic favorite, an Indica dominant strain heavy in body relaxation with mentally stimulating quality. This vape might traditionally pair best with a low lit evening sitting close to your favorite person, bodies relaxed, conversations stimulated, a special type of intimate moment elevated by the sweet almost dessert like taste, passing a vape between you two, savoring the sensations enveloping you.

     Maybe you slip a Silo (available in stores!) in your pocket and head out for a little bit more danger, like taking a stroll in the humid Everglades on your way to wrestle a crocodile. OG Kush cools you down and chills you out, while mentally preparing you for the task ahead. Maybe afterwards you and the crocodile can share a hit and have a biglaugh.

      A hybrid strain is what you would call a mixture of Indica and sativa , creating a balance of the two sensations, White Widow is another more famous strain known world wide. Not all hybrid strains are created equal though, some lean dominant in one direction over the other (Indica dominant or sativa dominant). White Widow is an exact balance of the two, just as stimulating as it is relaxing. A wonderful vape cartridge to keep in your lineup for a spontaneous drag racewith wild winds whipping through your hair or dominating dance dance Revolution in an arcade, White Widow is invigorating with a side of peacefulness. You may pair this light sweet vapor with a hot air balloon ride, flying high while you fly high. White widow is a great hybrid for enhancing the body sensations, creating a giddy happiness that can have a floating quality to it.

      A lovely fact about delta 8 THC, since this cannabinoid is less psychoactive, it has less potential to create anxiety and paranoia which can be a response some experience to a pure sativa. What qualifies a sativa? A more head centered uplifting, creative, euphoric sensation can be attributes of a sativa strain, like Durban Poison, an ideal strain for extreme focus for rock climbing on Everest your first time, or hijacking a billboard in the middle of the night to unleash your creative side (slip a vape in a coveralls front pocket for easy access). That extra bit of euphoric creative energy will lend itself towards crafting a massive abstract mural, or for the high speed get away (ATLRx is not condoning illegal activities this is satirical in nature, though we certainly wont stop you). The pungent, sweet and spicy flavor of Durban Poison will immediately perk you up and keep you motivated, perfect for frigid ice fishing or spelunking, anything requiring patience and focus.

Delta 8 Vape and Yoga

      With a never ending world of strains and activities, you will have an exciting life time exploration, both of self and the world. Hopefully the creative juices are flowing and you’ve been inspired to write your own list and make new exciting memories. Trying new things can often have an aura of fear around it, though pairing your favorite delta 8 cartridge with your activities truly will give you that added boost of courage to take first step in an exciting direction.

Get out of your comfort zone and try new things at ATLRx today!