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ATLRx’s Pineapple Express Vape: A Daytime Seth Token

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ATLRx’s Pineapple Express Vape: A Daytime Seth Token

If you’re looking for something to uplift you, inspire you, and help you get out and move, does Delta-8 come to mind? If you think THC is just for melting into the couch and relaxing, probably not. But Delta-8 sativa strains can help you do more than veg out. Sativa, as opposed to its mellow Indica counterpart, provides a more mentally and physically stimulating experience. It’s a pleasantly surprising companion for an afternoon hike, that overdue trip to the grocery store, or even getting the house cleaned. Our newest sativa cartridge, Pineapple Express, is a great strain to try if you’re looking for a more elevating high.

The Pineapple Express cartridge is a light and delightful smoke. It has the delicate feel of the Pineapple Express Diamonds dabs.  After alternating between our Blue Dream and Orange Chemdog strains for the past few weeks, Pineapple Express feels milder in the throat and more delicate in its fruity flavor. Although you may lose track of the puffs with this easy smoke, you’ll certainly notice when its sativa properties begin to emerge. Cartridges provide a quick onset – you’ll feel the effects begin within just a few minutes after puffing.

The simplest way to describe a Delta-8 sativa high is having a pep in your step. Pineapple Express provides an uplifting head euphoria that energizes and motivates you. While I find certain sativas can exacerbate my anxiety and cause paranoia, this high felt upbeat while still feeling level-headed. The long to-do list of the day felt less overwhelming than usual, and I was excited to check everything off one by one. Boring daily tasks were completed with impromptu dance parties and giggle fits throughout. You may be more encouraged than normal to focus on a creative endeavor or start on a large project you’ve been putting off. Smoking our Pineapple Express cartridge may not bring the solution for world peace or a multi-million-dollar idea, but you may feel more encouraged to meet your challenges with a little more optimism and energy than usual. 

My preferred method of enjoying Delta-8 is through our cartridges. You can’t beat how simple it is to smoke – get your battery charged, attach your cartridge, and off you go. Compared to smoking flower, cartridges are virtually odorless on exhale. I find vaping also allows control over the potency of your high – a couple puffs for a mellow high, or a few lengthy pulls for a more intense feeling. I love our sativa cartridges during the day because they provide the uplift you’re looking for from the strain without overwhelming you. The balance between the mental and physical ‘buzz’ will encourage you to not only think of something to do, but to get up and do it!

We’ve all met morning people who have made us think, “I want what they’re having”. There’s a good chance that answer is a sativa! The new Pineapple Express is a terrific way to try a high that gets you up and going similar to the terp gummy. If you’ve never tried our cartridges before, we have everything in store you’ll need to get started and answers to any questions you may have. With price drops on our cartridges and Black Friday approaching quickly, now is a great time to treat yourself to an easy, energizing way to heighten your day!