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ATLRx’s Delta 8 Moon Rocks Have Touched Ground

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You ever have something on your mind that you want to tell a stranger? Anything, anything at all. It’s as if the news you have needs to burst out of your chest like the scene in Ridley Scott’s 1979 masterpiece, Alien. I talk to strangers all the time. Usually, I am on the receiving end of the conversation, listening with a good-natured intent. I don’t mind; there’s nothing that is going to surprise me. Strangers trust me with their secrets; as they should, I will not go out of my way to share what people tell me in confidence. I am not sure if they find my presence comforting or think I lead a boring life with no friends whatsoever. Little do they know; I don’t get bored, especially after I smoked the new moon rocks available ATLRx.


Are these the rocks that Tyrone Biggums smoked? We’ll never know. But if you’re wondering about the potency, these babies will have you moonwalking in black loafers, wondering where the pizza is—only to realize you haven’t ordered one yet. Moon rocks are not to be confused with lunar rocks, the ones Buzz Aldrin saw in person. It’s easy to see the confusion, but we don’t have a partnership with NASA, Amazon, or Tesla. I can’t get you a mars rock. It’d be a weird thing to lie about–like when Manti Te’o.

We are talking more about the moon rocks that the rapper Kurupt allegedly may have had a hand in with Starbudz760. I mean, he was on Deathrow Records; of course, he would love to create a potent weed sandwich. A moon rock is a bud dipped in hash oil and rolled in kief in layman’s terms. The bud is up for discussion; it is often preferred to use one of the many cookie strains. ATLRx’s moon rocks are delta-8 THC distillate coated in CBD kief then covered in a CBD flower. These boulders deliver a heavy haymaker of sweet tropical fruit finish with a wave of pungent spice and earthiness. ATLRx has brought Guava Haze, a strain that retains providing an earthy, fruity and sweet. If you’ve ever had any Guava strains then, you know that it is easy to love like Pam from Nonetheless, it’s potent. Guava is a phenotype of Gelato, so naturally, it’s beautiful. Much like the adored Gelato, Guava has abundant crystallization and thick orange pistols that stick out every direction like the snakes that make medusa’s hair. You could say it sends you to the moon, sure. However, I felt more like a rocket man, exactly how Elton sings it.

ATLRx delta-8 moon rocks are sold by the quarter (7g) for 69.99. Included will be two to three beautiful moon rocks, showing off their earthy color palette. ATLRx prides itself on transparency, a character trait that we often reiterate. We are working with the purest of delta-8 distillate, provide QR codes that lead you to DEA certified lab panel reports that show that our products are top quality, safe, and get you high. Those who’ve experienced the delightfulness that moon rocks have to offer, they know that a little goes a long way, much like vape carts and concentrates. The fruity taste of the moon rocks is flabbergasting; the punchy guava reminds me of the gum Juicy Fruit. These layered spheres are best smoked out of a bubbler or a bong. Water makes the process more enjoyable, while bowls make it slightly harsh. But if you prefer that bite, I’m not going to stop you. Do what you want, Todd. But you won’t quite find a treasure like this anywhere else other than ATLRx.