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Leaving the pups

As quarantine has been coming to a close and everyone is starting to leave their house more, we wanted to make sure we brought awareness to our four legged fur babies.  They have gotten used to having us home for a few months and I’m sure they are not thrilled about things opening back up again.  Just like humans, dogs can get anxiety.  While it may be unpleasant, it is a normal emotion for a human and dog to experience.

Separation anxiety occurs when pups are unable to find comfort when they are left alone or separated from their family members. It can manifest itself in undesirable behaviors such as urinating in the house and destroying furniture and furnishings.  Attempts to break out of dog crates, windows, and even doors can result in painful injuries and expensive veterinary treatments.

Have you tried using our pet tinctures?  Before you head out to work, give your dog a dropper full of our bacon flavored tincture to help soothe them as you leave for long hours.

Make sure to test out different dosages and watch the effects it has on your dog to make sure you have found the right dosage.  Also, don’t forget to bring your own tincture to work to help ease the transition back to going to work.